pancakes lover

Dear Cup Of Coffee

                                                       -Shikha Singh

Locking the hustle and bustle

of the busy city street behind me,

as I entered the coffee house

and sat at the corner table

next to the glass wall

waiting for you,

my mind was flooded

with flashbacks.

I still remember,

it was this particular corner where

you slowly touched my lips

and landed soft and steamy kisses

on them for the very first time.

That was the most delightful taste

I’d ever had,

the taste of true love

and it lingered on forever.

I remember how

I had my fingers wrapped around you

as your warmth was all that I needed

on that chilly winter day.

The warm blanket of air enveloping me

is still rich with your aroma,

as if

you were here just minutes ago.

While I was reliving

my memories of you,

my serenity was interrupted

by a modulated voice

which said

“Here’s your Caffè mocha ma'am,

can I get you anything else?”

No longer did I need to

indulge in my thoughts of you

as there you were

sitting right in front of me

my heavenly cup of coffee.

The voice came again

“Ma’am, can I get you anything else? “

Withdrawing my attention from you

with a lot of struggle

I replied,

“No, thank you,

it would be all for now

this is more than enough”

‘Cause you, darling,

were more than enough.


how I love you

my dear cup of coffee!

Only between brothers
  • Ayato: Read my thoughts.
  • Laito: I don't know how to do that.
  • Ayato: Yes, you do. Ready?
  • Laito: Fine
  • Ayato: *intense staring*
  • Laito: *intense staring*
  • Laito: Pancakes
  • Ayato: That's crazy. That was exactly what I was thinking. Okay, this was just a test. Now let's do it for real. Here we go. Ready?
  • Laito: Yes
  • Ayato: *intense staring*
  • Laito: *intense staring*
  • Laito: ......still pancakes

Yui Appreciation Week Day 6: Favourite Pairing!

Well if Day 4 didn’t make it obvious, my favourite pairing’s AyaYui! Okay so Ayato’s route is my very first route, and I’m not sure if it’s my weakness for amaenbo characters or my extreme bias towards Midorikawa’s deep voice. (Though it might be more of the former since my bias extends to ALL OF THE SEIYUU IN DL)

Might also have to do with Ayato being the most PAINFULLY OBVIOUS that he’s in love like a hormonal 14 year old. Another reason I why I enjoyed the anime. :3

Although AyaYui’s my bias, I like pretty much all the pairings in DL (barring Carla and Shin until I get my shit together and save enough money), so I’ll be posting a little bonus later!