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things i’m currently in love with:

one song: riverside - agnes obel

two movies: beauty and the beast, princess mononoke (always a fave)

three tv shows: sherlock, peaky blinders, brooklyn 99

four characters: neil josten, gansey, lydia martin, stiles stilinski

five foods: cheese twists, sticky toffee pudding, sainsbury’s coconut and chocolate cookies 🤤, chai latte, panang curry

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shakespeareandsprinkles  asked:

Bee Movie, Crave that Mineral, and Denny's?

  • Bee Movie: What’s your weirdest ship?
  • houseboats. where do you do laundry?? do you have like an entire washing machine? how does everything fit? when do the kids learn to drive a car? DO THEY EVER LEARN??
  • Crave that mineral: Do you ever get weird cravings for certain foods?
  • oh yes. panang curry, cane’s fried chicken, and strawberries, oddly enough. usually i can practically taste them and it drives me up the wall.
  • Denny’s: What do you do when you just can’t sleep?
  • overthink :P

cailstar  asked:

crave that mineral, tag yourself, and we are number one for the meme ask meme

  • Crave that mineral: Do you ever get weird cravings for certain foods?
  • yessss. usually cane’s fried chicken, sometimes some extremely specific food, like panang curry from that one thai place. or strawberries. one time i just really wanted strawberries.
  • Tag yourself: How would your friends describe you?
  • depends on the friend…. @thisbibliomaniac says “wise“, @mohawk-yeshua says “kind”, multiple friends have said “slightly weird”, and one guy keeps using “mischievous”….
  • We Are Number One: If you were a fictional character, would you be a villain?
  • YES. probably an anti-villain. i’ve been told i’d do great as Megamind.

thanks, my lovely!!