pancake fartsparkle


Meet Yogurt Lemonsparkle! She is the latest addition to Pancake Fartsparkle’s Sparkle Warband ;D

RP Bio: Newly awakened from the Grove, Yogurt set out and sought adventure. However she fell afoul of some Nightmare courtesans who planned to mutilate her bright colors with poison and torture. Luckily, Pancake and his fabulous warband stepped in to rescue her. 

Yogurt has been by Pancake’s side ever since and affectionately considers him an older brother, looking up to him for advice and support. She has since taken up the surname “Lemonsparkle” and joined Pancake’s warband in traveling the world. She’s young and thus a touch naive, as all young saplings are, but she has an earnest heart, wrapped in a bubbly and fabulous exterior.