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Morgana is the Salem the Cat of Persona 5.

…You may be on to something.

As requested by @ravenbuss, here’s some stuff to make cute lunches! Everything is under $10.

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Sandwich Cutters

🍞  Star, Puzzle, Dinosaur, Elephant, Dolphin, and Butterfly Sandiwch Cutters $8.99

🍞 Dinosaur, Dolphin, Elephant, Dog, Butterfly & Train Sandwich Cutters $8.99

🍞 Dinosaur Sandwich Cutter $2.59

🍞 Butterfly Sandwich Cutter $2.99

🍞 Puzzle Sandwich Cutter $2.99

🍞 Star Sandwich Cutter $2.99

🍞 Heart Sandwich Cutter $2.99

🍞 Seal, Whale, Squirrel, & Bear Mini Sandwich Cutters $7.97

🍞 Bear Shape Sandwich Cutter $2.59

🍞 Hello Kitty Sandwich Cutter $5.68

Fruit & Veggie Cutters

🍓 Star, Heart, 4 Flower, Bunny, & Mouse Vegetable Cutters $9.95

🍓 Cat, Dog, Pig, Elephant, Dolphin and Penguin Vegetable Cutters $7.99

🍓 Kawaii Japanese Bento Vegetable Cutters $8.59

🍓 Star, Cloud, Music Notes, Apple, Boat, Heart, Crab, Tulip, Dolphin Vegetable Cutters $5.50

Cookie Cutters

Cookie cutters can be used for sandwiches, cheese, fruits, and other stuff, too! Don’t feel limited. Your imagination is the limit! :D

🍪 6 Dinosaur Cookie Cutters $7.98

🍪 8 Princess-Themed Cookie Cutters $8.99

🍪 Clownfish, Octopus, Lobster, Crab and Jellyfish $9.99

🍪 3 Batman Cookie Cutters $6.39

🍪 24 Spring Cookie Cutters $8.50

🍪 18 Christmas Cookie Cutters $8.89

🍪 2 Mickey Mouse Cookie Cutters $3.49

🍪 Baby Bottle, Onesie, Carriage, Bib, & Rattle Cookie Cutters $8.99

🍪 ABC’s & 123′s Cookie Cutters $8.12

🍪 Horse, Dog, Cat, Giraffe, Dolphin, Squirrel, Duck and Goldfish Cookie Cutters $7.95

🍪 7 Butterfly Cookie Cutters $9.57

🍪 Butterfly, Dragonfly, Ladybug, Caterpillar, & Bee Cookie Cutters $5.96

🍪 Hello Kitty Cookie Cutters $4.25

🍪 Teacup, Teapot, and Cupcake Cookie Cutters $2.92

Rice & Boiled Egg Molds

🥚 Fish, Car, Bear, Rabbit, Star, & Heart Egg Molds $8.99

🥚 Rabbit, Bear, Star, Car, Fish, & Heart Egg Molds $5.90

🥚Star, Heart, Fish, Car, Bear & Rabbit Egg Molds $4.35

Pancake & Fried Egg Molds/Pans

🥞 Round, Heart, Star, Flower, & Bear Pancake or Fried Egg Mold $7.99

🥞 Piglet Face Pancake Pan $8.62

🥞 Bear Face Pancake Pan $9.71

Food Picks

Food picks are decorative toothpicks you stick in your food to make them look cuter! 

🌸 Panda, Elephant, Lion, Rabbit, Frog Food Picks $1.95 + 0.50 Shipping

🌸 Otter, Whale, 2 Dolphins, & Seel Food Picks $5.80

🌸 Brown Bear, Pink Bear, Kitty, Elephant, & Frog Food Picks $5.00

🌸 12 Zodiac Animals Food Picks $7.62

🌸 Two Each Dog, Cat, Monkey, Bear, & Giraffe Food Picks $2.99

For inspiration on how to make cute foods, here’s some pictures. You can cut sandwiches, fruits, veggies, cheese, meat, cookies, or whatever you want!

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yoongi scenario | pitter patter of tiny paws

♡  min holly’s family is gaining a new member  

genre: fluff
word count: 1.2k
requested by anon

[Min Holly’s Point of View]

Sunday’s are supposed to be lazy days. Normally, I’d spend them curled up in Yoongi’s lap, with him pushing his fingers through my curled fur, while he watches moving pictures on that funny box in the living room. You’d cook pancakes for him, and slip me tiny scraps from your spot the sofa. Mmmm… I love it when you do that. But you’ve been slipping me scraps of food less often lately. It has something to do with the vet saying it’s not good for me. Plus, Yoongi says I’m getting pudgy. Which isn’t true! I’m still able to run and jump and chase cats out of the neighbourhood. But… maybe I’m not as active as I used to be. But the same goes for you. You’re not as active as you used to be either. And you’ve gotten a lot bigger recently. I don’t think it’s fat though… There’s another explanation - I can sense it. You’ve been getting ill, and your moods have been swinging about, and one night, when Yoongi was fast asleep, I caught you sneaking out of bed to raid the fridge – you know I’m up for a snack at any time of the day… but really? Cucumber and mayonnaise? What were you thinking? This unnatural behaviour means something big is going to happen. It’s going to happen soon.

It’s happening… right now!

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• Before you both met in person, he always asked you if you have eaten yet
• You always answered yes, of course
• But when you both started living together
• He realized that you skipped you meals very often
• “Hey babe, there’s a new restaurant I want to visit. What do you say?”
• “I’m not really hungry babe, maybe next time”
• You always said that
• And he was getting worried for you
• So he decided to have a talk with you
• “MC, I’m worried about you. You never eat nothing and you always avoid me when I’m talking about food, please tell me what’s going on”
• You couldn’t just explain to him the feeling that you had every time you eat something
• How insecure you were about your body, and how you wanted to look good because
• He was so perfect. He was an actor with an amazing body and such a good heart
• And you…
• “MC” he told you, holding your hands “Please babe, your health is the most important thing for me, okay? I don’t know what to do, please ”
• You have never wanted to hurt him, and the look in his eyes was almost begging
• “I-I… I’ll try” you whispered, feeling your heart hurt your chest when Zen hugged you so tight
• “Thank you babe, I’ll do everything I can to help you”


• He always cooked for you
• And he noticed how you left your meals almost without even touching them
• “I had a big lunch at school/work, so I’m not really hungry” you said to him
• He believed you at first
• But when your face started to become thinner and you started to feel so tired all the time
• You avoided his meals more often that before
• So he realized
• He cooked you a meal like always, and when you started to reject the meal, he just said
• “I cooked this special for you, if you don’t eat it I’m gonna be so sad”
• His eyes were begging and he was pouting
• You knew just by looking at his eyes, that if you didn’t touch the dish, he was gonna get mad at you
• So you decided to eat
• He just looked at you while you eat all
• “I finished…” you said almost ashamed by the way you finished everything so fast
• He smiled softly
• “I know is hard for you MC”, he whispered
• “But I’m gonna help you to overcome this”
• He knew he couldn’t just force you to eat everyday
• But he was going to be by your side
• And support you with everything


• She noticed very fast
• She is used to skip meals very often, so when she caught you skipping meals
• She was a little worried
• Your health was very important to her but
• She was kind of doing the same thing, so?
• She decided that, if she wanted you to eat healthy, she should do the same thing
• So she started to do her own lunch box
• And yours too
• “MC, I did lunch for you” she said while giving you the lunch box
• You were a little confused at the sudden change but
• How couldn’t say no to her after all the care she took to cook it
• So you decided to eat it
• So the lunch thing become a often thing
• Until you decided to ask her why was the reason
• “I was thinking that, we should worry about our health… together”
• It was difficult for you to just eat everything, because of your own thoughts
• But you were happy that she was willing to give you all her support


• He had hired a nutritionist just for you
• He did everything to keep you healthy
• But
• When you started to eat less, and less, and almost nothing
• He was worried
• He eventually thought that there was something troubling you
• So he decided to skip work and have meals with you
• When he caught you putting away your plate with a face of disgust
• He would hold your hand and feed you himself
• You couldn’t say no to those eyes that were almost looking at your soul
• “MC” he said one afternoon, during lunch “I love you so much, you know that” he was holding your hand “And I’ll be so said if you ever get sick”
• “Please, let me take care of your health”
• You didn’t want him to worry for you
• You didn’t want to hurt him
• So you decided to try just for him


• When he was working, you usually prepare a meal for him
• He was always eating chips and soda, so you cooked for him in order to make him healthier
• He always ate everything you cooked
• So when you stopped cooking for him
• Of course he noticed
• You were spending a lot of time in your room
• He caught you a lot of times looking at the mirror, at your reflection, with a strange face
• You started to get weak and lifeless
• So he couldn’t take it anymore
• He decided to learn how to cook
• With Vanderwood’s help, of course
• He knocked the door at your room and showed up with pancakes that looked like cats
• “I made breakfast for you, cutie!” he said cheerfully
• He would feed you when you say you weren’t hungry
• Give you tickles when you looked at your reflection with a strange face
• “I love you so much MC, exactly by the way you are”
• “Please don’t hurt the body that I love so much”
• “I’ll take care of you”
• His meals were barely meals but
• He was trying hard for you


• He noticed
• First, it was the way you looked yourself at the mirror
• The way you’ll look at food, like if they were declaring war at you
• You had started to drink a lot of water and no food
• And even your humor had changed
• He didn’t showed to you, but he was getting so worried
• You started to look pale and lifeless to him, and it kind of reminded him to the monster of her mom
• He knew it was totally different between you and her but
• He didn’t wanted you to be like her
• So he decided to act silently
• When you both were together, he would bring candies with him
• And when you looked at him eating, he’ll offer you of his candies
• When he caught you smiling while he shared, he knew it was going to work
• Then it was food
• He’ll bring you food and said “I bought this for you, so you better eat it”
• This continued for a couple of days
• Until one day, when you both were eating ice cream
• And looking at the clouds at some park
• He whispered at you with a worried voice
• “Please take care of yourself… I don’t want you to become like… her”
• You knew who was he referring to
• And it break your heart the fact that he worried a lot for you
• You didn’t want to worry him, so you just whispered back
• “I… l’ll try”


• He started noticing that there was something bothering you
• The way you acted in front of everyone, and the look in your face when you thought no one was watching you
• The way your smile seemed less real
• And the way you get a little mad when you eat something, even if it was a little bit
• He was confused
• You were so wonderful and beautiful to him, so he didn’t understand why wouldn’t you love yourself?
• You were perfect
• He started to take pictures of you. A lot of pictures.
• And he show them to everyone, telling them how beautiful you looked and how you were the most precious thing
• You felt shy when he started to talk about how beautiful and sexy you were
• So, when you both were watching the sunset
• Your head resting in his arm, with your hand tangled with his
• “MC” he whispered “I know what you’ve been doing”
• “You should take care of yourself more, you know? Even if you don’t want to do it for yourself, just do it for me” he said with a kind voice “please?”
• He didn’t force you to eat or anything
• He just wanted you to decide it to do it by yourself
• So you decided to try

Anti Makes Pancakes

(Why are all of my stories about breakfast foods lately?)

Signe didn’t mean to fall asleep on the couch downstairs, but she wakes to find Anti looking down at her, poking her cheek. Signe jumps three inches in the air, squealing in fright. Anti cocks his head to the side. “Yer like a cat when ya get startled. Ya ever seen ‘em jump in the air real high when somethin’ scares ‘em? That’s what you do.”

Signe puts a hand on her chest, trying to calm her breathing. “Anti, I’m going to kill you. What on earth do want at this time of night?”

“Well, if yer gunna kill me, maybe I don’t wanna tell ya why I woke ya up,” Anti says, pouting.

Signe rolls her eyes so hard it actually hurts. “Fine, I won’t kill you. Now tell me why you woke me up, would you?” Signe sits up and motions for the glitch to sit down beside her, but Anti doesn’t move from where he stands at one end of the couch.

“Jack is crying again.”

Signe blinks at him once before throwing off the covers and heading for the narrow staircase leading upstairs. She doesn’t realize Anti is behind her until, when she looks back, she sees him following along somberly. Sean has been under so much stress lately that Signe has found him crying quite a few times, never loudly and always when he thought no one else would see.

“I wanted to pour maple syrup all over him again,” Anti explains as they reach the top of the stairs, “but then I saw he was cryin’ in his sleep. So, I thought I’d come getcha.”

“Thank you,” she whispers without looking back as she bursts into Sean’s room. Sure enough, he’s curled up into a tight ball, the way he sleeps when the bad thoughts and the stress of work and the hate he receives start to pile up. The sound of his crying is so soft, even in sleep. Signe sinks down onto the bed beside him, pulling him close and whispering to him. “Wake up, Sean. Please.”

Anti watches from the doorway.

When Sean’s cobalt eyes blink open, they’re rimmed with red and bloodshot, and Sean looks disappointed in himself. “’m sorry, Woosh. I didn’t want ya…” Signe pulls him into a tighter hug and shushes him.

“None of that. Let me help you, you dummy.” She feels him snuggle into her, hands gripping at her shirt. “There you go. Just go back to sleep. I’ll be here.”

Sean sniffles a bit before raising his head just a bit and looking at Anti, standing there looking stiff and like he definitely doesn’t belong here. “Thanks, Anti.”

The glitch crosses his arms over his chest and shrugs. “Yeah, whatever. Yer just no fun ta mess with when yer cryin’.” Anti stomps off down the hall.

Signe shakes her head. “I don’t know what to think of that one.”

“Me either,” Sean mumbles, laying his head back down. “Maybe we should get him a dog.”

Signe snorts and runs her fingers through his messy green hair. “You just want a dog.”

“I really want a dog,” he says with a giggle.

“Go to sleep,” Signe whispers with a smile.

They wake up the next morning to find two stacks of pancakes (only slightly burnt) sitting at their places at the table. Anti even bought more syrup after the last incident of dumping it all over Sean in his sleep. Signe glances at the sink, and unfortunately the glitch didn’t think to wash dishes. But she supposes it’s the thought that counts.

Sean claps his hands together before drowning his pancakes in syrup and taking a big bite. Only then does Signe find the remains of several habanero peppers in the trash. Sean never trusts a pancake ever again.

Morning Weather

Dan reached his arms up and stretched, groaning a little. He peeled his eyes open a bit. Sunlight was already coming through the closed blinds of the bedroom. Looking over to his right he made out the shape of your sleeping body. The little amount of light coming into the room made it look like you were glowing. Still half asleep, Dan scooted his body closer and wrapped an arm around you. He nuzzled into the base of your neck, and you pressed back against him. Everything was calm, he could only hear you breathing softly and the occasional car going by. He lived for mornings like these, where everything was peaceful and he was with the person he loved.

Just as Dan was on the edge of falling back to sleep, something shook the bed and everyone in it. Dan grunted as a tiny foot dug into his side. You jolted awake at all the movement, too. A tiny hand smacked down on Dan’s cheek. “Daddy! Waaaake up!” Dan sighed and knew his quiet morning was gone and the day was beginning. “Ugh, why can’t you be like us and sleep until a reasonable hour,” Dan mumbled. You turned over smiling and pulled your two year old son into your arms. “Good morning Mummy!” he said in his little British accent. You gave him a kiss on the cheek. “Good morning to you, too, my little man,” you said. He only tolerated a few more seconds of you hugging him before he wiggled out of your arms and climbed into Dan’s lap. “Daddy can you cook us some breakfast? I want some pancakes!” He whined. Dan only smiled and nodded, not telling his son that he couldn’t cook for shit. Seeing the two of them together, with matching curls, your son’s hair the same light brown Dan’s had been at that age, it made your heart melt. They were your boys.

The three of you got up and started in on morning routines. Dan sat with your son in the living room and turned on some cartoons while you started cooking breakfast. While scrambling a couple eggs, you heard tiny footsteps coming toward you. “Mummy why are you making the breakfast? I wanted Daddy to do it,” he whined. You shook your head, he was already so spoiled. You turned off the stove and lifted him up. “It’s okay, baby bear, I’m just making some eggs and toast. Daddy’s gonna come in and make us the pancakes. That alright with you?” He grinned huge so a tiny dimple appeared on his face and nodded at you.

You finished making the eggs and placed them to the side then went to the living room. “Hey chef Daddy, it’s time for you to make the pancakes.” Dan looked up from his laptop with wide eyes. You smirked, “You didn’t think we forgot, right?” As he walked past you to enter the kitchen, you whispered that you’d help him out. Your son was right there running between you and Dan’s legs, saying that if you got a job then he should get a job cooking too. You told him you’d let him mix the ingredients and that he’d be the official taste tester, and he seemed satisfied with that. When Dan was done you all sat at the table with plates full of food. Like a perfect copy cat, your son ate everything that Dan ate, and when Dan started pushing his food around on his plate, he did that too. It was too adorable seeing him copying his Daddy that you forgot to be mad he wasn’t finishing his food.

After dishes were cleaned and you wiped syrup off your son’s face, together as a little family you were all sat on the sofa. You scrolled through your phone, your son was watching the television, and Dan was still answering emails. “Mummy, is Uncle Phil gonna come over today?” You ruffled his hair and he giggled. “I think so, you excited to see him?” He grinned and nodded. Dan watched the two of you interact, feeling his chest grow warm. As your son went back to watching whatever was playing on TV, Dan reached over and wrapped his arm around your shoulders. He leaned in close to you, over your little Howell, and whispered “I love you”.

Tweaked the request because I already made the reader and Dan have a son, hope you enjoyed~

I want to know the you that not everyone has the chance to know. I want to listen to your favourite song until I know it off by heart so I can sing along with you. I want to snuggle on a rainy day and watch your favourite movie. I want to stay up all night with you talking about your childhood, your dreams, Harry Potter, the origins of the universe. I want to travel the world with you, skinny dipping in the sea at midnight and making bonfires on the beach. I want to know your fears and your flaws, but I also want to know your strengths and your passions. I want to know your weird fetishes. I want to hear about your worst memories, the last time you cried yourself to sleep, and your heartbreaks, but I also want to hear about the good times, and what makes you laugh. I want to know if you’re ticklish. I want to hear about your family until I know them almost as well as I know my own, who you get on best with, who pisses you off, the stories you grandparents have told you about the ‘old days’, what perfume your mother wears, any family traditions. I want to know your ambitions and where you see yourself in 10 years time. I want to hear you try speaking a foreign language. I want to know who inspires you and motivates you most. I want to know which side of the bed you sleep on, and how many pillows you like to sleep with. I want to know what your favourite meal is, and which foods you hate, and how many pancakes you can eat in one sitting. I want to see you when your happy, or out in public, but I also want to see what you’re like at home, or when you’re sad and I want to be there to comfort you. I want to know how competitive you get when it comes to fighting for what you believe in. I want to know what you think of politics, abortion, climate change, genetically modified foods. Are you a cat or a dog person? What do you like doing in your spare time? I want to find out what your dream job as a child was, and argue about what super power would be best to have. Do you prefer showers or baths? Can you solve a Rubik’s cube? I want to know if you’re a morning person, or if you prefer to sleep in until lunchtime. I want to be able to make your perfect cup of tea or coffee. What would you do with £1,000,000? I want to listen to the songs you listen to when you’re sad and read your favourite book. I want to know the sound of your voice and your laugh, the taste of your lips, the feel of your body against mine, the warmth and comfort of your hugs. I want to know your personality, your mind and the way you think. I want to know and love the real you, more completely than anyone has ever done before

I know some people will argue that Jumin can cook because he made strawberry pancakes for MC in his route, but this guy really hasn’t cooked that much in his life. He has a personal chef who makes his food for him, he has a nutritionist who decides what he eats, he goes on business trips often and probably eats out or in the hotel restaurant, and he works like, 24/7. On the days he is off he is most likely spending time with Elizabeth, and unless he cooks for her (which I find doubtful because he uses cat food/can hire a gourmet cat food chef pronto) I highly doubt he has much cooking experience under his belt. ._.

He doesn’t seem to be the type that takes pleasure in food either (except for wine) since he probably eats high class all the time, and wasn’t really enraptured by his gourmet Melanin steak or Grandpa Ramsay lol.

I personally think he googled things couples do in the morning and found out about pancake breakfasts that way lolololol

Ok, long explanation over.

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saeran + rfa opening a bakery w mc

i kinda added rika lmao i hope u don’t mind i love her sm


  • He doesn’t know what he’s doing what is this
  • Literally doesn’t know how to run a bakery
  • Good thing MC’s here.
  • Also he’s not a big fan of baking
  • At least not by himself
  • But when he’s doing it with you he thinks its really fun


  • !! He loves doing icing designs on the cookies and cakes
  • He’ll also insist for you guys to sell coffee so he can do the fancy designs on them
  • He really likes baking so you like find him at three am 
  • just making cake batter


  • Best bakery in town!!
  • Like Jaehee’s been waiting for this her entire life u bet ur ass she already has the blueprints ready
  • It’s so cozy like there’s hundreds of books on bookshelves and super comfy chairs and the lighting’s relaxing and there’s classical music playing
  • Practically every type of baked good you can think of is there
  • And decorated To The Max™
  • It’s just so nice


  • This is so foreign to him
  • The only thing he knows how to make is pancakes
  • Can we sell pancakes at the bakery MC?
  • just let him have this it’s all he knows and he screws up every. single. other. thing


  • Cat bakery??? C a t  b a k e r y?????
  • No seven those aren’t a thing you can’t have a cat bakery they’ll get hair in the food
  • He’ll fight you hard on it like cmon why not there’s cat cafes
  • You compromise and just make the bakery cat themes with cat shaped foods and like . Sculptures of cats everywhere


  • Your cafe is like , modern kind of
  • It’s filled with photography and artwork
  • Also
  • He’s
  • So good
  • At baking
  • Like what the hell how can someone make such delicious desserts??
  • You’ve never even see him look at a recipe
  • He says he would do it to relax and calm down when he was younger so now it just comes naturally to him


  • She loves baking!!
  • She did it with Yoosung all the time when they were younger, and a lot with V when they were together
  • Your bakery is really calming and has. A lot. Of cookies
  • They’re her favorite to make
  • And they taste the best to her
  • Esp the basic chocolate chip


  • Bakery, more like Ice Creamery right?? Am I right, MC????
  • He’s bad at baking
  • Like. Really bad.
  • Even following a step by step recipe, it’ll come out tasting awful
  • So he’ll decorate the cupcakes
  • He really likes doing that and is really good at that

Kiki’s Pancakes, from Kiki’s Delivery Service by Studio Ghibli!

Yes, this is an updated recipe based on my Drop Scones. But once you’ve tasted the airy, fluffy, tender moistness of these pancakes, you won’t even think about how derivative this recipe is!

[If you like my writing, please check out my book Dear Wolf! Guaranteed to contain fantasy, mystery, one dog of reasonable size and quality, humorous misunderstandings, elderly detectives, and one cake!]

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