Pazar Alanı vardı bizim orda. Yazın mahalede ne kadar çocuk varsa dışarda olurdu. Katiyen evde çocuk olmazdı. Yani evdeyse hastadir o çocuk. Neyse panayır yeri gibi olurdu işte. Bisikletler sürülür zart zurt. Kızlara şekil yapmak için yriplere girerdik. Top sektirmeler, bisiklette el bırakmalar felan. Bi tane arkadaş vardı, kızlara şekil yapçam diye Bayır aşağı bastı bastı bisikletle sonra tam yol ağzına gelince atladı bisikletten. Kendi ağzı burnu dağıldı, bisiklet duvara girdi pert oldu. Çocuk 4 5 gün sonra dışarıya çıktı, annesi bunu dışarı çıktı diye kovaladı yakaladı sokaktabi dövdü :) ama o aralar hakket çok popülerdi :) ama maldı hepimiz gibi :)

Baksan (Python) and Pagi (stingray) The pattern represents the back of a Python. In deeper context it also represents the chain of ancestors associated with the people of the Visayas in our #tattoo tradition. I am #Visayan from the island of #Panay. My line is from #Capiz and #Aklan, regions where the fabled Aswang come from. The #stingraybarb is the only weapon that can kill an Aswang. This piece measures 5.5" long and the barbs still sharp, it’s not a piece for everyone but it sure makes for good conversation. #batok #batek #tatak #filipinotattoos #pyrography

Notable People of Filipin@ Ancestry
Preciosa Caballero (aka Anggoran)

Preciosa, also known as ‘Susa’ or Anggoran, her native name, was a 73 year old babaylan, (priestess) and epic chanter from the Barangay, Garangan, in Calinong, Iloilo, Panay who passed away in December of 1993.

She is one of the many epic chanters to be recorded and contributed in the help of preserving epics from Panay. On a journey and mission to record 9 other epics following the Filipin@ folklorist and anthropologist, Dr. Felipe Landa Jocano,  Alicia P. Magos from the University of the Philippines in the Visayas, with her research assistant and guide, and with funding from the French government, met Anggoran and from August to November of 1993, Anggoran was recorded when she spoke lines of two epics, Humadapnon sa Tarangban (which is recited for 24 hours) and Derikaryong Pada (recited in 7 hours).

During those months she would sing lines from the epics for 10 minutes at a time and would rest. Due to her old age Alicia Magos gave her plenty of time to chant at her leisure. Anggoran would chant when she felt like it and was inspired to, at times waking up at dawn around 4 in the morning to chant and be recorded.

At the end of November of 1993 she finished recording both the epics, but unfortunately she passed away in December of that year leaving at least 2 other epics she knew about and spoke of to be unrecorded.

Photo Source: The Online Ateneo Philippine Epics and Ballads Archive

Some day, I'll bring you here.

If there is one thing everyone should enjoy, it should be traveling.

The world is wide. Your life is short.

Dirty your feet with different soil. Breathe a new kind of air.

Meet people, observe, feel.

So when your time ends, people could say : “Ah, he lived”.

Malaki ang koneksyon ng Babaylanismo sa Isla ng Panay sa mga agrarian revolt movements noon. Turo sa lumang pananampalataya na ang anumang bagay sa mundong ito ay pagmamay-ari ng LAHAT - Tao, Hayop, at Puno. Taliwas nang husto and turo ng relihiyong luma sa konsepto ng pribadong pagmamay-ari na dinala ng mga Kastila sa Pinas Sa kabanatang ito ng Dead Balagtas, isa sa mga pinaka-hindi kilalang bayani ng ating KASAYSAYAN ang makikilala ng mambabasa. Isang Makapangyarihang Dalaganan ang makikiisa sa mga Ilonggong magsasakang ito at tatawag ng bagyo para patabain ang natuyong lupa. Isang figure na shrouded in myth and fact ang kwento.

AT! KOMIKON na sa SABADO! Daan po kayo sa booth ng Anino Comics! May bookmarks ako dun :) at PAKYAWIN niyo ang comics doon!


A 2.5 m long Oarfish (Regalecus sp.) was found by fishers off the coast of Southern Antique, Panay Island at 6:30 AM today. This is another huge marine animal from the same coast where the Giant Grouper (Epinephelus lanceolatus) which stranded a few weeks back was found.

Source: Theresa Lewis Facebook, via Marine Wildlife Watch of the Philippines Facebook

Although many sources still list all Oarfishes as belong to a single cosmopolitan species, the Giant Oarfish (Regalecus glesne), other species have been proposed based on anatomical differences, such as Regalecus russellii and Regalecus kinoi.

It's a Rainy Meetup

Today is supposed to be another meetup before the school year starts, but sadly, it rained hard. That tropical depression totally ruined the meetup. As usual, the organizers were there, and few persons. Ha! No new faces.

Because it is the weather’s fault, we can’t do a thing. Haha. Coffee Break was so cold because of the rain, so we went to SM, played at Time Zone, roamed around the mall, played at Quantum, and went home. It was still raining.

P.S. We were giving out something for those who were supposed to attend the meetup. Oh well, i still have lots of booklets to be given out.