panch alcaraz

Travel Drawings: Ethiopia and Sudan

In 2012, we moved to Sudan. My husband’s job has landed him here for three years. We’re trying to explore Africa as much as we can. Ethiopia was one of our trips last year.There are many interesting faces that I could draw but I like this particular kid we saw. She was helping herd cattle but she turned back to look at us and I took a quick snapshot.

Taking pictures in Sudan is always a little tricky. You need a permit. This woman was a pedestrian who was crossing the street. I just liked her look.

We also traveled within Sudan. This guy was a Sudanese guide at one of the sites we visited.

At the same trip, we visited the Meroe Pyramids and this guy was sitting near the area.

When we watched Nubian wrestlers, we were fascinated by the drummer. He had one of the most interesting faces I had ever seen

Other Sudanese faces I like were a bread seller and a guy who watching the Sufis.

Hopefully, I will be able to add more drawings as soon as I find the time.