Imagine celebrating Christmas with your brothers

A/N: Part 6 & final part of a mini series within the 25 Days of Holiday Tales. Start on day 13 if you’d like to start from the beginning.

Warnings: Pregnant Reader?

Y/H/N=Your Husband’s Name

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Dean x Sister!Reader    Sam x Sister!Reader

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“We leave her alone. Us being around, Sam, that’s only gonna bring the weird down on her.” Dean told his younger brother.

“I know Dean but, we have a sister. I just feel like we can’t not know her. Like, now that we know about her I want to be in her life somehow.” Sam said, trying to get Dean to see his side.

“I get that Sam but there are plenty of families that don’t talk.” Dean replied.

“Yeah Dean, but I don’t want to be like that. She could be our little piece of normal. We don’t tell anymore. We keep her safe. Only see her here at the cabin a few times a year.” Sam said, trying to convince his older brother.

“We’ll see Sam.” Dean replied, knowing full well what he was going to do.

7 Years Later…

“Samantha Winchester Thompson, get your butt over here.” You yelled playfully at your nearly two year old daughter, who was currently running around the cabin in nothing but her diaper.

“No pans Mama, no pans!” She happily shrieked. You let out a groan and sat back down on the couch, trying to catch her was useless. Normally it wouldn’t be a big deal, however you were currently six months pregnant and the little one was currently kicking up a storm. Thankfully the door swung open, revealing your husband and two brothers who were dragging the Christmas tree behind them.

“OooOo Mama look, big tree!” Sammy said looking at you.

Walking over to her you were able to snatch her up, thanks to the distraction the boys had created, “I can see that baby, it’s a very big tree.” You told her, placing her on your hip.

“Little woman, why aren’t you wearing any pants?” Dean asked as he finished helping place the tree in it’s stand.

“No pans day Unca De! Jus like mama.” She told him, reaching her arms out to her uncle.

“No pants what?” Dean questioned, looking at you as he bounced his niece in his arms, “What are you teaching her Y/N?” He joked.

“It’s a long story.” Your husband said, “But to sum it up, Y/N doesn’t like wearing pants when she hangs out at the house, so she has no pants day and now Sammy has picked up on it.”

“Wow, betrayed by my own husband.” You joked as you playfully pushed Y/H/N. He responded by wrapping his arms around you and resting his hands on your belly.

“I’m sorry baby but they needed to know that Sammy’s weird comes from you and not me.” He joked, placing a kiss on your cheek.

“She’s Y/N’s daughter, of course she’s weird.” Sam joined in on the fun.

“Unca Sam can we watch Frosty the Snowman please?” Your daughter asked.

“Sure little one, we can watch it while we decorate the tree. First, you must put on some pants then you can help with the lights.” Sam told Samantha.

“Otay!” She replied.

After decorating the tree and eating dinner your daughter left cookies out for Santa and was being put in bed by your husband while you sat with your brothers.

Sam was next to you on the couch while Dean was having a conversation with your baby bump.

“Alright JD, I’m part of your namesake, you gotta move around for me little man. I’m not gonna get to see you until you pop outta there, just move for me once.” Dean said, trying to get your son in your womb to move.

“Dean I don’t think he’s gonna wake up.” You told him with a chuckle.

“Nope. Jonathan Dean is gonna wake up, he has to.” Dean said determined to make your son move.

“Move over, lemme try.” Sam butted in, pushing Dean away from your stomach.

You couldn’t help but let out a loud laugh at your brothers antics. The first time you ever met your brothers you never thought you’d all be here today. Dean had tried to cut you off completely but you refused, constantly calling him until he picked up.

You had managed to get them to come to the cabin for Christmas every year; Sam had missed one year but that year Dean brought his girlfriend Lisa and her son Ben which somewhat made up for it. As time went on you had gotten the brothers to visit you at school, attend your college graduation, they were there to walk you down the aisle, came as soon as you called about Samantha being born, and ever since her birth they were around even more.

Over time you and Y/H/N had updated the cabin and it had become a family getaway that you visited often with him and with your brothers. All in all, you had created the type of relationship that you had always wanted with siblings.

“Ah ha!” Sam said loudly, breaking you away from your thoughts.

“Shhhh.” You scolded him.

“Sorry.” He said bashfully, “But did you feel that?”

“Yes I felt it, he is inside of me.” You said lightheartedly.

“What, lemme feel!” Dean said, pushing Sam’s hand out of the way.

That was how you spent your Christmas Eve, with your brothers fighting over feeling their nephew and arguing over who was going to be his favorite; you wouldn’t have it any other way.

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25 Days of Christmas

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“Mais, Imma be real wit’ you, cheri, I was convinced he was a goddamn idiot an dat was fiiiiiine wit’ me! Cuz he got more den jus’ a pan t’focus on, you understan’? But uh…. de questions he asks ain’t ones dat’d come out de mouth of a fool. He jus’ ain’t seen nothin’ like me before but it don’t seem t’phase him none.”

“If it ain’t anythin’ else… it’s admirable.”

to anyone who thinks luke skywalker is straight

“luke was totally head over heals for leia in A New Hope!” luke skywalker spent twenty years of his life knowing no other women but his aunt beru and awesome alien ladies. of course, he’s gonna see a woman of the same species for that isnt his aunt for the very first time and think shes gorgeous! hell, have you seen leia?! luke didn’t know women of the same species looked so different.

it is VERY possible for gay people to see the attractiveness in the opposite gender! it is also very possible for gay people to be starstuck by how attractive someone of the opposite gender is! VERY POSSIBLE!!!

as my good friend @pop-music-trash brought up, the first time luke saw leia was the holovid. the blurry, pixelly, shitty holovid. he saw a vaguely humanoid womans body, and heard a womans voice and went “oh wow who is she, so gorgeous omg, im so hetero guys shes so pretty.”

mcfuck off, luke skywalker is so gay.

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dont try 2 tell me luke skywalker is straight lol

oh and han is 100% pan jus sayin

Easy udon!

This recipe can be easily modified for your tastes/spoon levels, but this is my personal favorite combination!


  • 1 packet of udon noodles (I use the Fortune brand with the Original flavoring)
  • ½ tablespoon of oil (sesame oil works great with this)
  • Half a cup of shiitake mushrooms, sliced (I’ve also used pre-sliced canned mushrooms with this!)
  • 1 tsp garlic, minced (jars of garlic are my best friend)
  • ¼th cup (sauce consistency) to ½ (soupier) a cup veggie stock or whichever you prefer

Optional additions:

  • 1 tsp miso paste (mmmmm)
  • Firm, cubed tofu (add with the mushrooms in the steps below)


  • In a medium sauce pan, on medium heat, throw oil into the pan and let it heat up. Dump in the garlic, cook until fragrant. Then throw in those mushrooms! Wait for them to shrink about half in size, should take 3-5 minutes.
  • In a bowl (I use the same bowl I plan to eat out of to decrease dishes), combine stock and flavor packet (and miso if you’re using it), mix to dissolve.
  • Push mushrooms to the side and place udon into the pan. Yep, jus throw it in there! Easy, right? Anyway, cover the noodles in your stock, and cover with a lid. 
  • Let simmer for 5-10 minutes, or until the noodles are separated.
  • Devour.
The Ultimate Gift I

Autorka: Pierwsza część mojego shota. Czytałam go przed dodaniem i starałam się pousuwać błędy, ale robiłam to na szybko (zaraz wychodzę), wiec bardzo możliwe, że coś pominęłam. Zapraszam do czytania, mam nadzieję, że się spodoba:)

Nie liczę na komentarze, ale byłoby miło, gdyby pojawiły się jakieś notki:)


Ciemne chmury zakryły słońce, nie przepuszczając przez siebie  jego promieni. Zwiastowało to nadejście deszczu. Chłodny wiatr smagał twarze ludzi zgromadzonych na cmentarzu. Grupa postaci ubrana w czarne stroje stała nad trumną, która za chwilę miała znaleźć się w wykopanym grobie. Na twarzach zgromadzonych widoczny był smutek, jednak w wielu przypadkach zapewne nie był szczery. Kobieta o długich ciemnych włosach stała najbliżej. Z jej oczu płynęły łzy, tworząc ścieżkę na jej lekko zarumienionych, od chłodnego wiatru, policzkach. W dłoniach trzymała białą chusteczkę, którą co chwilę ścierała słone krople.

Nagle cieszę na cmentarzu przerwała głośna, dudniąca muzyka, a przed bramą, z piskiem opon, zatrzymał się czarny samochód. Muzyka ucichła, a z pojazdu wysiadł młody 20 – letni mężczyzna. Był to wysoki, przystojny brunet z burzą loków, które okalały jego twarz. Jego zielone tęczówki wpatrywały się prosto przed siebie. Nie wyrażały żadnych uczuć. Przedarł się przez tłum ludzi i stanął obok swojej matki. Brunetka spojrzała karcąco na syna, ale postanowiła się nie odzywać do końca pogrzebu.


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