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  • Yes, capitalism is filled with opportunities for corruption: 
    • but in it’s purest form, it is corruption:
      • cooperation becomes competition,
      • productivity becomes profit,
      • organisation becomes exploitation,
      • community becomes alienation,
      • the human becomes the inhuman. 
  • Yes, rich people take advantage to maximize their profits:
    • but it is the existence of ‘profit’ in the first place which is the fundamental issue.
  • Exploitation is not a trick played on a ignorant people: 
    • it’s the basis of the system which brings that people into existence. 
  • ‘Rich people’ are not rich because they are criminals: 
    • but because they are members of a class. 
  • You are not poor because politicians take back-handers: 
    • you are poor because the wealth of the world relies on your poverty. 
  • Every day you go to work and do not receive the full value of that work: 
    • it isn’t a crime, 
    • it isn’t corrupt,
    • it is the way in which all wealth is produced, 
    • you must work in order that you do not starve,
    • because of your poverty.
  • Capitalism relies on your poverty continuing:
    • otherwise, you will not work, you will not be exploited, you will not produce value for capital.
  • There are no conspiracies: 
    • the facts are apparent. 
  • Capitalism announces itself as inhuman through: 
    • the form of the commodity
    • wage labour
    • private property.
  • There will be no salvation from the law. 
    • The law creates the conditions for capitalism and the circulation of capital.
    • That some people hide that circulation does not change the nature of capital and capitalism.
  • The answer is not a better and more honest capitalism,
    • the answer is not shutting down tax havens,
    • the answer is not taxing the rich,
    • the answer is the end of capitalism.
Here's Why You Should Give a Shit About the Panama Papers
Soon after the story broke, people were already tweeting: "Oh shock, horror: rich, powerful person is corrupt—why should I care?" This is why you should care.

The Panama Papers—11.5 million leaked documents that detail the inner workings of Mossack Fonseca, a law firm accused of helping drug lords, sports stars, Ponzi schemers, kings, presidents, prime ministers, FIFA officials, Mafia members, high-profile thieves, high-ranking politicians, and at least one convicted sex offender launder money, evade taxes, and escape criminal prosecution—are a big deal.

Mossack Fonseca has ties to the £26 million [$37 million] Brink’s-MAT robbery of 1983, which British media called “the crime of the century.” Thirty-three of its clients have been blacklisted by the US government for allegedly doing business with Mexican drug lords, terrorist organizations, and “rogue nations” like North Korea and Iran. Its files have unearthed a secret, shady $2 billion trail of money that leads to Vladimir Putin. One of its clients played a crucial role in the Watergate scandal. Another was convicted for the torture and murder of a US drug enforcement agent.

With a story this big—dubbed by Edward Snowden as “the biggest leak in the history of data journalism"—it can be difficult to understand exactly what’s at stake. The Panama Papers are, unquestionably, insane. But what do they have to do with you?

If you live in one of the 200 countries and territories that Mossack Fonseca’s clients call home—and, given the fact you’re reading this article, you probably do—the story of the Panama Papers is your story. The money the law firm helps to hide should be used to pay for your schools, your highways, your hospitals. The criminals it works with run the most violent illegal organizations your country has ever seen. The politicians who have taken and made bribes, dodged taxes, and amassed fortunes of unimaginable scale are your politicians.

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