Almost two weeks ago my wife and I decided to adopt two little rabbits. The last time I had a rabbit as a pet I was about 5/6 years old. They’re strange yet funny animals, they poop everywhere. We both love them to bits but it’s hard to get inside the head of a rabbit when you’ve spent the last 4 years or so living with 4/5 cats. 

Anyway, this photograph is of Dottie, she’s definitely not a loner but she is a rebel (cue the Get Up Kids fanboys/girls). I’ll post a photograph of Lilly as soon as she pics one that she likes. 

©2012 Matthew Davies-Kreye

WIAT [12/10/2011]: This was taken 2 days ago, but nonetheless, I did eat it, and in my defense, yesterday’s and today’s meals were not interesting at all. ANYWAYS, this was taken at Tam’s after a very eventful night. This breakfast hit the spot.

Hash browns, wheat toast, corned beef hash topped with two over-easy eggs, all with some apple juice on the side.

Just looking at this picture again makes me hungry..


I wanted to post a picture of the day, but I couldn’t decide between these two so I’m just going to post both of them. XD

The first one is of my friend Marlo! He just had a birthday last week, and this is a picture of him playing with his birthday present.. a new camera! 

The second picture is of my friend Anthony. He’s a studious guy, so this is a picture of him talking about his homework. haha

I have such good looking friends.. :)