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a man comes in and asks you for pancakes. you agree. he asks for more. you add it to his bill. he asks again. he won't stop. you're out of pancakes and you watch in horror as he approaches you, asking again. his mouth is the Void. you don't have anymore pancakes. you tell him. he's not listening. he wants more pancakes. you must feed him.

the restrictions? if your mouth is the Void.

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Sooooo I just found out that apparently Akechi has a food blog and there's a scene in the manga where Futaba starts reading out his posts and he gets all embarrassed about it while Akira tries not to laugh and all I could really think of was just scrolling down the blog and every post is about pancakes from different food joints.

He has been found out.

Disastrous cooking starters

“How on earth did you get rice on the ceiling?”

“Is that an eggshell?”

“Did you even cook this pasta?”

“For your own health you should cook dinner”

“Last time I cooked I set the fridge on fire”

“How much sugar did you put in this?”

“Wait you’re supposed to stir it first?”

“Do you have an obsession with salt or something?”

“The icing will cover the mistakes”

“Did you buy this instead of cooking?”

“Can you taste the eggshells?”

“Oh that’s what beating eggs means”

“Don’t flip the pancakes, please”

“I’d say ‘feed it to the birds’ but I think it’d kill them”

Idols who almost debuted with different names

If I’ve missed any groups/idols or got any incorrect, tell me. :) 


  • EXO - Boy’s Paradise
  • Infinite - The Big Dipper / Blackberry / ICONS / Super Sonic
  • BTOB - Chungdam Unbeatable / Sonic / Asian King / Arirang
  • BTS - Big Kids / Young Nation
  • VIXX - Blue Fish / Sight / J Dice / SEE SUN
  • BEAST - Sixcon / Keumeundong Eagles / Genghis Khan / 300 / K6
  • Big Bang - Diamond
  • SHINee - Luxury Boys / SM5
  • f(x) - Bomb / Flower / Meow
  • Wonder Girls - LC (Ladies Club)
  • Girl’s Day - Ice Cream / Diamond
  • Brown Eyed Girls - Do You Know Us / Monster / Crescendo
  • MAMAMOO - Wah Wah Girls
  • 9MUSES - Daughters of the Empire / Poppy
  • TVXQ - Oh Jak Yook Boo (internal organs) / Dong Bang Bul Pae / SM5 / The Legend of the Swordsman / JeonMuckGo (a whale that feeds on pancakes)
  • CNBLUE - Pine Tree
  • SNSD - Super Girls
  • OH MY GIRLS - Anonymous Girls
  • Lovelyz - Radiance
  • Monsta X - High Top
  • ZE:A - V9 / Vampire / WEB
  • SISTAR - DoorooDooroo DaraDara DiriDiri Bob
  • KNK - Must One / Kaiser / Guys / Rose of Sharon / To the O / Royal


  • Baekyun - Uto
  • Chanyeol - Pia
  • Sehun - Leo
  • L - Goan / Hwarang / MS Myungsoo
  • Hyunsik - Gaon
  • Changsub - Alpha
  • Ilhoon - JL
  • Minhyuk - Huta (this was his underground name)
  • Eunkwang - Silver Light
  • Sungjae - Ryu
  • V - Rex / Six
  • Jimin - Baby G
  • Jungkook - Seagull
  • Sunmi - Berry
  • Sunye - Sunny
  • Sohee - IC
  • Yeeun - Silver
  • Hyuna - Mint
  • Sojin - Wens Sojin
  • Leeteuk - Kang Soo
  • Shindong - Udon
  • Kangin - Woongdam (gallbladder of a bear…)
  • Kyuhyun - Gwee Hyun
  • T.O.P - Mark
  • Daesung - Big Castle
  • Seungri - Sonic
  • Taeyang - Taekwon
  • Jun Jin - Lee Gi Go
  • Minwoo - Parang / Taeyang
  • Dongwan - Ato
  • Lizzy - Deokie / Soonie / Deoksoonie
  • Hwasa - Patzzi
  • Solar - Doremi / Mipa
  • Minah - Thurs Minah
  • Sojin - Wednes Sojin
White Chocolate Kisses

Summary: Sometimes Phil needs to be taken care of.

Warnings: Smut/// Tags: sub!Phil, top!Phil, powerbottom!Dan, NSFW, cock cage, edging, fleshlight, praise, all that jazz

Beta: @emywright-funpics


Send in prompts

Normally, Dan and Phil don’t do anything special for Valentine’s Day. Going out to dinner just isn’t them, and they can get discount chocolates the next day. This year though, Dan has plans. Lately he’s seen the way the exhaustion and stress is weighing down Phil’s shoulders. For the first time in forever, Dan gets up first and runs out of the flat to get some things for the day. He makes pancakes and wakes Phil up with a kiss on the nose and the plate, alongside of roses.

“Dan, I thought we weren’t doing anything,” Phil complains sleepily, fumbling for his glasses.

Smiling, Dan cuts up a piece of pancake and feeds it to Phil. “Yeah, but it’s okay. I’ve got plans for you tonight, sweetheart.”

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It’s Pancake Time! Wanna One's Maknae Line

Masterlist can be found (here)

Wanna One’s Maknae line makes pancakes with/for you (Yuehua Boys Ver)

Park Jihoon

  • I’m not even surprised if he is the one who suggests making pancakes when you are trying to decide what to make for breakfast the next morning
  • This boy will want to show off his arm strength hence he will probably choose to make something a bit more difficult like a souffle pancake
  • he won’t make you do much to help him, saying he wants to surprise you so you just stay with him, reading a book while keeping an eye on making sure he doesn’t burn the kitchen down
  • He is super enthusiastic about it as you see him measure the ingredients and even humming a tune
  • Halfway through stirring the egg whites, he is already panting and sweating through his shirt
  • But when you ask him if he wants to switch, he will just decline your help, saying he got this
  • The outcome is really cute as his pancakes will be in heart-shaped and he will use chocolate sauce to write a really cheesy message like ‘I love you’ on it along with chocolate shavings
  • Will 100% ask you for a kiss as his ‘payment’ and when you do give it to him, he will just stutter and say: “You know I was just joking …right?”

Park Woojin

  • You two will make lace pancakes when it’s your anniversary cause it has a special meaning as it was the first food you two made together
  • Even if you two had made it a few times, he still insists on following a recipe online and he makes sure every instruction is followed through
  • Like it’s amusing when he tells you it’s different if you put in the milk instead of flour to the bowl first
  • Also, he will be super careful on the smaller things like the temperature of the eggs and even the heat of the pan
  • He is super quick? Like you literally just handed him the mixture to mix and turned to get orange juice
  • But when you turned back, he’s already done mixing and it has barely been a minute
  • He is very careful when it comes to pouring the mixture into the pan cause he wants it to be super beautiful and it’s cute how seeing how focused he is
  • You two will take turns to draw the lace but somehow he will grab your wrist at one point and say that you should put more strength into it
  • The pancake will be so pretty that you keep snapping photos but he did give you a back hug and reach out for your phone and whisper into your ear that the food is going to get cold 

Bae Jinyoung

  • He will help you in making pancakes when he sees you doing it even if he has no idea what is he doing
  • He will be so clueless and keeps asking you questions like “Is this the right amount?’ & “How long do I stir it?”
  • You have to stop him from accidentally dumping salt instead of sugar in the mixture
  • He will also keep trying the ingredients like tasting the pancake batter and be so surprised when it actually tastes pretty decent
  • You two will do the classic buttermilk pancake
  • The pancake’s shape is a bit off, some are way too large and some are too small but it’s really cute when you stack them as it looks like a pyramid
  • He will go for honey rather than maple syrup and he will probably spread some fruit jam in it as well
  • Since it will be his first time helping you make it, you two aren’t expecting it to taste amazing or anything cause Jinyoung sort of messed up some of the ingredients
  • But turns out those mistakes makes up for amazing pancakes that taste better than the pancakes you usually make lmao
  • Did give you a kiss on the forehead and thank you for teaching him

Lee Daehwi

  • Pancake making be a bonding time between you two
  • You two will also follow Daehwi’s mom pancake recipe because it tastes SO GOOD
  • You two will make 5 different types of pancakes like there’s a cinnamon pancake, a double chocolate pancake and even a matcha pancake
  • You and Daehwi have really good teamwork, in the sense where both of you know which step is the other is going to take so they move on, like you will crack the eggs in one bowl and he will immediately pour in the milk
  • While stirring the mixture, he will probably make up a song about pancakes and that will get stuck in your head the entire day
  • You two compete to see who can make the best pancake stack
  • Daehwi will obviously win because h
  • He will use various toppings like strawberries, blueberries on the pancake and he will probably crack some really bad fruit puns like “I miss you BERRY much!”  
  • There will be a lot of photos being taken cause somehow the pancakes came out super aesthetic and you did spam your Instagram Story and Daehwi will send it to his group chats
  • The pancake is always good no matter how many times you two make it and you and him will be arguing over who made the better pancake while feeding each other the varieties lol
  • He will be sneaky and kisses you to shut you up and then announced he is the winner while you are still being speechless over it it

Lai Guanlin

  • He will just make pancakes whenever you come over to the dorm
  • It’s probably one of the things he is actually really good in cooking
  • You are more of a helper by helping him get the milk in the fridge and the salt in the cabinet
  • Making pancakes with be really fun as you two will be jamming out to music in the process
  • Anticipate a rap battle with raps that rhymes with ‘pancake’
  • He will make really quirky colourful pancakes though like he will add green food dye and tell you it’s avocado pancakes and you go wtf??
  • Instead of butter and maple syrup, he will drown the pancake in lots of whipped cream
  • Keeps trying to feed you but quickly puts it into his mouth to tease you that you end being so done and you just give him that look
  • He will laugh before feeding a slice to you and patting your head saying you are the cutest

A/N: You guys are probably sick of reading but I swear Fuckboy! Minhyun is almost done (I have my history trials tmr wish me luck T.T) I thought I will finish this cute request I received a while back (There will be a Yueua Boys Ver next!) also don’t ask why is woojin in the middle Dedicated to @porkjeojang because she’s amazing & #porkjeojang #parkrudejin #deepndarker #hi david #i forgot guanlin’s lmao 

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This gives me ideas. Sidney walking down the stairs, in his underwear and Geno’s frat letters t-shirt, to make some eggs and coffee to bring back up to his sleepy boyfriend. He bumps into Tanger, who nods at him from where he’s sprawled on the couch, still trying to recover from his hangover. And then there’s Jake the pledge, picking up red solo cups and cleaning up the kitchen from last night’s exchange. 

Sidney offers to help, and Jake, having never seen Sidney around before, assumes that Sidney is a pledge as well and gratefully accepts the help. But nope Sidney is the frat president’s long-term boyfriend.

So Sidney ends up flipping them pancakes and feeding Jake and the other frat bros, who are all moaning happily into their breakfast. Then Jake thinks, everyone seems to love Sidney, maybe Sidney’s already been initiated? But Jake’s memorized the composites front and back, and he knows everyone. How did he miss Sidney, who is the nicest out of them all? (not to mention his pretty eyes and heart-stopping smile).

“Geno likes it when there’s chocolate chips in them,” Sidney says off handedly. “Can you hand me the bag?”

Jake does, and Flower gives a startled yelp, exclaiming that he’s late for lecture. He grabs his bag, rolls scrambled eggs into his pancake like a burrito, and stuffs it in his mouth as he says, “Gotta go! Bye Mrs. Malkin! Thanks for the pancakes.”

“Shut the fuck up,” Sidney shouts back, but not unkindly. 

Jake says, “You have the same last name as G?”

Sidney looks like he’s about to respond, but then Geno clambers down the stairs, fully dressed with a backpack slung over his shoulders. He stares at the pledges all eating pancakes at the table, the pledges stare fearfully back, and then at Sidney. 

“Pancake?” Sidney asks calmly. “Made your favorite.”

“I’m late,” Geno says. “Physics. Take attendance”

“That’s all the way on the other side of campus. Take a pancake. You know you get hangry.”

“Would rather take kiss,” Geno mutters. The pledges all gape at him, but Geno just moves to Sidney’s side and presses a kiss to the corner of his mouth. “Love you, baby. You not have class this morning, yeah?”

“Yeah,” Sidney says. “I’m going back to bed afterwards.”

“Okay,” Geno says, hopping out the door. “Good thing I’m not make bed.”

Sidney rolls his eyes. The pledges all ogle Sidney. Sidney furrows his brows. “What?” 

Who Says

Characters: Alpha Steve Rogers x Beta Cherry Bomb

Who says things have to be the way they are? Who says things have to follow the natural order of things? Who says you can’t be with the one you love even though they might not be what was intended for you?

A/N: I really have no clue what the fuck I’m doing. And I’m so sorry. This probably sucks and I promise I’ll never write another A/B/O fic again. Everything I know about the Omegaverse, I picked up from fics I’ve read and from the A/B/O Wikipedia page. The core idea stuck with me and it wasn’t until I read a wonderful fic by @sherrybaby14 that I became inspired. And I’d really like to thank @ursulaismymiddlename for answering my Omegaverse questions and having confidence in me that this doesn’t, in fact, suck.

Angst. Smut. Feels. Some fluff if you squint.

“Ok, sweetheart. You’re cut off.” The bartender tapped Cherry’s head where it lay on the bar.
“I’m not drunk, Larry. You just activated the spin cycle on the bar.”
He chuckled. “Oh lord. Cherry, go out to the beer garden and get some air before you throw up.”
“Yes, Larry.”
“Want me to call him?” She groaned and pouted, slumping her shoulders back like a toddler in a tantrum as she trudged out to the low lit beer garden. “I’ll take that as a yes.” Larry picked up her phone from where it lay by her purse as he moved them both behind the bar. “What’s your unlock code!”
“His fucking birthday, Christ, girl.” The burly bartender unlocked her phone and thumbed up the ICE contacts and dialed ‘Captain Stevie Bear’.
“What’s up, firecracker? How’s the date going?”
“Not so good by the state of her.”
Steve sighed down the line. “Who is this? Where is she? And is she alright?”
“This is Larry, bartender at the Steel Horse and I’m wondering why you didn’t recognize my voice. I’m hurt, Captain Rogers.” Steve chuckled. “She’s alright, I guess. Definitely drunk off her ass.”
Steve grunted. “I’ll be right there. Don’t let her leave.”
“Wouldn’t think of it, sir.” Larry ended the call and tucked the phone in her purse and waited for Captain America to come to Cherry Bomb’s rescue.

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JULIAROLEPLAYS MASTERLIST: Event Ideas for Roleplays Set in High School

It seems like a number of high school based roleplays I’ve been in have always done dances or house parties, but there are a ton of different kinds of events that you can hold. So, under the cut you will find 40 event ideas for roleplays set in high school. A few of these suggestions would probably work best as a chatzy/neatchat, but I tried to come up with things that could easily be held on the dash for a week or so in order to help accommodate as many people/time zones as possible.

Many of these events could also work for college or town roleplays as well, just adjust them as needed! 

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pierretasha for the ship thing !!! or if you don't like pierretasha then hamliza :-)

I’ll do Hamliza :)

hell no | how about no | eh | kinda cute i guess | that’s adorable | omg omg yes | otp | you’re fucking kidding right i’m dying because of these two

  • proposes: Alex does! Well, kind of. He had it all planned out romantic like, but then Eliza tells him she’s pregnant and he’s just kissing her and sobbing and giving her his mother’s ring and it’s very emotional
  • shops for groceries: Eliza, Alex tends to get distracted in stores and sneaks in stuff they don’t need when he thinks she’s not looking
  • kills the spiders: Alex is terrified of spiders okay, they’ve got too many legs and why the fuck do they like to live in his office?? Eliza doesn’t kill them, she just takes them outside for him
  • comes home drunk at 3am: Back in their college days, they both do, the idiots, they’re such a mess. After, there are occasionally some dinner things Alex has to go to where he comes home more than a little tipsy because he couldn’t listen to all those stuffy political people while sober
  • makes breakfast: Eliza makes breakfast most mornings, alex isn’t a great cook but some mornings he tries really hard to surprise her so they have burned pancakes for breakfast
  • remembers to feed the fish: Eliza puts a fish in Alex’s office in the hope that he’ll take care of it instead of getting sucked into his writing for an unhealthy amount of time. Alex is pretty fond of this fish, he does actually remember to feed him and to keep the cat out of his office
  • decorates the apartment: They do it together, their little tiny apartment is very eclectic, literally nothing matches
  • initiates duets: Alex does, he loves to sing all the time, and it never takes much work to get Eliza to join in
  • falls asleep first: Eliza does, Alex is a caffeine gremlin who stays up all hours of the night
  • sends the most selfies: Alex likes to send Eliza very annoyed selfies with Aaron Burr in the background and the caption ‘kill me…’
  • makes the first move: These idiots both are so in love with each other, but they don’t really know how to tell the other, someone please help them. I think eventually it’s Alex who admits to it first
  • plans spontaneous trips: Eliza! She sees something at work or on tv or online about vacations and you bet your ass she gets excited and books them a trip, Alex’s work be damned

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My boyfriend one day just grabbed my hand and said "let's get married" in the middle of breakfast and I may or may not have choked on pancakes

IS HE STILL YOUR BOYFRIEND IS HE YOUR FIANCEE NOW I’M !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! O MY GOODNESS IM SHAKIGN 

  • Bin flopping around in bed because it’s like 9am in the morning
  • Nobody should be awake at 9am in the morning
  • 9am is 4 hours too early to be awake 
  • Bin nudges closer to Eunwoo’s side of the bed, trying to find his boyfriend for cuddles
  • Weird
  • It’s cold 
  • Bin huffs
  • Eunwoo probably got hungry and woke up early 
  • And sure enough, Bin catches a whiff of strong coffee and something sweeter 
  • He groans 
  • It means Eunwoo’s going to come barrelling in soon to haul Bin out of bed and to the dining table 
  • he might as well get up early to go help
  • and so Bin drags his ass out of bed, sleepily rubbing his eyes and slipping on his chunky black glasses 
  • cue Bin, stumbling into the kitchen with hair like a bird’s nest, eyes still half-closed and the cutest pout on his face, 
  • Bin, whining: “why did you get out of beeeeeeeeeeeeeed”
  • Eunwoo, turning around to kiss his boyfriend awake: “I didn’t want to but your stomach was growling in your sleep so I thought I’d just get breakfast running?”
  • Bin, mildly embarrassed and slightly grumpy 
  • But 
  • it’s Eunwoo’s pancakes
  • and if there’s anything Bin loves half as much as Eunwoo and loves more than food, it’s Eunwoo’s food
  • Bin backhugging Eunwoo through the whole pancake flipping process
  • small Binu kisses !!!!!
  • Binu sleepily resting his head on his boyfriend’s shoulder 
  • Eunwoo laughing and telling him to go get utensils and pour coffee because he’s nearly done with the pancakes 
  • Bin whining and trying to kiss Eunwoo some more
  • Eunwoo gently untangling clingy cuddly sleepy Bin (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) and pushing him slightly towards the coffee machine
  • Eunwoo dousing half his pancakes in maple syrup 
  • Bin laughing at him for having a sweet tooth 
  • Eunwoo just humming and saying that “it’s a good thing you’re sweet enough then”
  • Bin being flustered and feeding Eunwoo a mouthful of pancake to shut him up 
  • Eunwoo just chewing and beaming softly at his boyfriend 
  • and wow
  • Bin is so so so so so so in love 
  • this beautiful angel that somehow fell in love with him too 
  • he can’t believe !!!!!
  • eyelashes sweeping his cheeks as he looks down to cut a piece of pancake to feed Bin in return 
  • bright, sparkly eyes as he tries to get Bin to open his mouth 
  • which Bin does, of course, because 1) food and 2) who can resist Eunwoo he sure can’t 
  • he really can’t
  • long fingers waving a forkful of pancake in Bin’s face, fingers Bin really would like to see adorned with a ring 
  • his ring 
  • and so he just reaches out his hand to cover Eunwoo’s own 
  • nearly knocking over his cup of coffee in the process because he’s Moon Bin 
  • but wow 
  • and Eunwoo’s looking at him with soft, questioning eyes and a loving smile and Bin’s heart really can’t take it
  • Bin: “let’s get married.”

I think I just got cavities

also bless yall for getting pancakes pancakes are the best breakfast food 

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Methods of punishment with 2P Canada? ^^

- 99.9% chance it’s gonna involve a bear

- He hates punishing but he’ll do it if you do something really bad

- really bad= trying to leave

- even if he has a hungry polar in his attic with you tied to a pole he’ll still stop in and feed you pancakes

-he would never let Kumakuro, or Kuma, hurt you

- Since it’s cold in his basement, he might give you a blanket to sleep with

> Depends on how he feels

- Punishment only lasts a week at most

- He’ll sit in front of you or hold you so Kuma knows to back off as he’s talking to you

- It’s obvious when he feels heartbroken because he’ll take off his pitch black shades to reveal his tired, sad, lonely eyes tearing up. It’ll take a day or even a few hours before the anger rises and he tosses you in the basement

- Another thing he does, if you try to run away is that he’ll pretend to give up and release you, but as you walk out into the forest to return home he sends Kuma to hunt you down

> Kuma claws you up and delivers you back to him as a bleeding and crying mess

- This is unintentional of James but if you shatter his heart he’d forget to pop by and feed you for a day or so

- basically if you want to survive, don’t say or do anything cruel