This is my happy face. Today wasn’t just a big day because I had to impress my first client, but it’s a big day because it was my first clients. It’s taken me months and years to finally reach this day, training somebody else to help them get to where they want to be, it’s huge.

She loved the session, she loved even more that I did the circuits with her whilst pushing her through, we did intervals together too.

Just how I roll yano, nothing worse than having someone stood doing nothing shouting at you, especially when you can train with them to motivate AND still shout!

Success pancakes to finish 😊😀

How to Make Amazingly Tall, Thick and Puffy Pancakes

This recipe is like a first class ticket to brunch superstar status: how to make fluffy pancakes of staggering height.

Photos via CakeSpy

These tall, puffy pancakes aren’t difficult to make: as this viral video teaches, it’s simply a matter of containing the batter cleverly with circles made from an empty milk carton, and cooking it low and slow, so that it can rise to great heights. We’ve borrowed the method, combining it with classic pancake recipe, to create truly a wow-worthy breakfast food.

The finished pancakes have an intriguing texture which is like a cross between a pancake and a crumpet, and a delicious, classic pancake flavor. Everyone will be clamoring to know your sweet kitchen secret!

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