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Can we all just agree that 2016 has been one of the most AMAZING years ever for Animated movies? So many brilliant, gorgeous and hilarious films. Congratulations to all my fellow animation workers, I feel so proud to be part of this industry! Here’s a little souvenir for the album :) <3

My top 100 favorite characters part 1

As I said on my quiz thing that we answer I said I have a lot of favorite characters either from video games TV show or movie either of the main characters secondary characters or special guest character. But they’re not in order in particular way so here’s part one of my favorite characters.

1. Yoshi
2. Nick Wilde - zootopia
3. Judy Hopps - zootopia
4. Fluttershy - My Little Pony friendship is Magic
5. Edd aka Double D - Ed Edd n Eddy
6. Baymax - Big Hero 6
7. Bambi - Disney Bambi
8. Donald Duck
9. Jibanyan - Yo kai Watch
10. Kirby - Kirby games
11. Rocket Raccoon - Guardians of the Galaxy
12. Simba - Lion King
13. Brittany S. Pierce - Glee
14. Po - Kung Fu Panda
15. Daryl - Walking Dead
16. Pikachu - Pokemon
17. Gatomon - Digimon
18. Donkey - Shrek
19. Tigress - Kung Fu Panda
20. Doctor Who 10th - Doctor Who
21. Pinkie Pie - My Little Pony friendship is Magic
22. Sheldon - Big Bang Theory
23. Curly Howard - Three Stooges
24. Chris Tucker - Rush Hour movies
25. Blaze the Cat - Sonic the Hedgehog
26. Bolt - Bolt
27. Princess Luna - My Little Pony friendship is Magic
28. Foxy - Five Nights at Freddy’s
29. Greninja - Pokemon
30. Olaf - frozen
31. Bumblebee - Transformers
32. Lucario - Pokemon
33. Clara - Doctor Who
34. Lola - Looney Tunes/ Space Jam
35. Rydia - final fantasy 4
36. Bomb bird - Angry Birds
37. Emmett - The Lego Movie
38. Toothless - How to Train Your Dragon
39. Garnet - Steven Universe
40. Sans - Undertale
41. Kimmy Schmidt - Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt
42. Beast Boy - Teen Titans
43. Batman
44. Fox McCloud - Star Fox
45. Marshall - Paw Patrol
46. Iron Man
47. Komasan - Yo Kai Watch
48. Marty - Back to the Future
49. Ash - Sing
50. Maui - Moana
The angry red panda that is Japan's new working woman - BBC News
A new character to compete with Hello Kitty draws on the frustrations of Japan's working women.

So how was Aggretsuko created? It was in fact through a popular vote of characters submitted by Sanrio staff and others. The theme was “salaryman” or office workers. It clearly struck a chord.

Sanrio says the designer, who goes by the name of Yeti, wants to remain anonymous. But through the company’s corporate communications department, the designer said: “I observed office workers who are at the centre of Japan’s corporate culture and I could hear their heartfelt screams.”

“Japan’s working environment often becomes an issue and I think there are many people who are enduring a lot of stress,” Yeti added.

Nice to see her getting more press.


AAAAAAAARGH: Women are like a Fiat Panda! Lesbian Doctor! Pink TARDIS! Transgender Cybermen! Noel Fielding! Sparkplugs! Top Gear!
The angry red panda that is Japan's new working woman - BBC News
A new character to compete with Hello Kitty draws on the frustrations of Japan's working women.

“Her appearance is cute, but when she gets angry at her boss or colleagues her face transforms until it becomes a made-up mask somewhat reminiscent of American glam metal band Kiss.

“"I’ll quit one day anyway!!! This is not my fate!!!“ she screams inside, as her boss piles up more paperwork on her desk.

“After work, she goes to karaoke alone and sings metal songs with lyrics complaining about her day…”