Today’s hclf vegan brunch was seriously perfect: fluffy baby blueberry - banana - pancakes topped with a thick layer of creamy peanut butter mousse, fresh blueberries and sweet banana plus a sprinkle of caramel - like coconut sugar on top of everything. I really enjoyed this filling and totally delicious healthy breakfast this morning, you can find the pancake recipe on my blog, following this link. If you try them out - please feel free to submit the pics to my blog, it’s always great to see all your amazing creations!! :) xx Amber 

In love with this new update 😍 Breakfasting at one of my favorite Brooklyn spots, @cherylsglobalsoul 😋 These pancakes are so fluffy and soft! Be sure to ask for Nutella on the side (it’s only 75 cents!). I’ll be sharing a Brooklyn brunch guide on my blog soon, so stay tuned 😁😘 Love you all and hope you have an awesome day! (at Cheryl’s Global Soul)