BREAKFAST TAROT! I had too much fun with these.

I know the tower is the disaster card but I think I can safely say that eating that many pancakes would, in fact, cause a disaster of some magnitude. The ace of pentacles upright indicates prosperity! Eggs are gold, gold is prosperous, god I love drawing food.

the tower on a light shirt | dark shirt

the ace of pentacles on a light shirt | dark shirt

The tower of pancakes is already available on a bunch of other stuff, so if you fancy a sweet pancake mug or blanket or something else, check em all out! They’ll also both be available as prints soon!



The Pancakes family of 30 Poet Place at day 30.

And that marks both the end of the round and the beginning of next round in my Riverblossom Hills/Veronaville/Academie Le Tour mini-uberhood. But I’m headed back to my Pleasantview/Strangetown/Downtown/La Fiesta Tech for a while after this. (I’m behind on posting pictures, as usual.)