Photos part 2, camera set:

The corgis present were Charlie and Louie (older tri-colors), Connor (the lighter sable), Baxter (the red with big ears), and Edith (the only female of the group almost 4 month old tri-color), and Pancake of course!

It was great to see him interact with others of his own breed as well as to see what it was like to be an older corgi. You can tell that the older the get the more laid back they are and less running around they do. Pancake also didnt discriminate against being around other dogs at the park, playing with everyone from the larger labs to the fluffy pomeranian. 

It was also great to just be outside and enjoy the autumn weather. This time of the year is my personal favorite so I can see ourselves spending as many days as possible at the dog park. I couldnt help but see other dogs running around and observe their owners interactions with their dogs and people. One person let their dog run around and mount up on other peoples dogs (inlcuding Pancake…dont learn that trick Pancake!) which was a little annoying. I guess you try to raise your fur kid to the best of your ability, and while you dont have much control over how they act in public, you definitely can control how you react and respond. Life lessons and reminders at the dog park!

What a great day!


Pancakes first puppy training class was last night. I’m interested to see how much he learns or how much his training changes from what he already gets.

The motivation for this was more so that he can socialize with other dogs. Combine that with new parent syndrome and I am a sucker for most that they tell me to do at the pet store. Bummer is that there’s only one other dog in his class…but it was good for him to get to interact with other dogs while hearing commands.

I’ll be curious to see how it all shakes out!


Pancake has outgrown his other collar, it’s super snug when we go for a walk and it seems like I am choking him so he got a new one!

It’s from and its pretty nice, I love the mustaches on it. It’s a little bit bigger than I thought it would be but perfect for him to grow into.

The clip itself its nice because it doesn’t snap as loud as his previous one. Makes me think that it’s not clasped but its just more quiet which I think is a great thing since he has those satellite ears.

He seems to like it a lot. He is about 10lbs in this photo and at 13weeks so use that in your considerations for sizing.