good saturday morning!
summer fruit is absolutely the best and it’s the only reason why i wait this season. now i can’t wait for watermelon x)

brunch was wholemeal vegan pancakes sweetened with truvia&cinnamon + vanilla greek yogurt, cherries, strawberries, peach, banana and dark chocolate. lemon-water on the side

Four Year Old House Guests

We are looking after a little man for a friend this weekend. He arrived in a blizzard of bags, clothes, sticky-up hair, and jumbled converstion yesterday morning. After a night sharing a (huge) bed with our younger daughters, and waking at 7am, they are now upstairs “getting dressed”. They have been up there for an hour.

I heard them wake up, and thought “ah crap” - and vague memories of the requirements of looking after a four year old kicked in (our youngest is ten years old now). I slid out of bed, and stumbled down-stairs, rubbing sleep from my eyes, and flatting hair to my head as I passed the hallway mirror. The kids were lined up watching cartoons in the living room.

“Can we have pancakes for breakfast?”

“I guess”

I wandered into the kitchen and began clearing up the detritus from the night before. The remains of a night watching the Eurovision Song Contest, and providing our own entertainment via a Facebook post with a thousand comments. A conversation accompanied by a bottle of fizzy wine, two bottles of cider, and a supporting cast of 20 hilariously awful bands from the various corners of Europe. Another post perhaps.

So. Pancakes. I can do pancakes. I’m good at pancakes.

After crashing and banging around in the kitchen for ten minutes I burst into the lounge like a hassled chef, carrying the first pancake.

“I don’t like pancakes”

Oh, the humor of 4 year olds. He meant it too. Ten minutes before, he had been the biggest fan of pancakes since hearing the word a few seconds before from our daughter (the girl that really wanted them, and had no doubt been working on him since they woke to get him to ask).

The girls ate his pancake. It was like a scene from a wildlife documentary where wolves sense an opportunity. The poor old pancake was defenceless.

I’m now sitting on my own downstairs, waiting for the rest of the day to happen to me. Weekends tend to be like that.

A mathematical approach to making the right number of pancakes

So i made pancakes this morning and the instructions on the back of the box said i could make 12-14 4 inch pancakes. when i finished i hand 8 idk what radius pancakes. being the engineer i am, i didn’t like how the number of pancakes was determined by their diameter, since it is not easy to measure the pancakes while cooking said pancakes, making diameter an inaccurate way to estimate the number of pancakes made. after doing some simple math regarding the amount of ingredients used and the way i made the pancakes, i came up with this mathematical model:

1) add the amount of mix (in cups) to the amount of water (in cups) to find the batter (in cups)

2) divide the batter by the size of the measuring cup used to dispense batter to find the number of theoretical pancakes made

3) subtract the number of theoretical pancakes by 2 (residue on the cup and bowl that cant be made into pancakes) to find the true number of pancakes.

For example: i used 2 cups of mix and 1 and 1/3 cups of water and dispensed it with a 1/3 cup measuring cup. this means i have 10 theoretical pancakes. 10-2=8. 8 real (decently sized) pancakes made, compared to 12 4inch pancakes

some flaws with the model. i only have made 1 batch of pancakes and am basing the model off of that, so i don’t know how well this model will hold up. for those of you making pancakes, try it and see if it works


Bacon Pancakes, New York remix