I logged onto Tegaki to RP for old time’s sake and I was like “oh yeah I deleted all my entries” and felt the need to draw something new, like a background or something.

And I did.

And it took a very long time, and my wrist is sore (a result of having some tinyass wrists that are weak and susceptible to injury). But I drew a thing that looks good I guess?

Also fuck it I’m posting this even though I was pretty worried people would judge me or something.

I did a lot of sketches of Pittsbutt as an Adventure Time character today so I decided to do a doodle in SAI.

It all started last night when I was inspired by the latest episodes, “Finn the Human” and “Jake the Dog,” to draw some Adventure Time fanart. Though, I never really got past the warm-up stage. I typically draw Pittsburgh when I warm up because he’s incredibly fun and easy for me to draw by this point. So I decided to draw him in Adventure Time style and Steel Prince happened. And I never got to drawing fanart.

I did a lot of sketches of him in school today, I might scan them at some point. He doesn’t usually dress like that, I felt the need for a battle cloak though. The sword is enchanted, and the gem changes color based on what element it’s channeling. I used a lot of Steelers-logo-y motifs because STEEL ACTUALLY MAKES SPARKS THOSE COLORS AND HE’S THE STEEL PRINCE SO… Yeah.

I’m a level 99 dork right now.

Anonymous asked you: 

color orange, outfit this really rad punked out american revolution type coat thing-dress with girl scout pins on it, and your weapon would be I Dont Know

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privilegestuck asked you: 

ur outfit color would be orange and like have this nerdy feel to it like a sweater thing and a short skirt with knee highs n mary janes and ur weapon would be a giant pencil and ud stab ppl to death

Can you all see I gave up on anatomy ALSO JEJU THAT’S ME EVERY DAY COME ON.