All these photos of gorgeous and passing trans people with the titles like “do I belong in (whatever gender) bathroom??” Is…. a great concept.


There are so many non-passing trans people. There are nonbinary trans people. There are people who choose not to transition. We do not look cisgender.

We still deserve to pee where we want. We still deserve to be safe in public spaces.

Stop making it only about trans people who look “cis enough”.

- mod Hawkeye

anonymous asked:

I don't know I feel like being proud of being female and afab can wonder into being proud of being a cis woman? There's a difference in being proud of your own womanhood and being proud of being cis. I think as long as your just happy and proud of your own womanhood and not happy and proud about being a cis woman than it's not weird at all.

imo (let me know if i’m speaking out of line here) there’s a big difference between being proud of womanhood and being proud of cisness.

“heck yeah i’m a woman and i love my body it’s beautiful go me” = nice

“mm i sure do love THE FEMALE body that ALWAYS has [x organ] isn’t [hormone] so great I SURE DO LOVE being a REAL Womyn Born Woman” = not so nice

you can take pride in your experiences with womanhood and with your (afab) body, but you while doing that you need to realize that there isn’t a single woman (or even a single afab) body/experience. so be proud of and love your vagina or uterus all you want, but don’t get up in arms when a girl wants to love and take pride in her penis.

basically be proud of yourself but also be conscious of others and don’t throw them under the bus. and Definitely don’t shit all over trans women when they take the same pride in themselves

Su critical stans are reaching so far to prove the show is problematic. I’m not making this up, they’re legit saying, “Rocknaldo was a metaphor for Ronaldo coming out as a trans girl and the crystal gems didn’t accept her because they’re terfs. The phrase ‘rock people’ was used as a metaphor for the word 'terf’ and the way Steven said it was offensive is just like the way terf say it. So Rebecca Sugar is a terf who thinks trans girls like Ronaldo don’t belong in lesbian safe spaces”
Like fam… It’s not that deep.

Penso di averlo amato con ogni fibra del mio corpo, o almeno, ci ho provato. Forse non sono capace di amare. La nostra, però, non è stata di  certo la solita storia in cui lui tradisce lei e lui rimane delusa.
Il fatto è che mi ero legata troppo a lui, era diventato parte di tutto ciò che facevo, pensavo, vedevo, volevo. E non riuscivo più a gestirlo. Forse eravamo troppo simili. Io ho bisogno di qualcuno con cui scontrarmi, che mi faccia sentire viva, non di una persona pronta a sostenermi anche quando faccio la più grande merdata.
Così, nella sofferenza più totale, ci siamo separati. È stato un inferno tornare alla vita senza di lui. Ormai era diventata un'abitudine averlo al mio fianco. E anche se so che è stato meglio così, da quando non stiamo più insieme le cose si sono complicate più di quanto credessi.
Mi sento vuota.
Comunque sia, mi sto sforzando di sistemare i pezzi restanti della mia vita.
—  xharryslaugh

to be clear the joke surrounding the kylie renner thing was never that it’s a woman’s name, it was that kylie jenner is a mediocre white woman who has made a public spectacle of herself by stealing and profiting off of black culture and subsequently being lauded for it, and kylo ren is a mediocre white villain who gets praised for doing the bare minimum (see: ‘he could have killed rey but he didn’t!’) and gets a black characters canonical traits superimposed onto him by the fandom to make him look better

If you're white, straight or male this ones for you!

Don’t let tumblers toxic community get you down, you as an individual are not evil and have rights to complain about your problems and are no less than others as an individual.

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