We saw Kung Fu Panda 3 yesterday and loved every minute of it. Congratulations to all who worked on it! The amount of heart and talent and work that went into it is clear. A lot of Dreamworks films tend to have these tender moments that are sincere and touching. Nothing gets me more in a story than heart, and the Kung Fu Panda movies have a lot of it. Everyone go see it!!

Some bad AU I though of

I just had an idea for another WBB AU. It’s plain so like Regular!AU

The bears are humans but they live alone although they visit each other frequently. Grizz is a coach and loves sport, Panda is an artist and makes manga and Ice bear is a chef and trains in martial arts. Chloe is Ice bear’s adopted daughter (who he loves dearly) and she is still very, very smart but not in college (yet), Charlie is that weird yet friendly person next door to Panda who joins the brothers when ever they get together. Nom nom is still the famous internet star he is.

Everything is normal, well as normal as it can get, and there are loads of everyday shenanigans that happen to make their life a bit more lively each day.

I will do a more in-depth description later.

Bonus: Ice bear is part of the PTA and Grizz and Panda join in once and a while just to make sure they niece is getting a good education

(Also not sure if this has been done before)