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Water-based/Pancake Makeup Tutorial - Mixing & Applying
In this tutorial, you'll learn how to mix water-based makeup into an opaque paste and apply evenly to skin without streaks or blotches. Products: Makeup: Ben...

New video tutorial is up! This one shows you how to achieve opaque, streak-free coverage with water-based makeup.

Fun fact: The technique I demonstrate here was taught to me by Dana Nye (Ben Nye’s son, and CEO of Ben Nye Makeup Company).

Drag within sketch comedy is not meant to be evaluated on the same realness metric that one would apply to ‘queer drag,’ as it were. Drag in sketch comedy is something of a one liner, a punchline in and of itself — 'A guy in a dress! L-O-L!’ Punchline drag invites you to see the strings. It is perfected within the aesthetic logic of a platform like ‘Saturday Night Live’:  the flimsy sets, the too-bright lights, the pancake makeup, the almost-good-enough wigs and prosthetics.  It’s pure tomfoolery meant to fool absolutely nobody. And, like a lot of things, it’s great fun when it’s done well, and deeply offensive the rest of the time.
—  Eva Sealove on Saturday Night Live employing female-to-male (ftm) drag in lampooning Sean Spicer and Jeff Sessions, “On SNL, Drag Has Transcended Comedy as a Weapon Against Trump’s Brand of Masculinity;”, 12 Feb. 2017

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missvonteeseandmissmonroe  asked:

Do you know which body make-ups Dita uses? I know she uses I know that she uses a few different ones but I don't know what they are called

I do know that she uses MAC Face & Body Foundation and Kryolan’s Perfect Body Foundation. I’m pretty sure she uses these for everyday and for her performances, but if she doesn’t use these for her shows she might use a certain brand of “pancake” makeup which is used to cover up mass amounts of “flaws” or used for highly lit stage performances.