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Banh Khot, Ho Chi Minh City

Banh khot is a Vietnamese dish I’d never seen or heard of before arriving in Ho Chi Minh City. Not on any menu I’ve come across in my travels before. Turns out it’s a quite popular snack in the country where it was created though. We stumbled upon banh khot by chance as we were leaving Ben Thanh Market, just outside of this shop…

The store was closed, but its entrance was where these women had set up shop…

Banh khot are Vietnamese mini pancakes… savory, not sweet… made from rice flour, corn starch, tumeric powder, coconut milk and scallion, cooked in what looks like a takoyaki pan, or “aebleskiver” as it’s known in Europe…

The woman in pink ladeled in the batter and grilled the “pancakes”…

The woman in black made the toppings, either fried shrimp or minced pork with vegetables…

For about $2.75 US, you’re delivered a tray of 12 banh knot with lettuce, fresh herbs and dipping sauce…

You then use the lettuce as your base and make your own pancake wraps, like so…

I enjoyed a few as wraps but actually preferred eating the small, savory pancakes as is, with just a touch of the vinegar and chilli sauce along with some mint, to be honest.

Yet another common Vietnamese cuisine I wish we had back home.

Oh, and if you do go to Ben Thanh Market to look for these banh khot, go early in the day. These ladies set up here around noon and sell out by around 4pm every day!


Last Flights &  Early Mornings

I have a lying smile that I never put out  for you, because I never really felt like I needed to. I have been running away my whole life from my ghosts, and I thought hiding away during the semester break could do me good. But there is no difference. It should have been different, but it was not different. It’s the  same, old story about “the great tradition of running away”; pensive and  lonesome. It should have all worked out, but it did not. You should be here now, but you are not. 

And so I took the last flight alone, and I spent breakfast with a couple of new friends I had just met in a different city. I made my bed, and I sleep like a baby with no regrets. I do not mind saying that this is a sad story. They say time can heal anything. But I’m still waiting. I’m still figuring out how to handle the different seasons of my life. 

The thing about life is that every time you learn a new lesson, there’s just another one right around the corner. You never know everything. And for me, I have given up and accepted the fact that I know nothing compared to what I’m going to know in the future. 

I have been afraid of changing. But in the end, however, I just wish that if there’s a plane or a ship leaving this country, I hope I was on it. If there’s a bus moving fast down the highway, I just hope, one day, I will catch it.  I lied when I said I moved to a nice, new apartment in a big city. I’m just hiding in the other side of town with my head on my hands. Maybe they were right. Maybe I’m not good enough. Maybe I’m just an average. Or a talentless loser who just wants attention.  Well, maybe. 

The Houses Fall Aesthetics
  • Hufflepuff: Running through a pile of leaves, drinking coco from a mug they made themselves, wearing leg warmers over tights, raking leaves into a pile only to watch it blow away in the wind, carving pumpkins, sewing their own halloween costumes, taking late night walks through their neighborhood, going to the playground to swing on the swings, hosting sleepovers with friends and turning it into a snack party, volunteering to take their younger siblings out trick-or-treating, trying out new recipes for Thanksgiving, going to the farmers market and trying out the free samples, ordering pumpkin bread from Starbucks.
  • Ravenclaw: Going to the library for an afternoon, singing acoustic songs in a coffee shoppe, wearing cardigan sweaters and boots, drinking hot coffee while sitting on a park bench, making designs for carving pumpkins, drawing/sketching until the early morning, staying home and handing out the candy for halloween or dressing up as historical figures or their idols, binge watching horror films, taking early morning walks through the forest, coming up with new holiday drinks as a sleepover activity, learning to play a new instrument, always making stuffing for Thanksgiving, ordering black coffee from Starbucks.
  • Slytherin: Spending the night at a 24/7 diner while ordering pancakes, venturing through the city to find graffiti, wearing black sweaters with black leggings and black ankle boots, going through the neighborhood playing tricks and not getting treats, staying overnight in a cemetery telling ghost stories, going ghost hunting then getting bored and deciding to find the nearest coffee house to get something to drink, embracing the "Mean Girls" rule for halloween or dressing up as their favorite horror movie creature, drinking champagne or wine during a sleepover, taking aesthetic photos of friends or scenery, volunteering to set the table for Thanksgiving since they didn't want to cook, staying home all day and then going out all night, sitting on the rooftop to gaze at the stars or be alone, ordering PSL at Starbucks.
  • Gryffindor: Taking mini hiking trips up the mountain, wearing oversized sweaters and jeans, going to a coffee shoppe to meet up with friends, going to the movies to watch the latest horror film, taking a morning run through the woods, dressing up as their favorite celebrity or athlete for halloween, taking long drives to the coast just to walk on the beach, watching the Disney channel for all the halloween movies we watched as kids, playing bloody mary in the bathroom only to be a little disappointed, riding a bike through the leaves, making s'mores during a sleepover, making mashed potatoes for Thanksgiving, ordering frappucinos at Starbucks.

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A concept: Zenny @ Denny's

We’re serving looks today!™

Lazy Days- Jamie Reagan Imagine

Pairing: Jamie Reagan x Reader

Word Count: 646

Request: can you do a Jamie Reagan imagine where you have a lazy day at your house? fluff? xx

A/N: I love Jamie Reagan, and this was super cute to write. I won’t be on tomorrow, so enjoy your Friday! I will be back on Saturday, though, with a lot more fluff. 


They say that the little things add up, and that’s exactly what had been happening at work. You were in charge for two weeks while your boss was away, and it seemed like everyone forgot how to do their job in that time. You were beyond stressed.

During your lunch break, you decided to visit Jamie down at the station. Even Jamie was beginning to get stressed, which was rare for such a laid back and objective person. You decided to pick up his favorite pastries from the bakery near your office.

“Hey, Jamie,” you greeted, running into him on the sidewalk.

“Y/N, what are you doing here? I thought you would be busy at work,” he kissed your cheek.

“I needed a break; it’s been Hell for these past two weeks. I also brought you some food for the road,” you smiled handing him the box.

“Are those from that bakery next to your office,” Eddie asked, grabbing the box from her partner.

“Yeah, I figured you two could use a treat.”

“Eddie, I’ll meet you in the car,” Jamie said, turning his attention to you, “I have a treat for you, too.”

“And what would that be,” you smirked.

“I took off tomorrow; I think you should do the same. We can have a lazy day, just watch movies and eat a ton of junk food. What do you say?”

“That does sound nice, and I could use a break,” you pondered, “alright, I’ll call off tomorrow morning, cough cough,” you faked.

“You’re so weird, but that’s why I love you,” he chuckled, placing a kiss on your forehead, “I have to go.”

The next morning, you woke to the smell of fresh brewed coffee and breakfast cooking in the kitchen. You rubbed your eyes and reached for your robe. You then made the dreaded call to work, saying that you were taking a sick day.

When you entered the kitchen, you saw Jamie flipping pancakes. He also had fresh pot of coffee on and the table set for two.

“I thought this was supposed to be a lazy day, meaning cereal and maybe some fruit,” you laughed.

“Well, good morning, sunshine.” he wrapped you in a hug and kissed you, “I thought I would do something special for you.”

“Thank you, I appreciate it,” you giggled, grabbing a cup of coffee.

Jamie finished flipping the pancakes, plated them, and brought them to the table. You had to admit: Jamie Reagan made the best pancakes in New York City.

“So,” you said, taking another bite, “what else do you have planned for today?”

“Absolutely nothing.”

“That’s just what I need.”

After breakfast, you took a shower and put on your comfiest clothes. Jamie did the same, plopping onto the couch afterwards. This marked the start of your lazy day.

You caught up on your favorite shows, which mostly consisted of cooking and home renovation shows, plus an occasional Dancing With the Stars episode. Come dinner time, you were both too tired to make dinner, so Jamie ordered take out.

“I could do this everyday,” you yawned, pulling the covers closer to your chest.

“No, you couldn’t,” he chuckled, “you’d go stir-crazy.”

“You’re probably right,” you muttered, closing your eyes.

Jamie woke you up, of course, by shaking you and calling your name. You groggily got up, only to collapse back onto the couch.

“I’m too tired.”

“Y/N, it’s almost 2 AM. You fell asleep on the couch, and I didn’t want to wake you up.”

“Just carry me up to bed,” you joked.

Much to your surprise, Jamie picked you up, bridal style. He brought you up to your bedroom. He placed you on the bed, covering you up and leaving you with a kiss.

“Good night, angel,” he whispered, crawling into bed beside you. A lazy day was exactly what you two needed.

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Oh my god can you maybe write something where her is so drunk he forgets Jean is his bf so he's flirting and hitting on him and asks is he's single and Jean is highly amused by this and tells jer that he's not and jer literally cries because he loves him but he he just goes on to accept this because Jean is happy but then Jean tells him how it's him and jer remembers and fucking glows and is so happy about this information and everyone just loves the scene that went on??:)

Here it is! I hope you like it!

Jean and Jeremy didn’t drink much. Alcohol dependency was a big thing in the Nest and Jeremy didn’t like not being in control of himself, so they usually stuck to a bottle of wine over dinner or a beer after a long day, but not really barhopping.

That said, after a particularly brutal away game won by a hair, they can’t find it in themselves to turn down their teammates’ invitations to go out for a few drinks. Jean sticks by the bar front, nursing a rum and coke and people watching. Jeremy, ever the social butterfly, though, ends up going shot for shot with another striker on the team, never able to back down from a challenge. Jean has half a mind to remind him they’re not in college anymore, but Jeremy’s an adult and Jean trusts him to know his limits.

Once they’ve been there for a while, Jeremy wobbily saunters over to him. “Heyyyy, good looking.”

Jean bites back a laugh. “Hi, sweetheart. Having fun?”

Jeremy nods, but looks suddenly bashful. “Yeah…but my friends told me I should go try to get the hot guy’s number, so, uh…are you taken?”

Jean still thought Jeremy was being silly and flirty, so he answered, “I am. He’s pretty great.”

Instead of laughing though, Jeremy’s face fell and he just squeaked out and “Oh…well, I’m…I’m sorry I bothered you.”

He turned to walk away, but Jean grabbed his hand to pull him back. “Jere…I was kidding. It’s me. Jean? Your boyfriend?”

Jeremy got wide eyed. “Jean! Oh…oh my god. Guys! It’s my boyfriend!”

Jean smiled warily and pulled him into his lap. “I think you’ve had enough, babe. Time for sleep.”

Jeremy nosed his way into Jean’s neck and giggled. “Kay.”

Jean waved to their team and helped Jeremy stumble back to their hotel and into bed.

The next morning, Jeremy’s head pounded. He smiled a little when he saw the water and Advil on the side table. Jean always took care of him.

He rolled carefully out of bed and found Jean on the balcony, sipping his coffee. Jeremy wrapped his arms around him and rested his head on the muscles between his shoulder blades. He felt the rumble of Jean’s laugh before he said, “Morning, baby. How does it feel to go home with the hot guy from the bar?”

Jeremy groaned and shoved at Jean’s arm lightly. “Don’t make fun of me. I had so much tequila.”

Jean turned around and kissed him lightly on the forehead. “I know. How do you feel?”

“Like I got run over by a truck. But we have a few hours until a flight and it’s nothing a good brunch can’t fix.”

Jean grabbed his hand to pull him back into the room. “Then we better get working. We’ve got to find the best pancakes in the city.”

Jeremy leaned up to kiss Jean, and Jean kissed back despite the fact that he probably tasted like death. “I can’t imagine a better morning, my love.”

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comfortable : peacock loki 💚


That was the second word that came to Thor the moment he saw Loki after entering their home.

Comfort, a sense of belonging, relaxation and the slow vanishing of the tension in his shoulders and mind. He liked how comfortable Loki made him feel by sharing his life, by his presence, by sleeping in Thor’s bed, on his couch, draped over the back of Thor’s sofa, reading on his rug before the fire or on the roof.

His comfort made Thor feel comfortable.

The first word was magnificent. Unimaginably magnificent, Loki was, so absolutely beautiful.

Everything from his hair to his eyes, from his pale skin to the stunning plume he carried behind him everyday, making Thor wonder how he got this magnificent creature  all for himself.

Men had died pursuing enchanted creatures like Loki or gone mad after their obsession to capture them failed.

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now i’ve got you (in my space)

August Prompt Free for All, 8/21. Some Zimbits/Holsom OT4 (read this first) for @disney-princess-in-the-making Thanks so much, dude, and I hope you’re okay with this rarepair nonsense I’ve made. 

@jack-manpain-zimmermann collab’d with me and did what they do best because we can’t stop won’t stop.

Jack’s eyes have been open for less than three seconds and he’s already annoyed. His pillow is moving, shifting back and forth under his cheek and Jack will not have it. He rolls closer with a little huff, burrowing into the warm pocket he’s found. Bitty shifts behind him, letting out a sleepy protest before nuzzling against Jack’s back. Jack’s pillow lets out a sigh and goes still for a few glorious seconds and Jack’s almost asleep when there’s a vibration beneath his cheek.

“Jack,” Holster whispers. He shifts again and then there’s a hand combing through Jack’s hair, scratching at his scalp gently until he opens his eyes again. Jack raises his head, face falling into a sour expression. Holster’s hair is sticking up in every direction but his eyes are clear and he smiles even though Jack is glaring at him. Ransom’s still asleep on his other side, his face tucked against Holster’s neck. He sniffs in his sleep but is otherwise unbothered by their conversation. Holster’s fingers glide from the crown of Jack’s head to the base of his skull, brushing through the short hair on the back of his neck. “You can go back to sleep in thirty seconds but you have to get off of me. I have to pee and I’m starving.”

Holster’s always hungry the morning after a game, too excited and jumpy with the last dredges of adrenaline coursing through his veins to eat after they’ve finally finished the post-game media circus. Every morning after, without fail, Holster’s stomach is their alarm clock because he always sleeps in the middle when it’s all four of them together. They’re tangled up together now; when Jack shifts his legs under the blankets he can’t tell who he’s bumping up against.

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0 Mile : Chapter 2

Originally posted by musiciscoolio

NCT Fanfic: Bartender AU


Main Pairing: Female Reader x Johnny Seo

(A/N: the above gif has no relation to the story other than I find him rude as heck when he runs his fingers through his hair and I cry)

You fiddle with the ring on your middle finger - a nervous habit.

Glancing at the clock on the wall, you notice it’s only 9:45 am. You had arrived early to make sure you didn’t get lost and to try to calm the butterflies in your stomach.

You cup your hands around the steaming mug of fresh coffee that the friendly waitress poured you as soon as you sat down. She also threw you a wink when you told her you were waiting on a friend before you put in your order - were you that obvious?

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Power by Paul Sableman

City Vocabulary: Běijīng

Beijing is the capital city of China and home to many of China’s most famous historical and cultural sites. (Check out my other City Vocabulary lists here!)

北京 - běijīng - Beijing


  • 东城区 – dōng chéng qū – Dongcheng District
  • 西城区 – xī chéng qū – Xicheng District
  • 朝阳区 – cháo yáng qū – Chaoyang District
  • 丰台区 – fēng tái qū – Fengtai District
  • 石景山区 – shí jǐng shān qū – Shijingshan District
  • 海淀区 – hǎi diàn qū – Haidian District
  • 门头沟区 – mén tóu gōu qū – Mentougou District
  • 房山区 – fáng shān qū – Fangshan District
  • 通州区 – tōng zhōu qū – Tongzhou District
  • 顺义区 – shùn yì qū – Shunyi District
  • 昌平区 – chāng píng qū – Changping District
  • 大兴区 – dà xīng qū – Daxing District
  • 怀柔区 – huái róu qū – Huairou District
  • 平谷区 – píng gǔ qū – Pinggu District
  • 密云区 – mì yún qū – Miyun District
  • 延庆区 – yán qìng qū – Yanqing District


  • 长城 – cháng chéng – Great Wall of China
  • 天安门广场 – tiān ān mén guǎng chǎng – Tian’anmen Square
  • 故宫 – gù gōng – Forbidden City
  • 天坛 – tiān tán – Temple of Heaven
  • 颐和园 – yí hé yuán – Summer Palace
  • 北京孔庙 – běi jīng kǒng miào – Beijing Confucius Temple
  • 雍和宫 – yōng hé gōng – Yonghe Temple
  • 北海公园 – běi hǎi gōng yuán – Beihai Park
  • 北京动物园 – běi jīng dòng wù yuán – Beijing Zoo
  • 北京奥林匹克公园 – běi jīng ào lín pǐ kè gōng yuán – Beijing Olympic Park
  • 鸟巢 – niǎo cháo – Bird’s Nest (Olympic stadium)
  • 水立方 – shuǐ lì fāng – Water Cube (aka 北京国家游泳中心 – běi jīng guó jiā yóu yǒng zhōng xīn – Beijing National Aquatics Center)
  • 秀水街 – xiù shuǐ jiē – Silk Street market
  • 红桥市场 – hóng qiáo shì chǎng – Hongqiao Market (aka Pearl Market)
  • 中国国家博物馆 – zhōng guó guó jiā bó wù guǎn – National Museum of China
  • 首都博物馆 – shǒu dū bó wù guǎn – Capital Museum

Famous People

  • 王菲 – wáng fēi – Faye Wong, singer and actress
  • 崔健 – cuī jiàn – Cui Jian, China’s “father of rock-and-roll”
  • 梅兰芳 – méi lán fāng – Mei Lanfang, Peking Opera performer


  • 北京烤鸭 – běi jīng kǎo yā – Peking Roast Duck
  • 京酱肉丝 – jīng jiàng ròu sī – Shredded pork in Beijing sauce
  • 炸酱面 – zhá jiàng miàn – Noodles with soybean paste
  • 干锅土豆片 – gàn guō tǔ dòu piàn – Dry pot potato slices
  • 驴肉火烧 – lǘ ròu huǒ shāo – Donkey burger
  • 驴打滚 – lǘ dǎ gǔn – “Rolling Donkey” (glutinous rice stuffed with red bean)
  • 茯苓夹饼 – fú líng jiā bǐng – “Tuckahoe Pie” (honey, sugar, and nuts wrapped in a pancake)