pancakelady  asked:

i've been wondering this for ages but never really had a reason to ask, how did you get into the pet business?? did you go to vet school or was it a random connection or do you just really like animals?

when i was living in nyc, i needed a new job and applied to a dog walking posting on craigslist. i really really enjoyed it, and realized working with dogs was genuinely joyful. when i moved back to illinois after doing that for two years, we had a family friend who worked at a vet center that needed a new daycare employee, so i worked there for a while and LOVED it. but they wouldnt give me health insurance so i just now started work at a different animal hospital where i’m working in both kennels and daycare. i just really like it! everyone asks me if i want to go to vet tech school, but tbh i did four years in college and have no desire for more.