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“I hate this island, and I hate you.” (Peter Pan x Reader)

Title: “I hate this island, and I hate you.” 

Pairing: Peter Pan x Fem!Reader

Word Count: 1,081

Summary: Y/N hates Neverland, and Pan doesn’t take too kindly to that hatred.

Warning(s): Cussing, being locked in a cage, mention of kidnapping?

A/N: I do take requests, so feel free to send in some!!

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You hated Neverland with a passion. You hated that time stood still. You hated that the entire island was a dense jungle. You hated the pirates that would come to shore for the sole purpose of fucking shit up. You hated that you were the only girl on the island. You hated that you were taken from your home, from your loving home. You hated the rambunctious Lost Boys. You hated their leader, the self-proclaimed king of Neverland. You hated Peter Pan more than anything. You didn’t belong on Neverland. You never did. The island was for the lost, and you weren’t among those who felt that way.

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The True Ruler

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+ felix - once upon a time

author’s note: woW A FELIX IMAGINE FOR A CHANGE1!1!1! we need to give that lil weirdo some love b/c he lowkey deserved better

REQUESTED BY THE LOVELY @catsaremylife423

prompt | request: the reader is the embodiment and spirit of Neverland–the true ruler, and the reader stumbles upon a certain lost boy.

WE DON’T HAVE ANY KINGS in Neverland, just me.” You hear Peter say, causing you to roll your eyes but nonetheless stay quiet.

When he first came to the island with his son, Peter seemed like a kind man who morphed into a monster. This boy in front of you is nothing but a shell of a boy who use to be a man. The man who never signed up for growing up.

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Junior pt3

Warnings: swearing probably idk just be warned, violence, general grumpiness, swapping spit with Felix, yuck

Word count: 1,992


   “Y/N?” Felix looked at me with wide eyes.

I suddenly felt uncomfortable. my composure went out the window at this point.

   “Sorry,” I said nervously. “No that’s not me,”

I mean it might be I don’t remember but I’m Junior now.

   “Y/N?” Pan repeated, looking from me to Felix and back again. “What is your name?”

Pan stepped forward almost angrily.

I stepped back and looked over my shoulder at the tiny speck on the horison that was the Jolly Roger.

   “I-” I stammered. “I’m Junior,”

   “Junior?” Pan questioned. “That’s an odd name,”

   “My friend gave it to me,” I couldn’t stop myself from telling him. “I was found washed up on an island a number of years ago with no memory,”

The boys exchanged worried glances now.

   “I think you are Y/N,” Pan said.

Felix nodded in agreement.

   “I’m sorry if you know this Y/N person, but I dont know either of you,” I said quickly.

   “Well it’s a dear shame that you lack the memory of me,” Pan said with a smirk.

   “Yeah okay,” I laughed at him. “Sure thing,”

   “Okay well why don’t you come with us back to camp,” Pan offered. “We can feed you, talk about why you’re here and get you adjusted,”

   “I go for the food,” I laughed. But then I hesitated. “I can’t get adjusted though because I’m not staying,”

   “Why aren’t you staying?” Felix raised his eyebrows.

   “Well I thought you would gather from my attire,” I gestured down to my leather pands, boots white cotton shirt and leather coat. “I’m not exactly fit to be a lost one,”

   “You’re a pirate,” Pan smirked.

   “Indeed,” I nodded. “And I wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for your damned shadow. He came and swooped me off my brother’s ship and carried me here against my will,“

   "Your brother is a captain?” Pan asked. He had a cheeky smirk like he didn’t really care but he was still curious.

   “Yup,” I said, disinterested in the conversation. “Are you guys gonna feed me or what?”

They both looked taken aback.

   “Uhh,” Pan fumbled with what to say. “Yeah, um, camp is this way,”

The camp was a little bunch of tents and huts gathered in a half circle shape around a huge fire in a large clearing in the middle of the woods. We didn’t walk because Pan didn’t want me to know how to get there just incase I wasn’t friendly so he grabbed both my hand and Felix’s and in a blink we were standing by the fire.

   “Nice place you’ve got,” I marveled.

   “Thanks,” a chorus of young male voices called.

   “What the fu-” I began as lost boys began pouring from the tents and trees surrounding.

   “Y/N meet the lost boys,” Pan smiled.

I realised he was speaking to me and frowned.

   “It’s Junior,” I corrected unhappily.

   “Right sorry,” he looked genuinely sorry.

A few of the boys looked at me weirdly, like they recognised me.

   “Hello,” I gave a small wave. “Just here for a feed, I’m not staying,”

   “All right all right,” Pan shushed the lost boys whispereings and walked of to stand in the back of the group leaving me with Felix.

   “Is he seriosuly going to play that?” I asked as Pan pulled a pan flute from his shirt.

   “yeah it’s kinda his thing,” Felix said with a smile as a chubby lost boy in a bearskin cloak handed me a plate of bread and meat.

I looked at Felix sideways in the slowly dimming sunlight.

He sure is cute. I sighed to myself.

   “What you sighing about?” he caught me looking.

   “Nothing important,” I chuckled. “I’m not used to uhh, all the company since I usually eat alone in my quarters. Is there somewhere less crowded I can eat my food in peace?”

He looked at me skeptically before nodding and gesturing for me to follow him.

The sun finally disappeared bellow the horizon as I walked quietly behind him.

He lead my to a small clearing a little ways from the camp. We could still see the light of the bonfire.

   “Is this your private place?” I giggled.

   “No not just mine,” he laughed back. “This is usually a time out for the more rowdy boys,”

   “Rowdy huh?” I smirked. “You ever get sent to time out?”

   “Not as much as I used to,” he chuckled.

   “Well thats boring,” I sat down on the ground leaning against a large boulder that made up a wall of the clearing.

   “What?” Felix raised his eyebrow. “Am I not entertaining enough for you?”

He sat down beside me. He didn’t seem to notice I’d put my food down.

Time to have some fun. I smiled to myself.

    “You’d think an island inhabited by young boys would be more fun,” I sighed.

He looked at me sideways with raised eyebrows. “Seriously?”

   “Seriously,” I looked at him with a straight face.

   “What is your idea of fun?” his mouth curled up at the side to a small smirk that told me his mind was in the same place as mine.

I didn’t bother answering the question. I just lunged at him, smashing my mouth against his.

He grunted in surprise but kissed me back just as ferociously.

I swung my leg over him so I was straddling his lap as he leant back against the boulder, holding me up with his hands on my waist.

He moaned as I grinded down on him causing me to giggle.

   “I like your idea of fun,” he breathed when we broke apart.

   “Mhmm,” I hummed and slowly worked my mouth down his jawline to his neck, running my hands down his chest and up under his shirt.

His muscles trembled under my touch and his breath hitched as he shivered.

I pulled my hands from his shirt and gripped one hand in his hair while the other held the back of his neck.

He ran his hands harshly up my back, quickly pressing my chest into his own.

I smiled as he nipped at my jaw.

I tugged at his shirt with a grin.

   “Off,” I instructed.

He wastedd no time pulling his shirt over his head revealing his slim, toned body to me.

I bit my lip in apreciation before swooping in and kissing my way down from his mouth to his neck, to his chest and down his stomach.

reattaching my lips to his, I swivelled my hips down onto his and he groaned into my mouth.

   “Your turn,” he pulled at the hem of my jacket.

I shrugged it off, throwing it to the side and proceeded to pull my shirt over my head, leaving me in my camisole.

   “Awesome,” he grinned, shamelessly staring at my chest.

   “Wow it’s confirmed,” I laughed. “You’re a teenage boy,”

   “shut up,” he laughed before pulling my face down to meet his once again.

I took the more dominant role and dipped my tongue between his lips. When he did the same to me I lightly bit down on his tongue with a triumphant smirk.

I made my way down his chest again and his hand flew to my hair, guiding me and tugging carefully.

I reached his belt and looked up at him with a grin before unbuckling his belt and pulling it from his pants.

I looked up, checking that this was still okay. He looked a little nervous but I saw no objections.

   “Jeus Christ Junior stop stopping,” he pleaded tugging my hair lightly.

  “Shh,” I whispered, looking at him through heavily lidded eyes. “Do you want the lost boys to hear us?”

I climbed back up his body and sat on his lap, kissing his neck.

  “No that would be bad,” he grinned and relaxed his head back against the boulder, sighing then biting his lip.

Damn that’s a good look.

With a smirk I stood up over him and shimmied out of my pants, leaving me in my cami and undershorts.

   “Ahh we need more girls on Neverland,” Felix sighed with a laughed.

   “Shut up dork,” I dropped down to my knees, kneeling over his hips.

He sighed when I kissed him deeply, allowing me room to shove my tongue between his lips. 

   “Junior..” he growled. Then he chuckled a little. "That’s such an odd name for this situation,“

I giggled a little, agreeing with him. "Just call me JJ,”

He nodded and wove his fingers into the back of my head, lightly tugging on my hair.

   “What’s the other J for?” he asked as he pulled my head to the side and attacked my neck.

I moaned at the feeling before regaining my composure enough to answer him.

   “Jones,” I breathed.

He froze.

   “Jones?” he pulled my head back so he could look in my eyes. “Like Killian?”

   “Yeah you know him?” this was making me suddenly very nervous. He’s spoiled my mood but he also looks angry.

   “I do,” he seethed. “How do you know him?”

His voice was urgent, like he had to know or their would be problems.

I wiggled out of his grip and moved off of him, sitting back on my heels beside him.

   “He and his crew are the ones who found me,” I explained, reaching for my shirt behind me. “I’ve live with him for the past 5 years,”

  “He’s your brother?” His eyes were so angry. “The pirate captain? You’re a pirate just like him,”

  “You knew this already,” I said as I pulled my shirt on and looked around for my pants.

I found them and sat on my ass while I pulled my pants on both legs at the same time.

  “Get up,” He snapped.

He didn’t actually give me anytime to stand or even tie the drawstring on my pants. He stormed over to me and crouched down, grabbing a tight hold of my wrists.

“Felix you’re hurting me,” I struggled against his bruising grip.

  “I said get up,” he growled and yanked me up to my feet.

  “Let go of me!” I shouted.

I heard the music stop and voices die down at my voice.

  “Shut up,” Felix started pulling me along, leaving my jacket and his shirt and hood in the small clearing behind us.

  “Felix, what’s going on?” Peter jumped down from where he had been sitting in a tree on the edge of camp.

  “She’s with Hook,” Felix spat and threw me forward onto the ground.

The was a few murmurs and grumblings from the boys and some even stepped back or drew weapons.

  “Junior,” Pan said slowly. “Care to explain?”

I closed my shirt and started to stand but Felix pushed me back down.

  “Felix give her some space!” Pan barked.

  “I don’t know what his issue is,” I huffed. “But he needs to calm down. You guys were fine when it came to light that I was a pirate but as soon as I say my name is Junior Jones he loses his cool!”

  “‘Junior Jones’?” Pan repeated. “That’s your name?”

  “Yes!” I shouted. “Why is that a problem?!”

  “We’ve had many issues with the Jolly Roger crewmen before,” Pan explained, offereing me help to stand. “Hook and his men killed a few of our boys,”

  “This all happened before Killian found me,” I corrected the nickname. “I’d only heard small things about you and this island. Never anything like that,”

I turned to Felix with a solemn face. Even though I felt bad for him I still moved away from the angry boy.

  “I’m sorry for what happened to your friends,” I said quietly.

  “Brothers,” Felix snapped. “Those pirates killed our brothers. My brother!”

  “Your actual brother?” I was surprised at his choice of words.

  “No but he may as well have been,” Felix glared at me. “Rufio and I were like brothers before we came here,”

   "Rufio…” I said the familiar name slowly. “The kid with the red mowhawk?”

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Doll? {Peter Pan Imagine}

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Peter Pan Imagine AU

Author: Joi A.. Wade 

Requested: Nah, but I was watching Space Jam??So I thought why not??

Warnings: Swearing, Greaser!PeterPan, Soc!Reader, kinda harsh I guess

Note: Bare with me my friends, band camp has me outside 24/7, barely get computer time anymore! MORE REQUESTS ON THE WAY!!

It was just a typical Friday night. Everyone was out of school, ready for the weekend, chilling out with their friends and whatnot. Ones in particular that were sure to have a wild night was the local street gang-greasers known as “The Lost Boys.” 

The Lost Boys were well known around town, for there multiple fights, shoplifting, smoking up a storm to where you could literally die from second hand, and some of them being just a plain drunken mess and trashing up the small town they lived in. Their leader, who is known as Peter Pan, seems to have little to no self control whatsoever. He sees a fight, he fights, he sees weed, he smokes it, sees a beer, drinks it till there is no more of it. And last but not least, he sees anything with legs and a skirt, he bangs the living shit outta them. 

You, being in a higher class than Pan, could care less about what he was about and who the hell his ‘gang’ was. All you wanted to do was have a good time with your friends at the drive-in, and enjoy yourself. But, of course that wasn’t the case. Once you and a couple of girlfriends found a spot, one of them tapped your on the shoulder, pointing in the direction of the fence behind the wide screen. 

“Take a gander at that,” Once your eyes adjusted to the darkness, you saw known other than Pan and his group climbing and crawling the fence, sneaking into the film. With a role of your eyes, you take long sip from your coke.

“Dumb hood,” You muttered, your other friend on your left bumping your shoulder with hers. 

“You know you like him, Y/n. You have since the damn near second grade.” 

“Yeah, when he had common sense, and didn’t care about some stupid gang, and sex and drugs. He keep living like this he won’t last age 19.” You glared while shaking your head as he started lighting a weed. He seemed to have felt your stare as he looked up and made eye contact with you. He winked at you slyly, making you practically gag in your mouth. 

“I don’t know, he seems to take a liking to you, sweetheart. Remember that time he-”

“No, and I don’t want to remember. Can we just sit quietly, watch the movie, and forget about the stupid Lost Boys?” You snapped, both of your friends’ eyes widening for a moment, until they smirked playfully, but doing what you asked. 

Sighing in contentment, you brought your attention back to the blank screen, waiting for the movie to start, not really in tune with your surroundings. Which probably would have been the best idea, for the face the so called ‘Dumb Hood’ made himself comfortable right behind you and your friends. Once that strong whiff of smoke passed through your nostrils, your once wide open eyes turned narrow as a groan escaped past your lips. You heard the seat creaking from behind you, as you tried with all your might not to roll your eyes so far to the back of your head, you were sure they would stay like that. 

You felt a warm breath fan over your ear slightly, as you just waited for him to say a word to you. You practically dared him in your head.  

“Well, what do we have here, boys? A few broads all by their lonesome, in the dark and scary night?” He rasped, his boys laughing obnoxiously at his unfunny remark. “How’ve you been, Y/n?”

“Get lost, hood,” You snapped, shrugging off the hand that played in your hair, making the boy chuckle at how quickly you became irritated. 

“Ooh, I got a fiery one, boys! I like fire,” He whispered into your ear, you getting a faint smell of alcohol from his breath. Scrunching up your face, you turned to your friend on your right, only to see her flirting it up with Felix. Then on your left to your other friend, only to see her giggling like a deranged lunatic at another one of his boys. Sighing loudly, you practically pushed Pan in the face, turning to give him your full attention. 

“Listen, I don’t know what you want for me, but ya ain’t gettin’ it! So I suggest you leave me and my friends the hell alone, understood? Now why don’t you make yourself useful and go drop dead in a hole, would ya hun?” 

By now you had everyone’s attention, as most of Pan’s lost boys hooped and hollered at your sharp tongue, Pan grinning with that famous eyebrow raised. Taking a long drag from his weed, he blew the smoke in your face. Coughing while fanning the smoke away, you didn’t have time to even register that he was now all in your face, his grin deepening.

“I know you’re crazy about me, Y/n. So let’s cut to the chase, and let me take you to my place for some real fun, huh doll?” 

The next thing he knew, their was cold liquid on his face and in his eyes. A loud groan escaped past his lips, as he fell back into the wooden seat, repeatedly groaning and cursing. You had thrown your drink in his face, standing above him as his lost boys quickly tried to clear his face of the soda. With a slight glare, you spat in his direction.

“Don’t ever call me doll, you filthy trash. The only fun you can have tonight is you and your right hand getting familiar with each other again. You know, like you do every Friday night when your lanky ass can’t get tail?” You grabbed your bag and left your seat, not caring if your friends followed or not. They were right behind you in a second, not really wanting to stick around after Pan got the soda off of him. They couldn’t believe you just did that!

While you walked away, Pan had finally gotten the soda clear from his eyes, as he wiped the rest of the sticky substance on his leather jacket. He watched you leave, his jaw locked as if he were angry; but his smirk and lust-filled eyes told a whole other story as he purred to his gang. 

Fuck, I love her.” 


Anonymous said:

Can you do an imagine with a Hispanic reader and pan

Anonymous said:

Can do an imagine with a Hispanic reader and she loves to dance cumbia and one day Felix saw her dancing so he asked if she could teach him so peter was with wendy had insulted the readers culture reader starts dancing with Felix pan jealous


Warning/s: some might get offended


Summary: you’re hispanic

Note: this is more of a Felix x reader

~Few weeks ago~

Y/N was dancing cumbia along with the other villagers. The village was having some kind of celebration which includes eating, singing, dancing and other party like activities. Y/N had a passion for dancing, especially when it’s cumbia. Dancing cumbia always makes her happy so when a celebration like this comes, she never failed to come. However, when Y/N was pushed to the corner and is out of sight, she was grabbed and was knocked out by something or someone.


~Present Time~

Y/N was seating on a log, staring at the fire in front of her. Ever since she was taken to this place, she never did anything except stare at nothingness. She missed her hometown. She missed dancing.

“Pan” a girl named Wendy blushed as Peter Pan, the ruler of the island, whispered something to her. “What?” he asked innocently. Wendy playfully glared at her. “Can you play your flute for me?” Wendy said with pleading eyes. Y/N shifted uncomfortably on her seat, seeing the two flirting not far away from her.

“Alright, love” he winked at Wendy. Y/N’s ears perked up as she heard the flute. It was similar to the music back at her home. She couldn’t help but to stand and dance her favourite moves from cumbia.

The music stopped though. Y/N looked up to see Pan smirking at her and Wendy giggling at his side. “No, no, no” Pan chuckled. “I took you away from your village so I can save you from embarrassing yourself with that silly dancing of yours” He laughed at Y/N. Y/N’s face flushed in embarrassment. “I don’t even know why people do something like that” he scoffed causing Wendy to giggle.

He walked off with Wendy on his trail. Felix, who has been watching from the side, walked over to Y/N. Y/N was looking down on her feet, still embarrassed. “Hey” Felix greeted. Y/N looked up and smiled. “Oh. Hey” she said, her accent showing off. “Don’t mind Pan. He’s naturally mean like that” Felix whispered, not wanting to be heard by Pan himself. “I figured” Y/N chuckled.  

“So I saw you dancing earlier” Felix pointed out causing for Y/N to blush.

“Yeah” Y/N murmured. “I think it was cool” Felix smiled. Y/N looked up and stared at him. “Really?” she asked.

“Yes. Don’t let Pan’s words get to you.” He said, putting a hand on her shoulder for comfort.

Y/N nodded and smiled at him. “Thank you”

Felix coughed awkwardly. “Ugh. If you don’t mind, can you maybe teach me?” Felix asked.

Y/N’s eyes brightened, “Sure! But there’s no music” she mumbled.

“It’s okay. We could just imagine” Felix chuckled.

Y/N thought Felix how to dance cumbia alone. She laughed as Felix tripped on his own foot but still managed to support himself. They both laughed as Felix made some mistakes.

Pan heard the laughter and decided to follow it. He saw Felix and Y/N laughing together. He somewhat felt jealous that Felix was dancing with you. He continued to watch the two of you while he glared at Felix.

Y/N decided to teach Felix the version where you needed a partner. She held Felix’s hands with the both of her hands and started dancing and laughing. “This is really fun!” Felix exclaimed while laughing.

Pan’s eyes widened as he heard Felix laughter. Felix was never the one to show emotions. Pan growled as Felix flirted with Y/N.

“That was fun” Y/N smiled as she hugged Felix. Felix made a shocked sound but hugged Y/N back. That’s when Pan decided to show up.

“Look at you two. So adorable” Pan cooed bitterly.

“I’m sorry to interrupt but I need my right hand now” Pan said as he motioned for Felix to follow him.

Felix followed him not before he kissed you on the cheek, making you blush. Pan sneered and walked off, stomping his feet like a child having a tantrum.

Looks like he failed winning you over. You just didn’t like the way he tries to win girls. 

Just not your type.

note: meh :/ I’m not feeling well and so are my imagines lmao

Requests are OPEN yo!


You rolled your eyes as you listened to Peter Pan and Felix fight over you. At first, it gave you a major self-confidence boost but it has just gotten plain old annoying. They constantly tried to show off to you. It was really bothering you.

“(y/n), please end this once and for all and tell Felix that you love me, not him!” Pan said walking over to you.

“Why would she like you?” Felix said. “Because you’re the leader of this island… that sentence didn’t go as I planned.”

“Ha! You just argued against yourself!” Pan laughed. “It’s obvious she’s going to pick me, right (y/n)?”

“Let her say it for herself,” Felix said. “Who do you like more, (y/n)?”

You stared at them blankly for a few moments then turned your upper body to look behind you. You saw Amanda walking in with some firewood.

“Amanda!” you called. “Come here!”

“Yeah?” the girl said as she walked up to you. Without hesitation, you lean forward and pressed your lips against Amanda’s. Her eyes widened in surprise.

“There,” you said turning back to Pan and Felix. “That’s my answer.” You walked away.

The boys watched you walk off with their jaws dropped and their eyes wide. Then they looked at Amanda.

“I don’t know what this is about,” she said, “but I am not complaining at all.”

Junior pt2

 Junior had changed a lot since becoming a crew emmber of the Jolly roger. Killian has become like a brother to her and the men have become her family. As she has no memeory of who she was she doesn’t have anyone to hold her reputation for and so she is a little on the wild side.

Warnings: swearing, very light girl on girl smut(just some heated smoochies in an alley)

Pairing: Killian x adopted sibling!reader, unnamed woman from the bar x reader ;)

Sorry for any mistakes it was kinda rushed.

tags at the bottom.

Part 1


  “Junior!’ Killian’s voice rang up to me where I sat in the eagles nest atop the Jolly Roger.

  “What?” I called down.

  “We’ve been docked for an hour,” he leant casually against the ramp rail. “I found a nice dress shop you’d like,”

I glared at him as I climbed down the roped ladder.

  “Ha, ha, very funny,” I said sarcastically.

I punched him in the arm as I walked past him and down the ramp.

  “Seriously though,” he said walking after me. “I did find a decent pub we could get ale and a hot meal from. Or at least a warm meal,”

  “You had me at ‘ale’” I chuckled.

  “Now I know you’ve learned to handle yourself the years you’ve been with us,” he gave me his Big Brother look. “But no going off on your own,”

I opened my mouth to speak but he cut me off.

  “And that mean without a Jolly Roger crew member,” he said sternly, knowing what I was going to argue. “Not the company of some gross man you find in the bar,”

  “Sure thing KJ,” I looped my arm through his and dragged him along. “Thanks for not calling me a whore this time, brother,”

I did as told and didn’t leave the bar with some gross strange man. Instead I left with a beautiful strange woman.

I winked at Killian as I lead this woman by the hand out the door of the pub.

I dragged her round the corner into the alley by the pub and pushed her against the wall with my hands on her shoulders and my hips against her own, one of my legs pressed hard between her thighs.

   “you sure know what you’re doing,” she moaned as I attatched my mouth to her neck and sucked hard, smiling at the purple mark I left just bellow her ear.

   “Thanks,” I sighed back. “I’ve had practice,”

   “How old are you?” she asked btween kisses as her hands ran through my hair.

   “Not sure,” I said back before kissing her mouth roughly. “My memory only goes back like 5 years,”

   “That’s so sad,” she pulled away and looked at me with pity.

I got a little frustrated. “Not really,” I grumbled. “If I don’t remember my life before now it’s probably because it sucked. All the memories I do have are great,”

I moved in closer and looked at her for permission. when she smiled a attacked her neck once again.

I didn’t actually get to take her anywhere to finish off our little daliance.

I had her pinned against the alley wall when killian came round the corner, picked me up and threw me over his shoulder.

   “Sorry to interupt,” he smiled at the girl I was with.

(i didn’t get her name ¯\_(ツ)_/¯)

   “Junior we’ve gotta go,” He spun round and began walking back out to the street.

   “Why?” I grumbled, resting my chin in my hand with my elbow on his back.

i waved goodbye to the girl with a wink and she just looked at me so confused.

   “Just some issues playing cards,” I could hear a smirk in Killian’s voice.

Suddenly the street was lit up by light pouring out the open pub door.

   “HEY!” A group of men started piling out of the pub in attempts to get to Killian.

He put me and we both ran.

   “What kind of issues in cards caused this you little shit?!” I screamed at Killian as we ran through the street to the docks.

   “Doesn’t matter now does it?” he shouted back.

We managed to hide from the townies and make it back to the Jolly Roger with no further incidents.

   “You idiot!” I whack Killian in the arm as I yelled at him. “What did you do? Did you cheat? Did you steal something?”

   “Ow,” He grumbled. “And yes, yes. I did both of those things,”

He held up a silver necklace with a large dark blue stone in the pendant.

   “I thought you’d like it,” he smiled sheepishly. 

   “You almost got us killed and ruined my night with a beautiful woman for a necklace?” I glared at him. Then I smirked proudly and took the necklace from him. “Thank you,”

   “Go get some rest before we leave again,” he patted my on the head then went up to the quarter deck to go over some charts.

I was woken by shouting on deck.

I threw on my jacket and ran out to see the sky was filled with dark clouds and the men were struggling to keep the sails still in the devilish winds.

   “Killian!?” I shouted over the noise.

   “Over here!” he was standing by the helm desperately trying to steer the ship.

   “What the hell happened?” I yelled once reaching his side. “Where are we?”

   “The seas here are controlled by a magic user,” he explained.

   “What?” I looked at him in disbelief. “What kind of sorcerer has this kind of power?”

   “Peter Pan,” he scowel when he said the name.

He’d mentioned the name before. The ageless demon boy who killed Killian’s brother Liam.

   “We’re in the Never Seas,” I said.

Killian nodded. “I didn’t mean to bring us here. I think it was some kind of trap,”

   “Trap?” I repeated. “For who?”

   “Either for me or for you,” he looked at me sadly.

   “For me?” I raised my eyebrows. “Why me?”

   “I saw the boy’s Shadow watching you a few weeks ago,” he continued. “I think Pan wants you for something,”

I felt a sudden wave of nausea. Something I’d never experienced while at sea. Only a few times when drinking heavily.

   “What could he want from me?” I asked, suddenly very afraid.

   “I dunno sweetheart,” Killian put his hand reasurringly on my shoulder. “I promise I won’t let him hurt you,”

   “how are we going to leave?” I cried.

   “I don’t know,” He was about to speak again when something pulled me up from the ship so fast I barely had time to react.

   “Junior!” Killian screamed.

I looked at the thing carrying me and saw a faceless shadow. Faceless save for the piercing white eyes that bore into me.

I thought I would be more afraid.

I should’ve been screaming in fear.

But something about this shadow seemed familiar.

   “Do I know you?” I said cautiously as the Jolly roger became tof ar away to see.

   “You’ have known me for a long time,” the shadows voice echoed in my head.

It began to descend and I looked down to see an island that also felt familier. Like I’d lived here for a time. Like home.

   “Neverland,” I breathed as the shadow put me down.

I was going to asked why I knew this place and why he said I’d known him but he didn’t stay. He simply flew away and vanished over the tree tops.

Well shit. I thi=ought. Killian will come for me eventually. Might as well wait.

I turned to face the ocean where I could barely make out the Jolly roger on the horizon. A tiny grey spek in the distance.

at the rate the winds are blowing I don’t think they’ll get here until tomorrow. And if that Pan person is delaying them.

I began walking along the shore line back and forth thinking of what to do if I ran into any of Pan’s forces while alone here.

There was some rustling in the bushes behind me and I reached for my scabbard at my hip. My blood ran cold when I remembered I’d left it in my quarters on the ship.

   “Unnarmed?” a voice called and a boy with the face of an elf stepped through the shrubbery.

He was attractive for someone who live on an uncivilised ilsand.

His face and clothes had a thin layer of dirt but it only added to his looks.

There was another boy behind him.

Taller, hooded. He had a jagged scar running from above his left eye to the opisite side of his mouth.

He too was very attractive.

   “who are you then?” I put my hand on my hip, honestly unafraid.

   “I’m Peter,” the elf-boy smiled. “Peter Pan,”

   “Ah yes,” I smiled. “The one who killed my friends brother,”

Pan’s face screwed up a little as if this was an event he’d forgotten.

   “I’ve killed many people so your friend shouldn’t feel special,” Pan said plainly, his eyebrows raised.

The hooded boy’s face suddnely changed, like he’d remembered or realised osmething.

He stepped forward and took of his hood, looking at me with a strange expression. like he wasn’t sure what he was looking at was real.

Pan looked at him with confusion. “Felix what’s the matter?”

   “I know you,” Felix spoke.

   “You do?” Pan and I said in unison.




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Doll? {Peter Pan Imagine}

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Peter Pan Imagine 

Part II of here

Author: Joi A. Wade 

Requested: YES,  Omg, i’ve loved the doll imagine, have you thought about a second part?,  Omg doll was so good!! Part 2!?!?,  Plzz do a part 2 of Doll it was so amazing😍,  Please do a part two of doll, I KNOW YOUR REQUESTS ARE CLOSED BUT I JUST WANTED TO KNOW IF THERE WOULD BE A PART 2 To the peter pan doll imagine?? It was really good!

Warnings: LONG,  Greaser!Peter, Soc!Reader, swearing, ooc!peter, kind mention of rape, but not too far sweeties!

By now, you and your friends parted ways after the little mishap at the drive in. They weren’t exactly ready for the night to end, and were going to head off to a party. You, on the other hand, just wanted to go home at this point, and relax. You’ve had enough excitement and aggravation for one night. Or did you?

Walking down the sidewalk toward your house, you didn’t notice the blue mustang that was slowly cruising by your side. Right away, you recognized the car. It belonged to your current ex boyfriend, Thomas. Thomas was just like you, a soc in a high place, living the life of luxury. Well…that’s the only thing you two have in common, where you live. After that, if it weren’t for his money, he would be considered a no good greaser. 

He stopped the car, him and his buddies getting out, with alcohol in their systems. Thomas stumbled his way over to you, while Newton and Minho came from behind you, trapping you from walking the other direction. 

“Hey, sweetheart,” He slurred, playing with strands of your hair. “Saw you at the drive-in earlier…the greaser trash giving you a hard time?” 

“Get away from me, and it’s none of your business.” You snapped, trying to push him out of your way, only for him to push back. Almost tripping over your feet, you were lucky enough that his friends each grabbed your arms, holding you steady. 

“Whoa whoa, why so snappy tonight? I thought I told you to fix that attitude. It’s not very lady like, doll-” 

You spit in his face as soon as the pet name escaped his mouth. You hated them to begin with, you weren’t a dog. But ‘doll’ just made your blood boil the most, ever since 7th grade. Especially coming from someone who cheated like his life depended on it. 

That gesture didn’t go unnoticed, as anger started to cloud Thomas’s drunk mind. With one hand he wiped the spit off his face, then used that same one to strike you across your right cheek. You yelped at the contact, hissing at the pain. Tears started forming in your eyes, but you refused to let them out as you stared at Thomas in pure shock. Shaking his head, he motioned for his friends to shove you into the wall, holding you up high to where your feet no longer touched the ground. 

He stood in front of you, Newt on your left and Minho on your right. Thomas’s hands started at your knees, and slowly made their way up your legs and into your skirt, while still making intense eye contact with you. Noticing that you were about to scream, he raised his hand again, making you flinch and whimper. 

“You want to act like a bitch, that’s fine. Make a single noise, and I’ll treat you like one. Understand?” He growled, his hands getting closer and closer to your private area, to where you couldn’t hold the tears in anymore. His buddies smirked at you, while Thomas slowly groped your area. It didn’t feel pleasing at all, as the tears continued to cascade down your cheeks, while little whimpers escaped your mouth. You wanted to scream bloody murder so bad, but was afraid of what he would do to you if you did. But, you were terrified with what might happen if you don’t. 

While being pressed against the wall, no one noticed the group of greasers coming down the street, just coming back from the drive-in. Getting kicked out for sneaking in led them to a shortened evening, so now it was off to the streets to mess shit up. But, the sight that quickly killed the leader’s buzz of excitement, was the sight of his girl…yes, his girl, being held against her will and…

Peter ran at full speed at the four of you, his gang following without question, sensing that something was wrong. He started shouting toward the guys, alarming them that trouble was coming their way. Thomas quickly pulled away from you, his friends letting you drop to the concrete as they saw how out numbered they were, practically shitting their pants. Before they could even comprehend, and because of the alcohol in their systems, they were trampled to the ground. Peter beating the shit out of Thomas, while Felix and a few older boys took care of Newt and Minho, who failed at trying to run away. 

The younger boys that were apart of Pan’s gang helped you off the ground, as gently as they could, knowing if they accidentally so much as made you uncomfortable, Pan would have their heads.  Once you stood up straight, you fanned them away with your hand, signaling them not to touch you and that you were fine. You watched as Peter had Thomas practically bleeding on the pavement, going over to the two and hearing what he was shouting at the almost unconscious asshole. 

“Touch,” Punch, “Her,” Punch, “Again,” Punch. “And I,” Punch, “Will cut,” Punch, “You’re bloody dick off,” Kick to the stomach, “Myself!” Another punch sent Thomas into a daze, as he tried crawling away, but Peter was quick to nudge his shoulder back down to where he laid flat on the ground. He leaned downward, breathing heavily as he slapped Thomas’s cheek a few times, making sure he was still alive. Once he opened his eyes giving Peter his answer, he added. “And I will make you eat it, white trash.” 

What no one else expected to happen was for you to walk even closer, to where you stood right next to Peter, staring down at Thomas with pure hatred. Breathing hard and fast through your nose, you spoke with venom clear in your voice. 

“Don’t ever call me ‘doll’,” And with that, you gave him a hard ass kick to the crotch, making him groan loudly with pain. Thomas looked up at the both of you, slyly Peter had wrapped his arm around your waist as you leaned into his hold.   

What you couldn’t see was the shit-eating grin Peter wore on his face, as he glared at Thomas along with you. With a snap of his fingers, Felix and the couple of boys that helped, dragged an unconscious Minho and fucked up Newt back to the blue mustang. 

“I suggest you hop into your pretty car there, and drive your drunk ass back to your side of town. If you so much as look in my doll’s direction, I will make it a promise that if I ever go back to jail, it’ll be for murdering you.” 

With a curt nod, Peter had Felix lift him up, and shove him into the front seat of the car, slamming the door shut. Even in his condition, Thomas didn’t hesitate to turn on the engine, and speed down the road. Once they were out of sight, you quickly pulled away from Peter, speed walking in the direction of your house. 

With a shocked and confused look, Peter dismissed his gang to their own things for the rest of the night, while he chased after you. When he caught up, he gripped your shoulder, turning you around to face him.

“Whoa, whoa, whoa. Put the breaks on it, sweetheart, where do you think you’re going?” 

“Leave me alone, hood, I’ve had enough tonight. I just want to go home,” You go to walk away again, only for him to step in front of you, making you sigh in aggravation.

“What about moments ago? You-”

“I only let you put your hands on me to show Thomas that you were around to protect me, so he would leave me alone. Something I’ve done to you a couple of times, and yet you still keep coming back.”

The look on his face almost made you regret telling him that. He looked hurt, like a kicked puppy on the street. Well, basically he is one. And you’ve kicked him so many times, he does’t know why he keeps coming back for more. He can’t explain it. He looked around for a short moment, then down at his feet as his hands went into his jacket pockets.

“You know…I could have just kept walking, like I normally do when some chick is being pushed around, or in a situation like you were in. You could have been raped, Y/n, do you not understand that? That if I hadn’t have recognized you on the spot…” He seethed, his green eyes blazing from the adrenaline still running through his veins. “And I practically saved your prissy ass, and I don’t even get a simple ‘Thank You’? Am I really just too much of a poor loser, you can’t be nice enough to thank me?” 

His words cut you like knives. He had a strong point that no matter what sarcastic comeback you could pull, what roll of your eyes could change, he could not be more right. You two used to be friends, and now you couldn’t even be grateful that he was there for you, even when you didn’t need him to be, he was there. And the hurt, an emotion you didn’t know he could feel anymore, that was in his eyes shattered you from the inside. 

“And you know what I hate the most about you, about this?” He asked, you looking down at your shoes, too ashamed to make eye contact. “That no matter how bitchy, how mean, how awful you treat me and the greaser side…I still love you, doll. And I don’t care if you beat the living daylights out of me for calling you that, but it’s the truth. And you want to know why you hate that nickname so badly?” He raised an eyebrow, continuing, even if you were going to answer or not. “You remember those love letters you got in the 7th grade? That always called you that nickname in them, and you would be teased because of it?”

Your head shot up fast, as you finally made eye contact again. No…no.

“Yeah. Those were from me. A poor, pathetic greaser, in love with the pretty, rich girl. Cliche, isn’t it? Surprised you didn’t see it was me, but instead you chose Thomas. But, hey! What does it matter, huh? You already made it perfectly clear you want nothing to do with me, no matter whatever the hell I do for you. So fine! You want your space, then I will let you have it.”

“Peter..I-I never-”

“But just know this, love,” He turned away from you, already walking the other direction. He popped his collar upward, lighting up a weed.  Inhaling the toxic chemicals, he raised his eyebrow as he looked you up and down. “He’ll be back. And this time…he can have you.” 

Watch out! - Pan x Injured! Reader

Description : Reader is caught by Pan and the Lost Boys in their camp.

Warnings : None really.

I sprinted as fast as I could through the thick forest, trying not to fall over. “Don’t leave now, sweetheart. We were just getting started.” I whimpered and looked behind me, trying to find him when I tripped. I didn’t waste any time, getting straight back up despite the pain in my right knee. “I wouldn’t go that way if I were you.” I heard. “Leave me alone!” I yelled, running/limping in the direction he said not to. He’s just going to lead you into a trap if you listen, I thought. I saw a flash of orange when suddenly I was in a clearing. There was a camp set up with boys dancing around a large fire. I stopped running completely, in shock from what was before me, when I fell.

My right leg had given out from the running. I remembered the person chasing me and rolled over, scooting back and away from the tree line. I couldn’t see anyone, and I couldn’t hear the voice anymore. That scared me. “Why is there a girl?” There was whispering behind me. I turned quickly, staring at all the boys. Some sticks broke from in front of me. I gasped a bit, turning back to the trees. Again, as I watched the bushes and branches in front of me, there was silence. Well, beside the whispers. “Please.” I broke the quiet whispers. “You have to help me.” I turned and stood quickly, limping to a boy dressed in all green. “Please. He’s after me, he’s gonna kill me.” My voice cracked.

I grabbed onto one of his arms and looked him straight in the eyes. “Please.” I whispered. He kept a straight face, glancing over to the rest of the boys. “Boys.” He said. I watched silently as they all formed a circle around me. “W-Wait. W-Wha-” “You see, we don’t like girls here.” The boy in green said. I frantically looked around at the other boys, my grip on the boy’s arm loosening quickly.  I stepped away from him. “They seem to ruin the fun. All the time.” The boy said. My jaw dropped a bit. I didn’t know what to say.

A blonde boy stepped next to the boy in green and started to whisper to him. As the boy in green leaned so he could hear the blonde boy, I notice the leaves on a tree branch rustle.

It wasn’t windy out.

Then I saw what it was. A bow. A loaded bow to be precise. I saw the person, whoever it was, move slightly, re-aiming.

Straight towards the boy in green.

I gasped, hearing the zip as the person shot the arrow. “Watch out!” I yelled, pushing the boy in green right into the blonde boy, making them fall over.

The next part was a little hazy. The boy in green had looked up at me with a death glare and dark eyes when all of a sudden, the glare and darkness was gone. I gave him a confused look, but he wasn’t looking in my eyes. I glanced to where he was looking and saw an arrow sticking out of my side. The sight of my own blood sent me going lightheaded. “Well that’s new.” I mumbled, falling to the ground.

I woke up to swaying and an immense pain in my side and leg. I slowly opened my eyes, not expecting darkness. It was night time, and the only sounds were crickets and other insects. I was in some sort of cage, hung high from a tree. “This is also new.” I whispered to myself. “A lot of things are new to you, huh?” I jumped a bit, the cage swinging more and the pain increasing. “You really like to surprise people, huh?” I mocked him. He only laughed. “How hilarious.” He deadpanned.

I rolled my eyes. “I’ll get out of this.” I stated, looked around at the cage interior. “I’d like to see that.” The boy in green crossed his arms over his chest. I glared at him, then went back to examining the cage. “I never got your name by the way.” He said. I hesitated. “It’s Y/N” “Well, Y/N, I’m Peter. Peter Pan.”

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I never really know how to end my stories mostly because their not supposed to have an ending. I don’t really think good things like stories should end if they make us happy. Anyway, requests are open so have at it! Thanks :)

Imagine being the reason his name is Peter Pan!

“Papa… Can I go outside?” The small boy asked nervously walking up to an old man who smelt of alcohol and out dated meat. The man made no reply, he sat at his chipped table with an groggy expression. “Papa can I-”

“Can’t you see I’m busy here!” The man shouted spit flying everywhere. His mouth was open wide enough to fit two elephants in with eyes so red the pupal was not found. In sheer fear the little boy ran and ran to the front door quickly opening it and slamming it shut.

“Hi there,”

“Ahhhhh!” The little boy screamed as he was about to bump into a girl around his age. He looked down at her in awe, she had these cute big e/c eyes with shoulder length shiny h/c hair. She wore a little tattered dress no more tatters then his own clothes and held a doll that he couldn’t really see. “You gave me a fright,” the little boy informed her stepping back a little. The moment he spoke a little giggle left her lips.

“I can’t give you a fright, that’s not a physical thing,” she giggled once again stating her fact like he didn’t understand. “I’m y/n by the way, and you are?” The boy didn’t speak he looked uncomfortable his eyes adverting away from her eyesight. “Is your name funny or something?” She asked cluelessly.

“No,” the boy said kindly.

“Then what is it?”

“Well,” he began to explain “it just my name means something I don’t like.”

“Then why not change it?” Y/n frowned confused at his common knowledge.

“I don’t think it’s that easy to change the name that your parents have given you!” He sighed getting more and more annoyed at this girls sassy cluelessness.

“Sure it is… Maybe around us we can make your name different? So when we meet up with the other children they will think that’s your name,” y/n smiled smartly proud of what she thought her big brain could do.

“Then what should my name be?” At that point a rock was thrown landing at the boys and y/n feet. Y/n picked it up with a curious look on her face, she turned around and saw a boy had thrown it asking for it back, she gladly smiled throwing it back to the scruffy blonde haired boy.

“Why not Peter?”

“Peter?” The boy scoffed his eye cocked for the first time.

“Defiantly Peter.” The girl grinned. “Peter comes from the Greek word stone and stones never age,”

“Never age?”

“Exactly, which means we can be friends forever-”

“Hey guys want come play Neverland with us?” Said the blonde scruffy boy interrupting y/n mid sentence.

“Felix we play it all the time,” she wines sick and tired of playing the same game every afternoon.

“What game is it? Like king and queens?” ‘Peter’ asked curiously.

“Well we never had enough people for someone to be a king..” Felix explained his eye brows furrowed “but since you’re here you can be our leader” he smiled widly. Before anyone could reply Felix quickly shouted “this is our new leader…” Felix slowly faded out because he didn’t know the boys name.

“It’s Peter Peter Pan,”

Imagine: Felix getting super shy and anxious every time he sees you


“You should talk to her, I know for sure she feels the same way.” Pan whisped to Felix who sat next to him near the burning embers of the fire. The lost boy was bashfully carving a piece of chipping wood while the rest of the lost boys, and you, jumped and hollered around the fire.

“How do you know?” He argued back, trying to avoid any type of embarrassment that he thought was bound to come if he had told you how he actually felt.

“Honestly, Felix? Everyone on the island realises it! She is literally giving you googly eyes right now! Up you go, you’re gonna go tell her!” Pan shouted, shoving the shy boy from his seat on the rotten log and giving him a tiny kick towards you, smirking at your face which instantly brightened up when Felix approached you.

The Hunt (Ch. 6)

Info: TMR & OUAT | Newt | Word Count: 5,050 | Ch. 6
Summary: At Glader Prep, a group of boys called the Lost Boys have all the girls of the school wrapped around their fingers. They keep a watchful eye over every student, until a new girl moves to town. Intrigued, the Lost Boys begin the hunt for her… Until they realize they might just be her prey instead.

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[ Previous (Ch. 5) ]

Over the next week, Newt, predictably, avoided me like I was the plague. I didn’t have many friends around here: Lydia was so popular she had plenty of her own friends whom I hadn’t taken a particular liking too, Minho stuck by Newt’s side most of the time, so he was obviously not an option, and I had promised Lydia I would avoid Thomas if I could, as a gesture of our friendship. So, surprisingly, the only real friend I really had around here was Peter.

He definitely wouldn’t be my first choice, but after partnering up with one of Peter’s minions, Baelfire, the starry-eyed curly-haired brunette who sat next to me on Monday, on a history project, I realized they couldn’t be all that bad. I mean, Bae was a total sweetheart, and around him, at least, Peter was a much softer person.

So, there I was, walking home with Peter on Friday afternoon, neither of us in any rush to get home. He was talking animatedly about his plans for the weekend, and I watched with amusement his eyes light up and his faint smirks and his subtle bragging, now and then. He was a very confident boy, but I liked that about him. “Now my parents want to go to the beach, but I told them I’d rather spend a few hours in the woods than waste the whole day there. They don’t get it,” he says with a melodramatic eyeroll, “But I think their plan is absolute rubbish.”

I laugh and pretend to look affronted. “What!” I exclaimed. “How could you not like the beach? What would you rather do over that?”

Peter pondered in mock thought before saying, “Anything! I love the woods, and hiking. Plus, there’s no people, so it’s much better.”

“Really?” I asked skeptically. “You would rather spend some alone time in the woods over being surrounded by hot girls at the beach?”

Peter shrugged. “Yeah, I really would.”

I shook my head, amazed. I guess people really could surprise you. Suddenly, Peter’s phone rang and he, seeing that it was Thomas, picked it up immediately. “Thomas,” he said.

I couldn’t hear what Thomas was saying, but Peter glanced in my direction and smirked, before saying, “Sure, we’ll be there,” and hung up. I looked at him questioningly, and he noticed, immediately saying, “Thomas and all the guys are getting together to hang out. Wanna come?”

I immediately nodded and said brightly, “Sure!”, happy to take an opportunity to hang out with friends. But within a split second I remembered Newt, and then I wasn’t so sure… I didn’t want to see him, especially if he didn’t want to see me, and things would be awkward. “Um, actually…” I added sheepishly, shifting around nervously. I didn’t know what to say.

Peter looked at me with a frown. “Oh no, don’t tell me you’re about to bail on me, now are you?” He asked with a groan.

I shook my head, but then winced, unsure of what to say. “Well, I mean, you know, with the whole Newt thing and all… it might be weird…”

Peter raised his eyebrow with the usual flair. “Don’t tell me you broke our little promise, now did you, Y/N? You said you’d be nice!”

“I was nice!” I yelled a little too loudly. I clamped my mouth shut, before speaking again, trying to keep my voice even. “I tried to be nice, but Newt kept on giving me mixed signals. He’s so confusing. And now we’re not speaking anymore.”

Peter sighed and scratched the side of his temple. “Alright, look, well come anyway. It’s a party! Watch things go back to normal after tonight. If he still continues to ignore you, well then, his loss,” Peter finished with a smirk and a casual shrug. I smile at that, looping my arm in his as we walked towards Thomas’s house.


“Peeeeeeter Paaaaaaan!” A loud voice boomed as soon as we opened Thomas’s door. I was surprised to see the blond boy in the hood – whose name I learned was Felix – laughing and running forward to clap Peter on the back, ushering him in.

I narrowed my eyes in confusion, but it didn’t take me long to figure out he was tipsy. “Great,” I muttered, pushing past Felix and making my way through the house, seeing Thomas.

“Heyyy, Y/N, look who it is. Glad you could come,” Thomas cheered with a wink. I smiled weakly; even though I was in his house, I couldn’t say I was a big fan of that flirt. I turned to scan the crowd, and saw Baelfire drinking from a red cup quietly in a corner, talking to someone out of sight. I made my way towards him, until I realized he was talking to none other than Newt. I stopped in my tracks.

I made to wheel around and walk away, but Bae saw me. “Y/N!” He called out with a wave. “Hey, didn’t know you were coming!” He said cheerfully. I sighed and turned around, praying to God Newt would just be normal around me. What a silly thing to ask.

I flashed a brilliant smile. “Bae!” I greeted warmly. “I didn’t know I was either, I think I just got dragged along since I was with Peter when Thomas called him up.”

Newt scowled from the corner as soon as he heard that I was with Peter. His head pulled up to look in my direction, and though he looked like he wanted to rip my throat out, he said nothing, merely glaring angrily. I coughed and looked away from him, keeping my eyes firmly locked on Bae’s. Bae chuckled knowingly, noticing the thick tension between Newt and I.

He got up from his seat and handed me his drink. “Cheers,” he gave me a sympathetic smile and mouthed “Good luck with that”, pointing to Newt discreetly with a jerk of his thumb. I nodded and silently held the red cup, eyeing it with a faint desire to forget all about my conflicting feelings for Newt, and sipped from it begrudgingly. When I looked up, I heard everyone fighting loudly about what they wanted to do.

“Video games!” Minho cried.

Gally rolled his eyes and looked at Minho sassily. “Come on, we can all crush you easily, even Newt. Stick to your sports, man,” he barked.

“What about truth or dare?” A pretty blond-haired girl with sparkling eyes called out. I didn’t know who she was, but I figured she was probably someone’s girlfriend.

“How original, Sonya,” Newt said dryly with a scoff. My stomach did a flip.

But Thomas was nodding eagerly, and by his side the girl Harriet, another girl in my drama class, was just as thrilled. “Slim it, Newt. Who can say no to a game of truth or dare? Come on, let’s play. Let me grab a bottle.”

I furrowed my brows. “A bottle? Why do you need a bottle for in truth or dare?”

The blonde, Sonya, laughed lightly at that and looked knowingly at me. “You’re new. We play a little differently. It’s like spin the bottle, but you can only ask or dare the person the bottle lands on. Makes it more exciting.” I nodded and joined the circle once Thomas returned with a bottle. I knew everyone here fairly well, except for the two girls and Gally, but I was nervous to be playing with these people - most of them had been friends their whole lives. And, to make it worse, Newt sat right across from me, so I had a hard time keeping my eyes off of him.

“Me first,” a bold voice cut off my thoughts. Harriet, the one with caramel skin and pitch black hair, leaned forward and spun the bottle. It landed on Gally.

At first, the dares and truths started off small. Then it was Peter’s turn to spin, and he raised the stakes. His spin landed on Thomas. He smirked, always a sign he was up to no good, and asked, “Truth or dare?”

Thomas, taking another lazy swig from his plastic cup, shrugged and mumbled, “Dare.”

Peter gently took the cup from Thomas’s hand and instead handed him his phone. “You need to be composed for this. I dare you to call Lydia and tell her how you really feel about her.”

Thomas sputtered, mortified. “You dare me to what?” He asked loudly, his voice slightly thicker due to his drink.

Peter raised his eyebrows challengingly and smiled. “You heard me, now do it.”

Thomas pushed his hair back roughly and snatched the phone from Peter’s hands. “Shuck it,” he muttered to himself, opening to Lydia’s number and dialling her. Peter leaned over and pressed speakerphone, causing a glare from Thomas. My eyes flicked between Peter’s smug smile – why did he seem so pleased about this? What did Thomas feel for Lydia? – and Thomas’s distraught expression. He was muttering to himself and clenching his mouth, hoping she wouldn’t pick up.

She did. “Hello?” The unmistakable voice of Lydia rang through the room.

Thomas groaned silently and threw yet another dirty look at Peter before saying, “Hey, Lydia, is this a bad time?”

Lydia sighed heavily. “What do you want, Thomas?” She asked, clearly annoyed.

Thomas gulped and nervously drew in a breath before exploding, “I… I wanted to tell you that I like you. I really, really like you, and I always have. I’m sorry for the way I treated you, but none of that was real. I’m…” He swallowed guiltily and Peter egged him on with an expectant eyebrow raise. He motioned for him to get on with it. Thomas exhaled hurriedly, “I’m in love with you.”

Lydia was silent for a painful ten seconds. When she finally spoke, her voice was like a cold hard whip, “I swear to God, Thomas, if you ever talk to me again, I will destroy you.” She hung up, leaving Thomas paler than before.

“Well, now look who’s the most sober person in the room…” Gally cracked up jokingly.

Everyone turned to him, glaring. Peter, now bearing a respectfully solemn look on his face, handed Thomas back his drink. “Bottom’s up,” he said dryly. Thomas didn’t spare Peter a second glance this time, and instead turned to the black-haired girl next to him guiltily.

“Harriet, I-I’m s-sorry –” He tried reaching out to her, but she flung his hand away. She looked humiliated.

“Don’t bother, Thomas, I’m a fool for expecting any better,” her voice cracked, and she rose up from the circle and bounded towards one of the bedrooms. Thomas made to rise up after her, but Newt, who had been sitting next to Harriet, reached out to Thomas and held him back, firmly planting his hand on his shoulder.

“Leave it, man,” he ordered, a tone of sadness in his voice.

Sonya looked between Newt and Thomas disbelievingly and scoffed, getting up to follow her friend and comfort her. “I can’t believe you two,” she whispered shakingly, before turning away with a toss of her blonde braid.

I watched the scene uncomfortably, compensating by taking another gulp of my drink. I wasn’t sure what was going on, but I could draw that Harriet and Thomas had some sort of relationship, and Sonya had expected Newt to encourage Thomas to follow her, not hold him back. It was clear where everyone’s loyalties lay. I mulled over this guiltily, thinking only of what could possibly be going through Lydia’s head right now. She probably thought Thomas was just playing her again, having no idea that he really did like her, in his own immature, limited way. My shoulders tensed angrily. What was it with these boys and being unable to just mean what they say and what they do? Why did they have to constantly play everyone around them?

Peter coughed awkwardly, obviously caring little for what just happened. “At least now that’s all over,” he drawled in a bored voice. “It’s your turn now, Thomas.” Thomas, fists clenched, reached over reluctantly to spin the bottle, silently hoping it would face Peter. It did.

“Ha,” he said quietly. “Karma’s a shuck-face, isn’t it? Truth or dare?”

Peter shrugged, trying to appear unbothered. “Dare.”

“Alright, you little shank. I dare you to tell Y/N what you really said about her and the bet you made.” As soon as I heard my name, I jerked my head up to look at Thomas as he spoke. Beside him, I saw Newt’s face blanche and he nervously eyed Peter, who was avoiding my gaze. He stared at Thomas stonily. “Fine.” He still refused to look at me.

“Wait,” Thomas added. “I’ll give you two the kindness you didn’t give Lydia and me. Tell her in private, in another room, so the others don’t have to be around to see her reaction. No doubt it won’t be pretty,” he snickered.

Confused, I looked at Peter inquisitively. “Yeah, Peter, do tell,” I taunted, trying to sound unconcerned, even though I knew anything involving him couldn’t be good, no matter how close him and I had grown. Peter sighed and stood up, grasping my hand and dragging me with him to another room. Newt’s eyes followed us helplessly, though I couldn’t see, because I was so focused on setting my drink down and running after Peter, trying to keep up with his brisk pace. His grasp on my hand was hard and  painfully strong, and I whipped my hand back from his as soon as we were in the living room, the kitchen in between us and the others. He turned around to glare at me with dark, poisonous annoyance, and said only, “I knew you would be trouble the moment I saw you.”

“What are you talking about, Peter?” I demanded.

Peter continued to stare at me, appearing conflicted, deciding whether or not he should talk to me. He started, “You were never supposed to know, or be affected by this, if it weren’t for stupid Thomas…” He paused. “On the day Newt and I met you, both him and I couldn’t stop talking about you. So we made a bet, challenging each other to see who could win you over first. That’s all.”

I stared at him angrily, waiting for him to burst out laughing or admit he was joking. He didn’t. “That’s all?” I asked in a dangerously low voice, shaking with venom. “That’s all? Is that all you have to say for yourself, Peter? You literally made a bet making me a prize, making our entire friendships completely fake, and you’re saying ‘that’s all’?” I laughed and threw my hands up in the air. “But I guess that’s all I can expect from guys like you. Well, I suggest you call your bet off. The likelihood of either of you winning is about as good as the world collapsing tomorrow.”

I tossed the hair over my shoulder arrogantly and wheeled around, making my way back to the others. I considered what Peter told me. Surprising myself, I realized I really didn’t know how I felt; I hardly felt betrayed - Peter never hid the type of guy he was from me. But Newt, I really didn’t expect that from Newt. Was everything he said to me just a lie, then? Was he just messing with me? Is that why he told me to stay away? He did warn you, I thought to myself angrily.

As soon as I walked into the room, Newt’s eyes were the first I locked onto. He was already staring up at me, mouth parted as if preparing himself to explain. I shook my head slightly and gave him a bitter smile. He closed his mouth shut and his eyes seemed to grow even more desperate. I ignored him and sat back down, with Peter close at my heels. “Alright, let’s get this over with,” he said, clapping his hands together. He spun the bottle… and it landed on Newt. Newt looked warily at Peter, and with good reason. He worried Peter would try something on him like he did with Thomas. “Truth or dare?” The Brit asked cockily.

The blonde answered in his solemn, husky voice. “Dare.” Of course, I thought irritably.

“Go jump into Thomas’s pool, wearing nothing but your underwear, and swim in the water for a minute before coming back.”

“Seriously?” Newt asked, slightly annoyed, though a part of him sounded taken aback Peter didn’t give him something worse. It was getting dark out, and the pool was bound to be freezing in this weather. Peter nodded, and Newt huffed, before getting up and heading over to go into the backyard. He pulled the door open, and began to strip. He lifted his shirt up – earning whoops and hollers from Minho and Gally, an an amused clap from Bae, and a cheer from Felix. I caught a glance of only the bottom half of his pale back before I turned away, heat rising up my neck.

Suddenly, I couldn’t bare to look at Newt, especially since I couldn’t get my mind off of him already. I didn’t need to see him almost naked and make things worse for myself. “Excuse me,” I mumbled to no one really, and got up to go to the bathroom. I opened the first door I saw, and it turned out to just be the guest room. I ran into its bathroom and turned on the sink, splashing cold water against my face to cool myself down. I desperately wanted to be alone right now, but I feared the loneliness of my empty house, so I forced myself to stay out as much as possible. If it weren’t for the fact that I hated being alone, I would’ve left Thomas’s the second Peter told me about the dare.

Suddenly, I realized the wetness on my cheeks was not just from the running water but from my tears. I blinked, confused, and started shaking with sobs. I turned off the water and walked out of the bathroom, sinking to the floor at the foot of the bed. I drew my knees up and pressed my palms up to my eyes frustratedly, willing the tears to stop flowing. But they kept on coming, as stubborn as me, until I knew my eyes were puffy and red. I sniffed and wiped my tears away, leaning my head back to look into the light and clear my eyes up. Maybe a few minutes had passed, maybe half an hour, I didn’t know, but as soon as I heard the door open I ducked my head and wiped my eyes one more time, fully aware of how red they were still.

I didn’t see who it was until I heard that husky British accent. “Wha- Y/N, what’s the matter?” Newt’s voice was filled with concern, and I realized it was the most genuine sentence I had heard from him. I glanced up, seeing he was dripping wet and had on only his boxers, which were also soaked; I inwardly thanked that they were dark blue. I looked away again, but not before I caught a good look at his carved chest muscles and strong abs and arms. Though thin, he was definitely strong and well-built.

“Put some clothes on, Newt, for heaven’s sake,” I said hollowly, my voice scratchy from crying.

Newt obligingly made his way into the bathroom, and came out a minute later with a white towel wrapped around his waist. His blond hair, looking a shade of golden brown right now, was flying in every direction, a couple strands falling in his eyes. He ignored them, lowering himself down next to me. I refused to look at him, but I released my knees, letting my legs out in front of me, my feet falling a few inches short of Newt’s. “I can tell you’ve been crying, Y/N, please, tell me, what has upset you?”

I laughed humorlessly. It was a low, croaky sound. “As if you don’t already know,” I remarked.

Newt continued to bore holes in my direction, and still I didn’t look at him. “And I apologize for the part I played, but please, you have to tell me why you’re so upset, I don’t understand –”

“Tell me the truth,” I cut him off, finally turning to look at him. His body was still wet, and it made him look even more worked up and upset. “Just tell me what really happened, I want to hear it from you.”

“Y/N, love, what good will that do –”

Tell me the truth!” I shouted at him, my face inches from his.

Newt’s head turned forward, away from me. He stared in front of him impassively for a moment before beginning to speak. “You want the truth? Fine,” he started in raspy frustration. “When Peter first met you, all he wanted to do was sleep with you, but I was starting to fall for you, so I didn’t want him to touch you. So him and I made a bet to see who would get to you first by the end of the month.”

I closed my eyes and leaned my head against the bed tiredly. “So you’re trying to say, you made the bet out of good intentions, and Peter just did it for the wrong reasons?”

Newt looked at me pointedly. “I won’t sugarcoat it, Y/N, but you know I’m not lying.”

I leaned forward and glared at Newt. “See that’s the thing, Newt, I no longer trust you, and that’s the difference between you and Peter. I know one thing’s for sure, and it’s that Peter won’t lie to me. He doesn’t try to hide who he is. He knows who he is, and you can either take it or leave. You… you can try all you want to act like you’re just that innocent little Newt from years ago, but you’re not. You can’t even see that you’ve become this-this Lost Boy, this guy who just goes around spreading girl’s legs and breaking their hearts the morning after. You don’t even know who you are. At least Peter doesn’t try to hide it.”

“Oh, so you choose Peter, is that it? You think he’s better for you than I am? You think he actually cares about you? You think that his honesty is a virtue, do you, Y/N?” Newt flings himself from off the floor beside me and paces through the room angrily, his voice rising with every question he asks me. I shake with resentment at the injustice he does me.

This isn’t a competition! Why are you worried about Peter, more than yourself? Why do you care so much what I think about him instead of just listening to what I’m saying?”

“Why?” Newt’s eyes shot daggers at me icily. “I care because I’m bloody head over heels for you, Y/N! I care about you! I don’t care about some shuckin’ competition between me and Peter, but I hate the idea of you picking him over me. I hate seeing you with him, I hate thinking of him walking you home and him becoming the person you talk to, instead of me. I-” Newt drew in a shaky breath and took another step forward closer to me, backing me against the wall by the bed. I stared up at him, having trouble focusing on his words as his bare chest heaved, rising and falling heavily against his deep breaths. “I want to be the man you want me to be, Y/N.”

I shuddered under the intensity of his gaze, the tension in the air between us thick, like a dense fog clouding upon us. I glanced towards his mouth, unable to contain myself, no longer able to hide how badly I wanted Newt, how desperately I longed to run my hands down his chest and along his arms and through his messy blond pile of hair. “You keep saying that,” I say in a low, husky voice. “Prove it. Prove to me you ca –”

With those words, the tension between us exploded into a burst of raw emotions, stripped of all games, bets, acting, masks – it was just me, and Newt. Newt rushed forward to grab my face with his wet hands and leaned down to press his lips against mine, firmly holding me in place against him. But I did not resist, I fell into the touch I had so long been waiting for, and I drew my hands up, running my fingers along Newt’s waist and up onto his abs, his ribs, and the curve of his chest. My fingers roamed his body as his tongue explored my mouth, struggling to dominate me.

Our lips moved against one another, as if dancing in sync, and yet the lingering fury of our argument passed into the kiss, as we both fought to dominate the kiss. Newt kept me pressed against the wall with all his strength, and allowed his hands to roam freely down my body, down my sides, around my waist, and onto my jeans. He took my hand within his and pinned it to my side by my head. I couldn’t help the soft moan that escaped from my lips and into Newt’s and his wet body pressed against mine, leaving my chest and my clothes cold and damp, cooling my nerves that were on fire.

A part of me screamed inside, demanding to pull away and get myself as far as possible from this boy who could only mean trouble. But as my knees shook and my heart exploded, my mind slowed and became incapable of forming coherent words, Newt’s touch driving me to madness. So I sunk deeper in the kiss, pushing aside guilt and throwing caution to the wind.

Newt, Newt, Newt, the angel-faced blonde devilish boy. Newt was all I could think about. As we kissed passionately, and his hands gripped my long locks and pulled them, forcing my head back to meet his parted mouth, I felt an electricity pulsing through us, and my body felt as if it were on fire, suddenly overwhelmed with the pleasure Newt brought me.

I craved for our bodies to grow closer yet, as if being pressed to his very skin wasn’t enough, and I moaned longingly for him. This caused Newt to close his eyes in pleasure, the sounds escaping me turning him on, and he dipped his head and buried it in my neck, and he began to suck on the sensitive skin right perfectly placed between my throat and chest. My breath caught and I panted desperately, attempting to catch my breath from Newt’s non-stop assault, and I struggled to stand. Newt noticed.

Leaving a trail of soft kisses on my collarbone and stroking the skin gently, he pulled away and looked at me, his eyes full of lust and desire. He wanted more. I remembered the kind of man Newt was, and reminded myself I could not simply hand myself over, expecting him to treat me differently just because we felt something special towards each other.

I rubbed my swollen lips distractedly and hesitantly released my grip on Newt’s tangled, wet hair as he took a step back away from me. I bore into Newt’s eyes, watching his reaction, as he stepped away and ran a disbelieving hand through his hair. He looked at me with both passion and also questioning, as if silently asking me if that wet, hot kiss really did happen between us. “Holy shit, Y/N,” Newt mumbled in his gravelly, out of breath tones.

I nodded, all of a sudden feeling extremely tired. I leaned against the wall and lowered myself slightly, but held my hands out to keep me upright. “This doesn’t change anything between us, Newt,” I manage shakingly.

Newt knit his brows together and glowered at me when I said this, clearly not understanding me. “Doesn’t change anything? How can you even say that, Y/N? It changes everything. We can, we can be together, we don’t have to be like the others.”

My heart shattered as I heard him say these words. We can be together. Oh, how my heart leapt at the idea. But… I knew we couldn’t. I shook my head sadly, “No, Newt, no matter how hard we try, we are no different from Peter, or Thomas. People like us aren’t meant to be in that perfect, cookie-cutter relationship. And like you said, you can’t change. You don’t even know if you have it in yourself. Why would you question that now?”

Newt lunged forward, taking my hands into his and pulling me towards him. “Because I’m shuckin’ falling in love with you! I want you, and I’ll do anything to have you, Y/N, please,” Newt was begging me, pulling me into him urgently, as if we might never see each other again. My heart beat rapidly and I felt myself freeze, unable to admit to Newt that I felt the same for him, too. “I’m willing to do everything differently for you, why can’t you do that for me?”

I gazed up at Newt, feeling a stab of guilt seeing the pained look in his wet, puppy-like eyes. “I want to Newt, I want to, but what if I’m not good enough for you? What if we’re just not meant to be? What do we do then? I don’t want to lose you,” I whispered fervently, drawing myself back slightly from his tall, overheated body.

Newt’s eyes flashed with pain and darkness, and pulled away from me, releasing my hands from his. “You’ll never lose me,” Newt promised with a shaky breath. He took another step back, putting the distance between us that I made clear to him I wanted, even though I wanted nothing less. “I promise you, Y/N. This isn’t over. We’re not over. I won’t give up on us,” he whispered, his wide, determined eyes never left mine. He took another step back, and with that, he pulled the bedroom door open and slammed it behind him.

What do you guys think?

I see a lot of imagines and stories based off of songs and music. Is that a thing you’d all be interested in? I have a playlist that I sometimes listen to when I’m writing and I thought maybe I’d actually base an imagine of one of the songs. Is that something any of y’all’d be interested in?


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Fix it (Peter Pan)

Anon: Hey!!! Can I request an imagine where you caught pan cheat on you and you are sad and all, he try to win you back but you don’t want,but when you see that he is wreck you forgive him!!sorry if it’s confusing :(

N/A: I added some fire powers to the reader, hope you don’t mind ❤️

“C'mon boys, go to the dining hall I’ll go get Peter” you beamed and the boys nodded before leaving you behind. You smiled to yourself as you headed towards the tree house, that didn’t seemed odd to you because he always liked to have his own privacy when working on something.

So you climbed up and opened the door, as soon as you entered you heard weird sounds, you frowned as you got closer to the bedroom.

As soon as you opened the door, you regretted doing it.

You saw Peter completely naked hovering Wendy’s naked form, you could barely see her face, you couldn’t help but shake in rage as the tears were falling from your cheeks “Are you having fun?” Your voice cracked, Wendy looked at you completely embarrassed, and although Peter wasn’t looking at you, you knew he had paled.

Peter turned around and quickly grabbed his underwear as he faced your mixed expression “Love I…” he trailed off trying to reach you but you backed away.

“Get the fuck away from me” you spat, your eyes glowing to their natural orange shade “And YOU” you pointed at Wendy threateningly “You’re lucky I don’t burn you alive, slut” you mumbled between your teeth as you finally left the tree house.

You walked around the forest cutting some wood to make yourself a house, it took you all day, but you were done, you made a fence around it to keep anyone to get close and finally you hid your presence from Peter so you could be left alone.


“WHERE IS SHE?!” Peter demanded to know, but no one knew the answer to his simple question “She couldn’t get too far!” He yelled

“We don’t know Pan, we never really knew how powerful she was” Felix pointed out

“That’s the problem, she could loose control, and it’s all because of me!” He said angrily and he was right.

You were losing control, everything you touched would instantly burn, your eyes changed to their human shade from the orange one all the time, your body heat was dangerously high, to the point where if anybody touched you, they would at least have second degree burn.

You didn’t want to admit it but you needed Peter’s help, so you let him find you

“Wait. I feel her. She’s here!” Peter beamed following his senses. Until he found you in the deepest part of the forest, outside the house you built, the fence was gone. You were sitting on the floor looking at nowhere and when he kneeled down to your height you finally looked at him

“Help me” she pleaded and he couldn’t help but kiss her feeling the tickles in his lips at the contact until she pushed him away “Peter, I don’t trust you” she said and he could feel his heart breaking.

“Let me fix it” he pleaded holding her hands “Please, I know I made a terrible mistake but I love you” He said and kissed her again. This time holding her wrist so she couldn’t pull him away. He wanted her so desperately that it was unbelievable, she became part of him, and without her he felt dead inside.

After all that’s been said and done Felix died never doubting two things,
The fact that Pan loved him and the fact that Peter Pan never fails.
He died believing in him, maybe not to the very end, but he actually believed in Pan the whole way through. Maybe if Pan gave Felix a few seconds to figure out that Pan cared about him the most he wouldn’t have died scared and betrayed.


Title: Amaranth(P.9)
Pairing: Peter Pan(OUAT) x Reader
Warnings: Abuse mentions, cussing, dark themes, smut.
Author notes: Requested by Anon: ‘There are no queens in Neverland. Just me.’  
Summary: A Demigod makes a deal with The Evil Queen to get away from the curse and ends up in Neverland. Peter Pan is not impressed with the female on his Island, but when he realizes she might just be as dark tempered as himself, he might just change his minds. After all, there aren’t any Queens in Neverland.

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“What did you make me do?” I asked once I heard Peter come back into the space we shared. I was naked, save for a jeweled piece that wrapped from my neck and trailed down my back, turned away from him as I brought a hand up to touch the horns that came from my head. Something inside me didn’t feel right. I felt evil, hopeless. 

Power was something I craved, more then what my father could give me in the underworld, which is why I left. It was empty without my mother, she was long since gone when I finally realized the person my father was. I wanted more, I wanted to rule, like he had, but not where he ruled.

I wasn’t a killer. I thrived on my mothers power to create life. Vines, trees, rain…It was all living and full of life. My father’s power took it away. My father’s need for death is what killed my mother. His fire suffocated the beauty of my mother’s life. Her trees, her vines.

Despite the genetic inheritance of wanting more, of wanting power, I never wanted to kill. I never had. I wasn’t evil, maybe dark, but not evil.

Now, as I felt the horns erupting from my skull and the fire of a new soul coursing through me, I felt it. I felt what Peter must feel, what my father must be. Corrupted. Sin. Evil.

Having killed that boy, it wasn’t the problem. Slightly surely deserved it. What he planned to do to me, I couldn’t even begin to explain how awful it felt having his soul create all his thoughts and memories inside my mind. 

The problem wasn’t murder, it wasn’t evil. It was…It was how I felt about it. I should feel horrible, resent what I did, regret it. I didn’t.

I liked it.

I liked it because the power that filled my body, was more then I had ever had before. I liked it because it saved Peter and Felix. I liked it because…I truly was my father’s child.

“I didn’t make you do anything.” His breath coursed across my skin as he appeared behind me, his hands sliding down the bare skin of my sides, his lips against my neck. “You made all your own choices. You saved yourself.”

His fingers ran back up my body, across my shoulders and through my hair. “You…saved me.” Peter whispered, a hand touching one of the horns on my head, his lips pressing against my jawline. 

“I killed somebody, Peter. I would have killed more.” My voice was low, I was trying to comprehend what had happened tonight. I was trying to make sense of it and make myself angry that I took someones life.

“You did what you had to.” Peter said, his voice a bit more stern as he spun me around to face him. “I would be dead if you hadn’t. And if I wasn’t. If he had hurt you, I would have killed them all. I would have been ruthless, worse then you. You at least spared him a pitiful death, my Queen.”

I shut my eyes as he kissed my shoulders and my neck, all the way up my cheeks until he got to my lips. “Would you take it back?”

“No.” I shook my head, kissing him back. “Never.”

“Did you regret it?”

Again, I shook my head. “Did you…like it?”

His hands cascaded down, gripping the plump flesh at the bottom of my hips. My eyes fluttered open as I stared at him. He was gazing down at my body, slowly looking back up into my eyes and then at the horns. My breath hitched, but I nodded. “Yes.”

A dark smirk appeared on his face as he backed me into a wall. “Then why do you seem so upset, love?”

I let him tilt my head back, allowing him to kiss his way down my neck. “I shouldn’t have liked it.”

He growled, his right hand sliding between my legs, I gasped as he pressed a finger into me, without warning. “You have every right to like it.” He chuckled. “You could even say…it’s genetic.” 

My breath shuddered as he pumped his digit in and then back out. “I don’t want to be like him.” I gasped out, arching my back. 

He bit my neck, sucking the flesh. “Who said you were? He’s down there, ruling people who no longer even matter…you’re here…And you can rule everything. With me.”

Adding a second finger, Peter delved his other hand into my hair, pressing on the base of my skull until our lips collided. He picked up the speed of his fingers, stretching them out like a pair of scissors before sliding them out, using that hand to relieve himself from the confined pieces of clothes he wore. 

“What about Killian?” I asked as I set my hands on his shoulders, pushing back against the wall, using his shoulders as leverage to bring my legs up, wrapping them around his waist. He placed his hand on my hip, letting me grind up against his excitement, enticing a long groan from his lips. 

Peter slid his hand up and down my thigh, his other gripping my neck roughly. “Don’t worry about him.” He replied, watching as I brought a hand down to wrap around his member, aligning it with my entrance. “I’ll take care of it.”

With a growl, he thrust forward, slamming into my wet heat roughly, just as he pressed his lips into mine again, ending any continued conversation. 

I woke up in the middle of the night, my eyes snapping open as if someone had called me to wake up. Peter slept next to me, an arm around my waist. I looked over at him before a sound outside called to my attention. 

Without waking him, I slid from the bed, willing myself dressed, the leaves appeared as I walked towards the entrance. It barely took any energy to leap from the top of the tree. I settled on my feet quite easily, glancing around for the source of the noise. 

There was a dark feeling coming from the opposite direction of the camp. Being out here, I half wondered if I should go check on Felix, I hadn’t since he refused the water after the fight, but a part of me was still worried. However, the dark presence called my attention more then the thought of Felix did. 

Turning towards it, I headed into the forest. I knew where it was leading me, somewhere Peter had told me not to go, where I knew I shouldn’t. The Dark Hollows. 

I reached the edge of it fairly quickly, my eyes adjusting to the sheer darkness of the area. A low growl made me spin to the side quickly, willing a ball of fire to my hand as I prepared to defend myself in case it happened to be Killian and his crew. 

I stood straighter. “Cerberus.” My voice was stern, I knew better then to seem scared or angry in front of the creature. In all honesty, he was quite sensitive. 

“I’m so glad you remember him.” Another voice, familiar, but also less inviting then the eyes of the beast in front of me. “He sure did enjoy you sneaking him scraps when you were younger.” 

I turned slowly, letting the fire in my hand die as I faced him. “Dad.” I narrowed my eyes, suddenly remembering that I now had a good show of his power bestowed on my head. “What do you want?”

He frowned. “Not the reunion I was expecting.” With a sigh, he walked past me and set his hand on the dogs head closest to him. “What was I thinking of course? That my daughter, who ran from home after telling me how much she hated who I was, would be excited to see me?”

My eyes turned from him and the animal, looking out to where Peter’s camp was. Hades kept speaking. “Though, for someone who hates me so much…” He chuckled, catching my gaze and then lifting his to my horns. “You sure have a funny way of showing it.”

“I am not like you.” I hissed, choosing to walk away instead of entice him anymore. 

“Oh, aren’t you though?” He laughed. “Killing that poor boy. Who never truly meant you any harm.” 

I froze, glaring at the floor in front of me. “I fed from his thoughts. He meant more then harm.”

Hades appeared in front of me, laughing lightly. “But it wasn’t him.” He frowned. “Not him, but the precious shadow of Pan’s. Living within Slightly’s body.”

My eyes widened when I shot my head up to look at him. “You need to go. I don’t want to hear your lies.”

“Lies?” He mocked offense, trying to seem insulted. “Why not ask your little boyfriend? Why…how about you ask that Pirate, what’s his name…Killian? Yes, I’m sure he’d tell you the truth. Maybe in exchange for passage off the Island.”

I pushed passed him again, trying to ignore the feeling of distrust of Peter rising in my chest. “Go away.”

There was a small sigh, before he chuckled. “Do note, my dear, that every soul you take, puts you that much closer to coming home.”

“I’m not going back there. I’m not a murderer.”

“We’ll see. Find the pirate, Y/N.”