Here’s my Hot Take™ on how Defenders of Tomorrow would go down (Pt.1)

-It would start out on earth with the cyberpunk aesthetic™ in a city named Arus

-Instead of the Garrison being a space exploration school, it would be like the main police force

-It’s kind of like a cowboy bebop like universe, where the planets in the solar system are colonized and you can travel between them

-Each planet has a Representative, like a Planet President

-Earths Representative is Sam Holt (idk what his name is in the VDT universe tho)

-Aliens and humans live side by side/ aliens have already been introduced to earth and all the other planets

-The Galra are still aliens but the Galra empire is a gang simply called ‘The Empire’

- Daibazaal and Altea were both planets in the same solar system

-All the paladins of old were a representive for a planet in their collective solar system

-Alfor was Altea’s representative and Zarkon was Daibazaal’s obv

-Quintessence is a power drug that was created by Honerva (don’t know her VDT name) who was Vice President of Altea, once she married zarkon she became Vice President of Daibazaal

-Alfor and Zarkon got into a dispute over the production and sales of quintessence and a civil war broke out between the planets of the solar system

-Alfor and Honvera became addicted to quintessence over this time

-Alfor won the civil war against Zarkon and Daibazaal was banished from solar system

-Zarkon gathered together all the remaining galran after being banished and banded them together to take over altea

-Altea and the remaining planets in the solar system were taken over and destroyed by a quintessence powered up drugged Zarkon

-There’s no 10,000 year time skip but there is 18-19 year time gap between current and these events

-Before altea was destroyed Vex (VDT Coran) and Alzina (VDT Allura) were sent out into space on the Castle ship which they title castle of lions. Alzina was a baby at this time

-Zarkon and Honvera (now calling herself by her gang name Haggar) build up a gang that specializes in quintessence

-Their industry has taken over the underground of tons of solar systems

-Vex pilots the ship to Earths solar system after hearing the Empire hadn’t reached there yet and they land on earth

-Vex raises Alzina on earth yet they still live out of the castle ship

-Vex and Alzina know they’re aliens in my take

-They both live on the down low bc they don’t want to be discovered as alteans, as the whole universe knows about the Altean civil war and Vex and Alzina don’t want word to spread to zarkon about them being alive

-Alzina is a badass who works in the underground as a chemist

-Alzina is the one who starts the paladin name system, she uses the name Pink Paladin while interacting in the public as to not reveal her identity

-Alzina still has her good morals and does her fair share of bounty hunting as well

-Alzina is bi

-The Empire catches word that there’s an untapped quintessence potential in Earths solar system and decides to head there to take over the underground

-Shiro is a high ranked officer at the Garrison and is sent out on a mission to Kerberos (which hasn’t been colonized yet) along with Matt Holt (don’t know his VDT name) and Sam Holt to inspect Kerberos and determine if it should be colonized

-Shiro is gay obv

-Pluto is a mining planet in this btw, no one lives there full time

-While on the mission to Kerberos the galra capture them in hopes to use them as bargaining tools

-there is a one year time skip between when Shiro and the others were captured to the current time the au takes place in btw

-The Empire begins to take over the underground of the other planets in Earth’s solar system during this time

-Akira (Keith) was a garrison student in training under Shiro’s guidance but dropped out after Shiro was taken to look for him in the underground

-I’ve been saying underground a lot and I want y'all to know I don’t literally mean underground the planets but like the crime land, the black market y'all kno

-Krolia (idk VDT name) was part of a rival gang to the Empire called the Blade of Marmora. Krolia was still a spy in this

-Krolia has Akira and Alice (VDT Acxa) with Texas kogane before going back to the Blade bringing Alice with her (they’re twins)

-Texas was killed in the underground and Akira was abandoned

-Akira was adopted by Shiro and put in the Garrison. Akira and Shiro had a beyond close bond and loved each other v much

-Akira is gay

-Akira didn’t care about what shit he fucked up, he only cared about finding Shiro so he was p reckless but he wasn’t like intentionally hurting people

-Akira obvs had a motorcycle

-Leandro (Lance) was a garrison drop out who decided that the police force was 'too tame’ for him

-Leandro works as basically a full on bounty hunter by the name 'The Tailor’, he also steals occasionally and also isn’t worried about being reckless but he still cares about people

-Leandro is Bi

-One time Leandro was in a fight and was about to lose when Akira showed up in a motorcycle to save him last minute

-Akira and Leandro didn’t know each other at this time but Leandro swore he would repay Akira if the day ever came when he needed help

-Leandro doesn’t know Akira’s name at this point, but he nicknames him Samurai after seeing Akira fight with a knife

-Akira also doesn’t know Leandro’s real name but Leandro introduced himself as the tailor when they first met

-Leandro does end up getting Akira out of a tough situation and the two make it their thing to save each other

-Henare (Hunk) was a garrison student as well but he never dropped out and planned to work for the police

-Henare and Leandro were best friends from when Leandro spent a short time at the garrison. They never lost their bond but Henare doesn’t approve of what Leandro is doing, but he wouldn’t ever rat out his friend

-Henare is Pansexual

-Bounty hunting/Vigilante action is kinda illegal in this world. Instead of turning in their bounties to the police for reward, bounty hunters catches are sold underground

-Laya (Pidge) is an engineer/hacker and overall genius who despite growing up with a Garrison dedicated family loved messing around and would often venture to the underground and black market with Matt to buy new parts for robots and to get up to schenagines

-After Matt and Sam went missing she changed her name to Pana and went underground full time in the hopes of finding him (she done pull an Akira)

-Pana sells information and robots to the blackmarket and works as a kind of an on call hacker

-Pana is asexual

-Pana became friends with Leandro after she makes a deal that goes sour and Leandro comes in last minute and takes the guy out

-Leandro notices how young Pana is and makes sure to keep an eye out from then on out and realizing he won’t go away Pana begins to work with him in hopes of information on Matt.

-Pana ends up actually caring about him and the two take on a brother-sister kinda role though she won’t admit it

-Pana becomes friends with Henare through Leandro and the two instantly bond over their love of engineering

-Pana builds rover when she first went to live in the underground full time to keep her company and rover is like her lil sidekick aw

-Shiro lives within the Empire for a year and when the Empire let’s their guard down, Shiro is able to grab a small pod like ship and high tails it back to earth

-He crash lands on earth in the desert outside of Arus

-Shiro lost an arm while in the Empire in this as well and when he crash lands he damages his leg beyond repair

- Dante (VDT Adam) will build Shiro a new arm and leg and they’ll bond and end up dating

- Pana, Leandro and Henare will get together with Akira when saving Shiro from the crash

-Alzina and Vex will get together with everyone else during a fight

-Alice will have been seperated from Krolia and will have joined up with Lotor and the generals

-Lotor broke away from his parents will have arranged a mini gang with the generals to go against the Empire

-Alzina and the crew will build fighter ships which they’ll name blue lion, red lion, yellow line, green lion and black lion (yes the lions are fighter ships in this)

-The galra will come to take over and the the team including Dante will fight back.

-They call themselves the paladins and each name themselves after a color

-they’ll call their whole operation voltron

-Rowan (Romelle) will be one of the alteans that was born off altea as her parents were off planet when it was destroyed. Lotor offers her and other alteans the opportunity to join his mini gang and she takes it. She works with lotor for awhile but leaves after believing he’s not what he says he is.

-She goes to earth to escape him and the Empire and ends up meeting the rest of the gang

-Her and Alzina eventually become a thing

-And y'all already know leakira is happening

That’s it that’s all I have I can’t think of anything else

Voltron: Defenders of Tomorrow hc’s (pt 1)

(as far as I know this reboot is mostly credited to captainlumin and kceiths on twitter. tell me if there are more ppl I’ll edit and credit anyone)

Worldbuilding/backstory first

-This cyberpunk city we got going on is one on a future Earth

-All the Paladins (Leandro, Akira, Henare, Hachiko, & Pana) find themselves in this big metropolis for varying reasons

Leandro- education. He wants to go to school there and moves from Cuba to do so

Akira- tracking down his family. His dad is known to him but he has no info on his mom so he is going to where his parents first met

Henare- Work & education also. Got a scholarship to one of the best culinary schools in the world

Hachiko- His hometown. Lived there his whole life

Pana- curiosity/research. She is interested in how the city powers itself (through higher tech means. This city is super advanced compared to others and has a special way of functioning) and moves to research it/try to get a job to improve/work on it


-They find themselves all at the same place- a museum that has just opened a new exhibit. It features artifacts from ancient alien civilizations sadly lost to time

-Pana and Hachiko are simply interested and wanted to see the exhibit opening day

-Henare and Lance find themselves walking by and say why not

-Akira is researching it bc his mom was known to study this subject as well and he thinks she might be a part of this project

-They all are examining the objects protected by glass. The bayards

-Outside the museum a bomb goes off. It was placed as a distraction by someone intending to raid the exhibit

-The bayards react. They start to glow and the glass shatters

-The paladins are all the hero type so of course they start to run towards the explosion not away lol

-The bayards start glowing brighter the further the paladins get away. Soon it is blinding

-Akira tries to throw the bayards under the display table with a cloth to stop them

-when he picks it up, it transforms into his sword

-the other paladins are like holy shit but it’s stopped glowing so they grab their own

-they proceed to save the day but the thieves get away while the security cameras were damaged so the paladins would get to keep their bayards, but there were witnesses. Obviously. Just their luck

-however the bayards transform into a smaller form- a necklace, earring, bracelet, ring, etc (have not decided what for who yet)

-the paladins are questioned and searched but are released and given back their belongings when nothing can be found

-they are still being watched though, and this will play a part further in the story and will be an obstacle along with the main villain. They have to avoid and cannot cooperate with the people they’re trying to protect, and this makes it much harder


-law enforcement (as they are suspicious of the paladins)

-the main villain are the Galra, of course. They are a crime unit focusing on controlling large cities and even entire planets by bribing politicians, assassination, etc. Basically the mob but on a universal scale

-could be the ones who set the bomb off and attempted to steal the bayards/other valuable artifacts

-Alzira and Rowan are the descendants of the ‘lost’ alien race the bayards originate from. They are cultural experts on it because the race was not lost, it’s culture was simply attempted to be destroyed many years ago and the effort mainly succeeded. The people exist but the original culture was lost.

-Alzira and Rowan are historians and are not as willing to let the paladins go when they just KNOW they stole the bayards

-The paladins all collected at Akira’s bc he was the first the activate his bayard and seems to know a lot about this stuff (bc he researched it bc of his mom)

-Alzira and Rowan track them down and confront them

-They eventually side with the paladins and are the people that even know how all this stuff works bc Akira might know some but he is nowhere near professional

Dont know how to fit Coran in or how to start the main plot/set the conflict off. Any improvements, additions, and/or corrections are very very much appreciated. I am privileged and white so if anything seems to give a bad message or theme or gives off weird vibes please PLEASE tell and correct me. I want this to be as inclusive and good as possible and I cant do that without feedback. Part two hopefully coming soon

(Also, these are simply ideas. I know that this whole idea is much in the hands of those who created it and this is not canon in that universe. They are my own thoughts on how such a story would work. Please dont complain at me if that’s all you’re going to say)