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TED: Four chefs, one chance at a ten thousand dollar prize.  They must create an unforgettable meal using the mystery ingredients provided, or they will be chopped.  Let’s meet our contestants.  First, Chef Angela.

ANGELA: I’m Angela, I’m sous chef at Le Snobbe in Omaha Nebraska.  My specialty is Scottish with an Asian twist.  I need to win this so my parents will take me seriously.

TED: Next we have Chef Madagascar.

MADAGASCAR: I run the Shaggoth Catering Company.  My family came over from Kazantzan to build a better life here, but my brothers all died of the plague the second our house foreclosed.  I need the ten thousand dollars to buy my mother a new kidney.

TED: Chef Bill.

BILL: I’m extremely loud and have a broad range of interests that will do nothing to help me in this competition.  Watch me as I punch the camera with my tattooed knuckles that read FOOD.

TED: And finally, Chef Gooseberry.

GOOSEBERRY: I’m Gooseberry, I live in Los Angeles, and I love vegan food to the point where I won’t eat anything that ingests oxygen.  I see so many people eating meat and it *starts crying* just makes me so sad, I have to win this to show them that there’s a better way.

Ted: Chefs, before you there is a basket of ingredients.  You must use all of them, and your dishes will be critiqued by our panel of distinguished chefs on taste, presentation, and creativity.  If you can’t, you will be chopped.  Please open your baskets.  You must construct an appetizer using shank of unicorn, human hair, ground glass, and puffed cheese snacks. You have twenty minutes.

ANGELA: I see the puffed cheese snacks and I immediately think, haggis.  I run to the pantry and grab chickpeas and Sriracha, to give it a little kick.

GOOSEBERRY: Unicorn!  Whyyyyyy is there meeeeeeat!  (cries) Oh well, I’ll just have to suck it up and make it vegan as possible by pan-searing it and dousing it in chicken broth.

MADAGASCAR: I’m so stoked to see ground glass in the basket.  My mom used to cook with this all the time.  It has sort of a crunchy texture, so I’m gonna make pancakes.

(Shot of Bill looking alarmed and confused)

BILL: Guys…none of these are…food…uhh…

BILL: I just have this wad of human hair in my basket and I’m thinking, what the hell am I supposed to do with this?  But I know unicorn has to be soaked to get the glitter off, otherwise it’ll be way too salty and start sprouting little flowers, so I get that soaking and hope the rest will come to me.

JUDGE ALEX: What a great basket!  But I think it will be a real challenge for our chefs.

JUDGE SCOTT: There’s a lot you can do with puffed cheese snacks, but you’d have to be careful their saltiness doesn’t build on the natural saltiness of the unicorn shanks.  I’m so curious to see what they plan to do with the human hair, which in this basket is a mix of Asian, African, and Caucasian strands.

ANGELA: Some of these hairs are Asian, so I use them to tie the ends of my haggis.  I love showing off my specialty.

MADAGASCAR: Not many people would think to cook and eat a unicorn, but in Kazantzan, you take whatever comes your way.  I take the glitter and I put it into a puree for a sauce with vinegar, making sure to chant the ancient evil incantation over it that will keep it from sprouting.  But I’m running out of time, so I may have slurred some of the words together.

(Madagascar starts bleeding from the nose)

JUDGE ALEX: Ohhh, it looks like he’s reversed the S and the Q in “sesustngsnqsutintan.”  That’s the kind of mistake that could cost him some time.  You have to admire his ambition though.

BILL: I get the unicorn into the grill, but I haven’t even touched my hairball yet.  I remember thinking of a prank my big brother played on me once, so I throw the ground glass into the blender with some ice, vodka, and limoncello.

TED: And there is one minute left remaining!

ANGELA: I haven’t even started plating yet, my haggis isn’t done swelling, but I’m thinking, just get it on the plate.

GOOSEBERRY: I have one minute.  I’m gonna make a fresh green salad to represent my vegan lifestyle, and start making a vinaigrette.

TED: FIVE…FOUR…THREE…TWO…ONE…time’s up, please step back.

MADAGASCAR: I look down at my dish, and I’m pretty proud of what I’ve done.  Then I see that there’s nose blood on the plate.  I need that ten thousand dollars.

BILL: I quickly added the hairball as a garnish.

It’s not gross, it’s gormet

GOOSEBERRY: ohhhh nooo I forgot the unicorn shanks, the glass, the hairball, and the Cheetos (TV EDIT, TOTALLY DIFFERENT VOICE) puffed cheese snacks.  All I have is this red onion salad and white truffle dressing.

ANGELA: If I’d just had five more minutes, this would have been a killer cheese and hair haggis.  *shrugs*

TED: Alright chefs, let’s see what you made. Chef Bill.

BILL: I’ve made for you today a cheese-snack encrusted grilled unicorn shank, with a lemon glass slushie.

JUDGE ALEX (sternly): I love this.  You really handled the glitter beautifully, and the limoncello adds a lot of much-needed acidity to the salty flavors.

JUDGE SCOTT: I don’t like it.  There’s hair on my plate and I hate you.

BILL: It…it was one of the ingredients…

TED: Chef Angela.

ANGELA: Before you today we have a cheese snack and ground unicorn haggis, tied with Asian hairs and garnished with a tarragon and glass crumble.

JUDGE ALEX (sternly): The combination is brilliant, the flavors really play off each other well.  But mine is a little cold in the center, and you can see…I have sprouts.

ANGELA: It’s supposed to do that.  I meant to do that.

TED: Chef Madagascar.

MADAGASCAR: Today I’ve made you a unicorn pancake with a glass crust, and a glitter dipping sauce.

JUDGE SCOTT: I’m not getting any of the human hair.

TED: Tell us why you need to win today.

MADAGASCAR: I need to get my mother a new kidney, as we had to sell her good one to pay for my father’s ransom.  He’s okay now, but times have been hard with just one kidney to share between them.

JUDGE ALEX: There’s blood on my plate.  I can’t eat this.

TED: Chef Gooseberry.

GOOSEBERRY: I’ve made a vegan-friendly dish, with the unicorn, cheese snacks, and the hair omitted.  The glass did not make it onto the plate.

JUDGE SCOTT: This is just red onions and white truffle oil.

GOOSEBERRY: That is correct.


GOOSEBERRY (with a black eye, sniffling): Thank you chef.

TED: Now whose dish has been put on the chopping block?


TED (revealing Gooseberry’s dish): Chef Gooseberry, you’ve been chopped.

GOOSEBERRY: I was pretty disappointed to get chopped, but I stand by my work, and I’m proud nobody had to eat meat made by my hand. (leaves down the hallway)

TED: Next up, the entree round. WHO (flash to Madagascar) WILL (flash to Angela) BE (flash to Bill) CHOPPED???!!??

Amid the hustle and bustle of the kitchen at Marcel’s, a fine dining restaurant in Washington, D.C., one member of the staff is immune to the noise. It’s David Uzzell, the 28-year-old saucier responsible for such delicacies as pan-seared foie gras or mushroom mornay sauce.

Uzzell is a deaf chef — a rarity in the vast majority of restaurant kitchens. When chef and owner Robert Wiedmaier needs to get Uzzell’s attention while expediting during dinner service, he pokes him in the shoulder.

“David gets poked a lot,” says Wiedmaier. “There might be a dent in his shoulder from my finger by now.”

It’s not all poking, according to Uzzell. “We’ve come up with some workarounds,” he says — or writes, using one of the many notepads that are permanently kept at his station to help with more lengthy communications. Having completely lost his hearing by the time he was a year old, Uzzell is used to having to figure out how to communicate to a hearing audience.

“I’ve never seen somebody text so fast,” says Wiedmaier.

Laser Pointers And Hand Signals: A Deaf Chef In The Kitchen

Photo: Kristen Hartke for NPR
Caption: David Uzzell at work in the kitchen at Marcel’s. Uzzell has a written list of daily tasks from chef and owner Robert Wiedmaier at his station, and his ever-present notepad and pencil on the shelf above serves as communication tools for more specific instructions.


Salmon with Blistered Tomatoes 

Hey! I have missed all of you so much. Though I’m not returning with a full start to finish recipe, I did some cooking, and I definitely waned to share with all of you – especially since I brought my camera out. I also wanted to let all of you know that I regularly update my instagram. My profile is bakingwithbooks


1.5 lb skin-on salmon cut into three portions 

Seasoning blend for salmon: kosher salt, black pepper, Herbs de Provence, smoked paprika, hot paprika 

One pint mixed (orange and red) cherry tomatoes, rinsed and stems removed 

Olive oil 

½ large shallot, sliced or roughly chopped 

2 cloves garlic, roughly chopped 

Fresh parsley, roughly chopped 

Kosher salt and pepper 

Strawberry balsamic dressing (found at Whole Foods)


In a large cast iron skillet over medium heat, drizzle a fair amount of olive oil and add in the shallots and garlic and let them sweat and infuse into the oil. 

After about 1 minute, add in the tomatoes, season generously with salt and pepper and allow them to blister for about 3 minutes. 

Remove tomatoes to a bowl. 

Add a little more olive oil to the pan and place the salmon skin-side down into the pan, searing for about 2 minutes. 

Flip and continue cooking for about 4-5 minutes. 

Add back in the tomatoes and add in a small amount of strawberry balsamic. 

Remove from heat when salmon is finished (should be moist and still slightly pink). 

Serve while hot. 


  • Makoto: How are we doing, how’s the search?
  • Akira: I haven’t started yet.
  • Makoto: Okay, you know, I haven’t gotten ONE answer I was looking for today? What is it, that you’re doing, wh-what’s going on?
  • Akira: I’m cutting onion, steaming rice, pan-searing some beef– I got two hundred people I gotta feed, alright, back off!
  • Makoto: O-okay, okay… (awkward glance)
  • Akira: …What, do you think all I know how to do is bust heads?
  • Makoto: No! …well, yeah.
  • Akira: Look, hold a knife like this, cuts through an onion. Hold a knife like this (flips to reverse-grip), cuts through, like, eight Yakuza in four seconds, screams, carnage… people are like knives. Everything’s in context.

Peter Darling by Austin Chant

Summary: Ten years ago, Peter Pan left Neverland to grow up, leaving behind his adolescent dreams of boyhood and resigning himself to life as Wendy Darling. Growing up, however, has only made him realize how inescapable his identity as a man is.

But when he returns to Neverland, everything has changed: the Lost Boys have become men, and the war games they once played are now real and deadly. Even more shocking is the attraction Peter never knew he could feel for his old rival, Captain Hook—and the realization that he no longer knows which of them is the real villain.

Thoughts: Wow. I loved this book. The plot is quick but well-paced, the tension between Hook and Pan is searing, and the portrayal of Peter as a trans boy is brilliant and powerful. What begins as Peter’s next fairytale adventure ends as a charming love story between two men who escaped to Neverland to forget the pain in their real lives.

Warnings: Transphobia from Peter’s family, dysphoria, action violence and death of minor characters

“I’ll make enough potato chips to last myself a few days” I say, peeling roughly my own body weight in potatoes and narrowly avoiding removing my fingers with the mandolin slicer. 

“It’ll be a good supply of snack food for me to eat and I won’t have to keep prepping them” I say, placing the tray into the oven and setting the timer. 

“I’m so glad I thought ahead like this,” I say, eating the still sizzling potato chips off of the searing hot pan with both hands like a starving wild animal that just caught the scent of blood.

I Love You *Lance Tucker x Reader*

Originally posted by hogwarts-is-my-castle

Requested by Anon:  Oh, I love Lance. I really enjoyed ‘Give me that gold’ and I’m patiently (longingly) waiting for the next part of 'not an Athlete’. Can I request something about going on a date with him on valentines day and getting a bit irritated when the waitress won’t stop flirting with him? Smut and a fluffy ending, if possible? As fluffy as anything with Lance Tucker can be, anyways. Thank you!
Ratings: Mature/ Implied smut, I went more fluff route. I am writing smut on my Tucker series so I kinda, wanted to focus on smut. 
Word Count: 1,670 - I’m still editing but I wanted this up!

Note: AGAIN, I feel like whenever I write smut I say this but I am not pro-smut writer, I am not one of those blogs that find it easy. I am learning every day, so hopefully, you see the improvements! - Rosalee

“You didn’t have to make reservations, I am happy spending the evening inside with take out.” You smile as you entered the luxurious restaurant, arm wrapped around your waist and lightly tensing around you.

You look up at your boyfriend of almost three years, who was lightly chuckling. “We do that every night; I wanted to do something special for you, so just enjoy it.”

Lance was right about that. You’re a homebody; you love the comfort of your home and feel at peace there. It’s a safety blanket of sorts, you preferred the ease it came with when at home. Not that you didn’t enjoy going outside or to fancy places with Lance but he seemed more himself, like he wasn’t putting on some show, it was nice.

Lance pulled you towards the front desk where he stated his name; you were then led to your table. The place was fancy as hell, beautiful chandeliers, crystal glass champagne flutes. It looked expensive, you hated when Lance spent loads of money on you. You have your own job, it’s how you met Lance but he loved to spoil you and you wanted to hate it, his face of excitement when he does spoil you makes you melt.

“I know you hate it when I spoil you,” Lance began, sitting across from you, “but it’s Valentines’ Day and it’s like the only day of the year, except Christmas and Birthday, which I can’t be told off for splurging.” You chuckled and nodded in agreement.

Lance ordered champagne, ignoring your look when he said the most expensive. You couldn’t really be mad at him; he only showed this affection around you, it was like you were his weakness. He becomes a little soft whenever around you. You made light chat as you both looked over the menu, everything sounded delicious and you couldn’t really decide, you were feeling pretty hungry also.

Before you could ask Lance for help the sprightful, young waitress bounced over. “Ready to order?” Her bright smile completely aimed at your boyfriend, you pushed down the jealousy because you were sort of used to this.

Used to girls and women all fawning over Lance Tucker, it was understandable from just looking at him and he had his past, not that you ever judged him on it but it made the first year… not easy. You couldn’t blame him, he hadn’t met you and didn’t really like the thought of settling down but then he met you, and it took a lot of convincing to get you on a date.

So, you weren’t going to play the jealous girlfriend tonight.

“I can recommend anything,” her voice dropped a little in tone, a light play of suggestiveness to it and you glanced at Lance.

He hadn’t even looked up from his menu, yet, too busy looking it over. “I think I’ll have the lobster,” he finally glanced up, smiling and pacing the menu to her. She let out this little, high-pitched giggle and then looked to you.

You felt her eyes drag down your face and upper body, pursing her lips in slight disappointment, you felt slightly uncomfortable with it. Her piercing blue eyes as she waited for your order, she let out this sigh of impatience like you were taking up her time with Lance when in fact, it was the opposite.

“Uh-I’ll have the pan-seared chicken with shallots,” you handed the menu gently out to her and she takes with a little quirk of her eyebrow in response to you. She turned offering another sultry smile to Lance before walking away, you watching the back of her as she left.

It took Lance light chuckle to pull you back, you flushed out of embarrassment. “I’m sorry that still happens,” he tells you gently, offering his hand across the table for you and you gladly take it.

“It’s expected when you still look like that,” you shrugged and he let out another chuckle, shaking his head at you. “You haven’t given me any reason to feel jealous, I just hate it,” you sighed.

He squeezes your hand softly, drawing attention to his eyes. “Hey, I feel the same way when we go out and guys openly check you out. I love you, okay?”

You blushed lightly and chuckled, “I love you too. Although, I don’t have millions of fans across the country like you do but I hear what you’re saying.” He rolled his eyes but grinned.

Your food was served by the flirty waitress, who lingered a little too long when bending over to serve Lance’s meal and you tried to brush off how irritated you got. You didn’t want to ruin the evening by creating a scene, yet she was blushing and giggling, it was starting to become pretty old quickly. When she finally left, you sipped your champagne in silence and ate your food a little bitterly. Lance couldn’t help it but he wasn’t exactly stopping her little show.

You talked lightly, trying not to let Lance know how irritated you are because really, you didn’t want to ruin the night he planned out. But Lance knows you, better than anyone and he knew, of course, he knew!

When you got home that’s when he decided to ask about it. “Are you okay?”

“What do you mean?” You asked walking to the bedroom and Lance following, leaning against the doorframe watching you as you tried not to give yourself away. On purposefully not looking at him, “I’m fine, promise. Why wouldn’t I be? I’m not upset that you let some waitress flirt with you, on Valentine’s Day, in front of me. I’m not upset!” You huffed sitting on the edge of the bed and taking your heels off.

Lance raised his eyebrows, “Wait… you’re upset because I let someone flirt with me?” He asked in bewilderment, you glared at him. “I hardly noticed her attempts,” you scoffed as he held back a chuckle. “Seriously, how could I notice her when you’re wearing that dress?” he asked, crossing his arms as if to prove his point.

You did specifically buy the dress for this dinner. It was a long blue, gown. The cut was a deep-v like shape, exposing a modest amount of cleavage; it exposed the necklace Lance gave you on your two-year anniversary.

He strides over to you, leisurely and smoothly, taking a hold of your hand and pulling you up from the bed. With your heels off his significantly taller than you, he isn’t mad or smirking but he has this soft smile on his face like he thinks you being jealous is the most adorable thing you do.  His hands settle on your waist, pulling you flush against his toned body.

One of his hands cups your cheek causing you to look up at him. His blue eyes are soft, lovingly looking back at you and your breath hitches in your throat because it’s so intense, full of love and adoration for you and just you. He leans down and molds his lips to yours, kissing you gently. The hand cupping your cheek creeps around to the back of your neck, lightly holding you in place as he deepens the kiss, fingers playing with your hair.

He pulls away, all too soon in your opinion, resting his forehead against your own as he breathes through his nose. It’s silent as you toy with his toy, holding onto it as a lifeline of some sort. He’s staring at you when you finally look back at him, fingers stilling and lying flat against his chest.

“I love you,” he mutters above a whisper and you nod because you know he does. You know but you always have this suspicion he’ll leave, it’s always there but you know that right now, he does love you.

You both help undress one another in silence, it’s a comforting silence. A warm kind of silence, a silence that speaks volumes between you because you don’t need to say words, it’s comforting and nice. Lance unzips your dress slowly, helping you step out of it and picking it up to drape over the vanities chair.

You both resume kissing as you lay on the bed, wrapped in Lance’ arms, as he softly caresses your body. He’s being extra gentle tonight, soft kisses and teasing touches, it’s different to how this usual happens but it’s a nice different. It’s like he wants to prove how much he loves you with each touch, each lick and nip of your skin. He didn’t leave any inch of your skin untouched. Every nerve felt like it was on fire, his touch felt scorching but yet, so good.

He had you on the brink of demise so, so many, times only to pull back. It was pure torture but the best kind because when he finally had you coming undone, it felt like everything stopped. The world, time and your breathing, everything just stopped moving.

Lance lay on top of you, breathing heavily against the crook of your neck as you fingers carded through his thick, damp hair. You felt his lips trail kisses on your collar bone, sending shivers up your spine as you breathily chuckled.

“Happy Valentines’ Day, baby,” he muttered hotly against your neck, pulling himself up to kiss your lips sweetly. “I did have a gift to give you but…” he trailed off signature smirk settling on his face as he looked down at you.

You chuckled, hands moving to rest on his broad shoulders, “Wait, you mean this wasn’t my present?” You asked; he rolled his eyes still grinning boyishly. “You naked on top of me? The present better be a puppy because that’s the only thing that can top this.”

He raised an eyebrow and laughed, rolling off of you as he carried on laughing to himself about what you said. You watched him with a little grin of your own, moving to rest your head against his chest, an arm wrapping around your body as he still shook with laughter.

“How in the world would a puppy beat sex with me?” He asked after a few seconds of silence.

(Super original title, I know. Don’t judge me, I couldn’t think of one and it’s 3am right now. If I think of something better I’ll change it to that but for now. Anyway, sorry I take so long to update Not An Athlete, my lance Tucker series but I just want every chapter to be good. - Rosalee)

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Sensory Experience

A/N This was inspired from a TV show that I really like :D Hope everyone enjoys it! 

Warnings: None (no there is no smut ignore the title)

Pairings: Harrison Osterfield x reader 

Word Count: 1, 904


You entered the room. Zendaya and Laura were seated by the table, practicing their lines.

“How was breakfast?” Laura asked, looking at you expectantly. You had gone out for breakfast with Harrison as a date, with Tom tagging along.

“It was…” you searched for a word to describe your experience third wheeling a pair of best friends. “Nice.” You finished, flashing her a rather fake smile. “Yea it wasn’t nice.” Zendaya pointed out. “What’s the issue?”

“Harrison and I… we just started dating and… we’ve been having quite a lot of threesomes lately.” Their eyes widened. “No not the sexual kind… it’s like Tom keeps coming along with us. I’m basically third wheeling two best friends when I’m supposed to be on a date!”

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Okay! So, we have a bit of a problem! Yeah… it’s come to my attention that some of my fave people are feeling a little down… unappreciated… uncared for… and we cannot let this stand! SO, I have some things to say. And… yes, this will probably be one long a** post but… please bear with me?

First things first. I’m still relatively new to this community. I don’t know everyone. I’m 10000% sure of that. Which means I will probably not get everyone… (I’m like 100000% sure I /haven’t/ gotten everyone!) And for that I am sorry… BUT, if you’d like to help me fix it you can! Please do! It’s super easy! Just send me one of the <3 + URL things, and I’ll do my best to add them to the list! Or, or, or! You could reblog this and add them yourself!!

Off we go!!

@smolsickficwriter : You are honestly the best! Like, whether you choose to write sickfic again or not I love you! I wouldn’t even be on Tumblr if not for you! I’m always here if you wanna chat! *hugs* <333 Plus Kel and Anslem are the first ocs I read about on here, and I love them so freaking much! There are a great many of your fics which I keep bumping to the top of my likes!

@cabbagespoon : Your writing is flipping gold! And I know I’ve already commented that on a fic but it’s true. Entirely true. Your fics are beyond fabulous, and I look forward to every single one!

@dontfeelsogood : Hey! We’ve been chatting lately, and I think you’re super, super cool! Your ocs make me kinda crazy as well? Like tbh, Nik and Edi are such sweethearts, and I love them so much! And that prompt you filled for me? It was so great! I honestly just want to wrap those boys up and cuddle them!

@its-a-goddamn-heartbreak : You literally encourage every. Single. Freaking. Blog. I don’t really know how you do it? You sent my first ever ask, and I know I took forever and a half to fill it (im sorry) but I will never forget that! Your ocs are also really, really awesome! I especially like Ruairi and Saoirse!

@anonyony1 : Right, so you’re just plain incredible! Like… the superwoman of sickfic! I sometimes wonder if you’re ever not writing? The stuff you put out is fantastic A+++ content, and I’m in love with every single one of your ocs! Also, I’m ridiculously excited for more Ozzy and Julien… as well as Joel and Max… and Ira and Eno… and Porter and Becca… and Liam and Vera… just… I think you get the point. All of them. They are all my faves.

@dont-look-so-good : You’re one of the first people I got up the courage to talk to, and I really couldn’t be more thankful? You’re one of the sweetest people I know! And I love you so much! I love reading your fics! Alistair and Julius are the actual cutest. Like, ever. And /Jasper/!! That boy is adorable! *legit gathering all the blankets to wrap him in rn*

@i-am-too-sick : Heey hun! You’re gorgeous, and your writing is gorgeous… just all the gorgeousness is on this blog. You’re also one of the first blogs I followed, and I love, love, love reading your fics! *sighs* You always manage to fill my Soleangelo cravings. And you do it so well! I love those two, but I don’t think I could ever write them and you just… basically blow my mind with how good you are at it??

@brites : SO, I’ve been sorta high-key stalking this blog… the fics are all superb, and there is. So. Much. Fic. Like, to the point where I’m dubious about my ability to read it all? And I read a Lot… But basically I love this blog so much, and everyone should check them out! *waves v nervously* You guys are all crazy good writers and I really admire you all!

@sickandvomiting : Okay, so Victor and Saoirse are really adorable! I love them so much! And also… Max and Oscar! I really, really like those two! You’re also another one of the blogs I followed when I first joined Tumblr, and I’m so glad we’ve had the chance to talk! Btw that garlic pan seared steak was so, so, SO good! Thank you for enlightening me and broadening my steak eating horizons!

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A Wild Night in Vegas -- Part 10

I feel like I say this with every chapter, but Ish and I enjoy this AU so much. It’s helped keep us sane in crazy days of stress and confusion and all sorts of things. Hope you like this chapter!

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Fraser Bairn Watch: Month 4

Things were definitely beginning to change inside her body. She could feel it, even as she watched the changes. Her belly was beginning to really grow now, no longer appearing as if she’d eaten too much. Some mornings she would steal Jamie’s phone before he woke and flip through the photos he had of her belly. There were only a few of them, since they’d found out late, but he kept them in their own folder in his phone.

That was one of the best things about this situation. No matter how she was feeling, how many times she’d thrown up, or how many evenings she fell asleep halfway through her meal, he was happy. He was overjoyed to watch her grow.

She wasn’t getting as sick this month, though it still happened. Jamie was so good about making sure whatever had triggered her sickness didn’t make it onto the grocery list for that week.

He came home, several bags of groceries in his hands and a small bundle of flowers.

“You’re going to spoil me, Jamie Fraser. If you’re not careful, I’ll start expecting flowers every month.”

With a wink and a kiss on her cheek, he went to set the bags down. As he put their groceries away, she set the roses up in the vase where the previous three had been.

“Four roses for four months,” he said, coming up behind her. “Because I love ye more than my own life and I thank ye for carrying my bairn.”

The following day, she went to work as she usually did, armed with a cool water bottle and several frozen washcloths to help keep her cool. She’d had an idea brewing in her mind, but she hadn’t figured out how to execute it yet.

Jamie had done so much for her, given up so many things for her, and steadfastly held true since before she had moved out and back (if she was honest with herself), and she wanted to figure out what she could do for him. He wasn’t a materialistic man, he didn’t need things. She wanted to do something else, take him somewhere closer to home, but still have it feel like a getaway.

There were quite a few options that they could afford that were nearby, but she hadn’t been able to make a concrete decision yet. As she finished her shift, she watched a young family wander through the gardens. The man and woman held hands as they walked, their eyes content as they looked at each other. Their little girl toddled around them, eager to explore everything around her. Both parents looked at their child with such tenderness and fondness that Claire felt tears pricking her eyes.

The whole drive home, the image of the young family played in her mind’s eye. When she walked in the door, she stared around the front room with her mouth open. She wasn’t a messy person by nature, but with her odd cravings at times, she ate food just about everywhere. Jamie never complained about it either, which was comforting. Frank had hated if she’d had a snack somewhere other than the kitchen table.

But the entire apartment, from what she could see, was spotless. The carpet was freshly vacuumed, she could still see the lines in it, and everything had been dusted. When she put her bag down and headed into the kitchen for the extra washcloth Jamie kept frozen for her, she noticed that he’d even mopped and wiped down the counter. The bathroom was also probably wiped down and scrubbed as well, if he’d gone to this much trouble.

He was moving about the kitchen as if some exciting tune was playing that only he could hear. As he did, he hummed something she didn’t recognize. Sometimes when he was in a really good mood, he’d hum or chant something he’d heard growing up in Scotland. Given the cadence she thought this thing he was humming might be along those lines.

A pot sat on the stove, Jamie stirring its contents. She thought she smelled chili powder, but wasn’t sure. He had a few other bowls sitting out on the counter filled with a few different things and she realized what he was making. Meatless taco salad. It was something he’d tried a few weeks back and she’d loved it. None of the things in it had made her sick or given her heartburn.

Watching him swaying to his own music, an overwhelming sense of fondness flooded her and she began weeping.

“Claire?” He turned suddenly, surprised to see her standing behind him and noticed the tears flowing down her cheeks. “Christ! Are ye alright lass?! The bairn?”

Unable to form words, she just stared at his blurry image and wept.

“Is it something in the kitchen bothering ye? I thought it was alright last time and ye liked it so much… If it’s too much I can make something else.”

“No! No don’t do that!” she said, suddenly finding the words. “It’s just… You’re such a good man, Jamie. I know you had training at work today and you still had the time to come home and clean our whole apartment and make dinner. I just… I’m just…”

When the words fled from her mind again, she reached for him and brought his lips down to hers. He was surprised at first, but quickly melted into her embrace and returned it.

“I love you too, mo chridhe,” he whispered when she let him go. “Are ye sure the bairn’s alright?”

“Yes,” she said, spreading her hand over the small swell. “We’re both alright. I was just a little emotional. These goddamned bloody hormones. I’m sorry.”

He shook his head, laughing, and went back to them stove.

“Dinna apologize for that, Sassenach. It comes wi’ the territory of you being wi’ child.”

She smiled. “How long until dinner is ready?”

“Only a few more minutes. Just need to heat the beans and corn back up and throw it all together.”

The idea that had been forming in her mind came suddenly to life and she knew what she needed to do.

“Alright. I just have a few things I need to do on the computer.”

Before she turned away, he took two steps toward her and stole another kiss.

Sitting down at her desk, she opened up her laptop and began researching Lake Mead. It was about an hour from their apartment and would be a perfect thing for them to do. They could get away without really going anywhere and have some time just to themselves. She knew Jamie would love it.

Friday night, she snuggled up to him and began playing with the hairs on his chest.

“Have you any plans this weekend?”

“Ah… No, I dinna think so. Why?”

“What if we went to Lake Mead for the day tomorrow?”

Craning his neck, he looked down at her, brows raised.

“Oh? For the day? We dinna have a boat.”

“No, but we can rent one.”

He leaned down and kissed her forehead.

“Aye, I’d like that verra much, Sassenach. Thank ye.”

“Well, this is sort of my way to say thank you actually. You’ve done so much for me since I told you I was pregnant. You’ve taken such good care of me, so I’ve got a whole day planned for us.”

“Have ye now? Been planning this for some time, then?”

She shrugged.

“Not really. It’s been brewing in my head for a while, but it only just fell into place.”

“I look forward to seeing what ye’ve planned for us, then.”

With a smile, she hugged him tightly and relaxed into sleep.

The following morning, she packed a few things into a large bag and they drove out to Lake Mead. They picked up their rental boat and Jamie set out to find a spot of beach just for them. It was hot, but being out on the lake was more fun than she’d expected. She stayed under the awning with him while he drove the boat around.

He looked good out here, dressed only in his swim trunks as he’d shed his shirt as soon as they’d gotten on the boat. She wore the only swimsuit she owned, but had put his shirt on over it.

“It’s a beautiful day,” he said, staring out at the blue water.

“It really is. I was worried it might rain, but it looks like the sky has cleared up.”

“Aye. Thank ye, Sassenach. This is a verra nice thing to do.”

They ate lunch on the beach, laying out on the towels she’d brought with them. It was too hot to be too near each other, but they were comfortable this way.

“We canna make love on a public beach, can we?” he asked some time later.

Claire snorted.

“This corner might be secluded, but it’s not that secluded. See?” she nodded to someone flying by on a jet ski.

He sighed.

“Someday I want to take ye somewhere and make love to ye on a beach.”


“Dinna ken. Something I’ve never done and I suspect ye havena either. Always thought it would be verra romantic to do that.”

She smiled at him.

“You really are a romantic at heart, aren’t you?”

“Aye, maybe I am. Ye said ye had other plans for us today?”

“I do. We’ll need to head back soon so I can get started on our dinner.”

Nodding, he helped her up and gathered her into his arms for a very thorough kiss.

“Then let’s return the boat and head home.”

On the drive back, she dozed off a little. Jamie woke her when they got back to their apartment.

“Can I help ye wi’ the meal?”

“No, you can’t. Go and read or watch TV or something. It’s my turn to appreciate all that you’ve done for me.”

Pursing his lips, he grunted and went to the couch to read. She got to work on a full dinner for him. Pan-seared steaks, his favorite garlic mashed potatoes, and cheesy broccoli. The last time he’d had cheesy broccoli had been over a month before and it had ended with her vomiting in the bathroom. But she knew how much he’d loved it, so she made it for him.

When the meal was all done, she set the table and looked proudly at all she’d done.

“Christ Sassenach, this looks amazing!”

“I hope so. It’s all your favorites.”

“And the cheesy… Claire, ye dinna need to cook things ye canna eat.”

Shaking her head, she motioned to his seat and he took it.

“This is something you like, Jamie. I wanted to do this for you.”

“It isna fair for me to eat it and you to-”

“I made you these bloody cheesy broccoli to say thank you, damn it! Will you not just eat them?!”

He blinked and looked down sheepishly.

“You’re right. I’m sorry, Sassenach. I appreciate that ye made them for me.”

“Good. Now eat up. I have one last thing planned for tonight.”

After they finished, Jamie insisted that she leave the dishes for him to take care of the next day. Reluctantly, she agreed.

“So what are we to do next? Dessert, perhaps?”

The glint in his eye made her giggle a little.

“Maybe later. How are your shoulders?”

He moved them stiffly, as if his shirt didn’t fit him quite right.

“Still sore. But no’ so bad as they were a few days ago. Ye’ve a good touch.”

“Lie down on the bed. Take off your shirt and trousers.”

As he did, she caught the wince he tried to hide. No matter what he did, all of the tension and soreness from his work ended up in his broad shoulders. He lay down on their bed arms folded beneath the pillow she’d moved for him.

“I’m glad we did this today,” she said, running her hands up his back.

He shivered a little, gooseflesh rippling over him

“Aye, me too. It’s always good to get away wi’ you. Helps to get away from the city and the strip. Sometimes I think…”

Squeezing the bottle of oil, which she’d gotten specifically with this in mind, onto his back, she began to work it into his muscles.

“Think what?”

“You’ll think I’m daft.”

“I live with you. I already know you’re daft.”

One blue eye opened a crack to glare at her. She smiled at it and started digging her fingers into his tense back.

“Weel now I’m no’ gonna tell you.”

“Please? I like to hear what you’re thinking.”

A knot in his lower back gave way and he let out a deep sigh.

“Weel… Sometimes I find myself thinking that if the whole world fell away, I would be alright. Because I have you.”

Again, she felt tears in her eyes.

“Oh Jamie, that’s very sweet. I couldn’t think you daft for that.”

“Thank ye, Sassenach.”

Working slowly, she released the knots in his lower back and middle back before reaching his shoulders. His breathing was slow and even, but he wasn’t asleep. She climbed onto the bed and held herself above him to get a better angle.

Putting as much pressure into her hands as she could, she compelled the knots to release. Closing her eyes, she imagined the muscle held beneath his skin. She thought of how they should look, how they should feel, how they should move. Kneading and pressing in the places her hands told her, she continued until she felt the tightness give. Jamie let out a mighty gasp, his body flinching beneath her.

“Oh… Claire that…”

“Did it work?”

“Aye, lass. It worked verra well. I dinna think my shoulders have felt this good in weeks.”

With a pleased smile, she got off the bed.

“Good! That was the whole point of doing this, after all.”

Jamie rolled onto his back, staring up at her. His eyes drooped, but they glittered with desire and mischief.

“Though, now that ye have me thinkin’…”

Claire snorted, already opening the bottle of oil again.

“What? Are you going to tell me your cock has a certain stiffness as well?”

He smirked at her and shook his head.

“It doesna yet. But I think other bits of me could use yer touch.”

As she looked his body over, she thought it would be most enjoyable to start from the bottom and work her way up, skipping sensitive areas. With the majority of his body now covered in oil, she felt her own desire stirring. How could someone be so perfectly formed? In the waning light of the room he looked like a sculpture of a Greek god, in the living flesh.

Her eyes darted down to his crotch and she smiled. Living flesh indeed. Flesh that she needed to feel. Hands back on his chest, she made the mistake of looking up to meet his eyes.

She was drawn to him by some invisible force. He made no move for her and said nothing. Yet he compelled her to bring herself closer. Was it the eyes? Perhaps. But it was also more than that, as if his soul was calling to hers and it was calling back.

Before she even realized how close to him she was, her mouth found his. Both of his arms came around her waist then and pulled her up onto the bed. Feeling his body beneath hers shortened her breath.

At some point, he’d begun to pull her jeans off. Forcing herself to get off him for a moment, she stood and finished what he’d started. Jamie was not one for remaining idle, though. Hopping to his own feet, he pulled her to him and kissed her hard.

His skin was smooth to her hands, oiled as it was. She couldn’t help but smile when his hands found her buttocks, squeezing them excitedly. Then he pushed her panties off before removing his boxers.

“I must have ye now, Claire,” he said, voice strained with his desire.

“Then have me,” she answered.

He brought her back into his arms and began to tug at her shirt. She shied away from him, pulling it back down. His brow furrowed at her, eyes narrowing in question.

“Just leave it.”

“And no’ see your beautiful body in all it’s naked glory? I think not, Sassenach. Off wi’ it.”

Reaching for it again, he had her stomach exposed before she started to pull it back down. For a moment, she thought about insisting, but that would lead to questions. Instead, she lifted her arms so he could take the last bit of covering from her.

He laid her down on their bed, pausing briefly to kiss her stomach. Then he moved back up to kiss her lips.

“Thank ye, Claire, for all you’ve done today. Taking me out for a day on the lake, cooking me a verra fine dinner, even wi’ things ye couldna eat. And then ye tend my body? I’ve never kent a woman like you.”

“I don’t think there’s ever been a woman quite like me before,” she sighed before stroking his face. “Or a man quite like you.”

“I’m glad I found ye.”

She opened her mouth to say something back, but was cut off by his sudden thrust. Whatever she’d done to help relieve the tension in his back and shoulders had clearly made him feel better. He moved with a frenzy she hadn’t felt in some time, like he was making love to her for the first time.

Her legs couldn’t lock around him, constantly slipping off his body from the oil as much as his vigor. She let her head fall back onto the pillow. His lips visited her neck, biting gently. Her back arched off the bed in response, hands clawing at his back uselessly as they slipped and slid against his skin. Lifting her head up, she bit his neck in kind, spurring him to rear up and continue his merciless attack on her body, hands exploring every piece of her as she did the same.

Overwhelmed by the animalistic feelings aroused in him, he pushed on, growling into Claire’s ear, “Ye’re mine, mo nighean donn. Now and forever, yer mine.”

He gripped her hips to hold her body in position while he continued on. The end was coming nearer, her body preparing for that release it needed desperately. Taking a grip on his hair, she pulled him back down to her and bit his shoulder hard to mute her scream. Then he too cried out, his own body bucking against hers.

They lay together for several minutes, neither able to move after the climax faded. Jamie gave her a very sweet kiss before rolling onto his side. She curled up in his arms, observing the bright red mark she’d left him.

“Sorry about that one,” she said quietly, poking it.

He hissed a little.

“Dinna fash. Was worth a little pain to hear ye squeak like that.”

With a contented sigh, she pressed her ear to his chest and let his steady heartbeat sing her to sleep.


The following night, Jamie was nudged awake by his wife. Grunting, he forced his eyes open.

“Are ye alright?” he mumbled. “The bairn?”

“We’re alright. Would you mind… Maybe going and getting us some hot wings?”

“Are ye daft? I dinna even ken what the time is.”

With a heavy sigh, he looked at the clock on her bedside table.

2:31 AM

“Wings? Ye want hot wings? Now?”

She smiled sheepishly.

“Pregnancy cravings?”

“If ye start craving pickles wi’ yer ice cream, I’m moving out,” he said, swinging his legs over the side of the bed. “But if it’s hot wings ye need, it’s hot wings ye’ll get.”

“Thank you, darling.”

“Anything for you.”

Rubbing the sleep from his eyes, he tried to ignore the clock inside his car. He drove around for nearly half an hour until he found a place that was open and sold hot wings. As he pulled up to the window, his phone buzzed.

Hello darling. Could you maybe pick up some cheesy chips too? Thank you!

The speaker squacked and a woman yawned.

“What can I get you?”

“I’d like an order of hot wings and cheesy chips, please. Thank ye.”

“One order of hot wings and one order of nachos. That’ll be-”

“No, miss. I’m sorry. I mean cheese fries.”

“Hot wings, nachos, and cheese fries. That’ll be…”

Jamie rolled his eyes. He was too tired to argue with the woman at three in the morning.

He tripped several times as he went up the stairs to their apartment, but he kept the food from dropping. She was in bed, wiggling like an excited puppy. Her nose flared when he walked in.

“Did you get nachos too?”

“I forgot to say cheesy fries rather than cheesy chips, so she thought I meant nachos. But I got you proper chips too.”

Laying out a napkin on the bed, she pulled the things out of the bag and began shoveling them into her open mouth, still wiggling happily.

“Why did it take you so long?” she asked, licking hot sauce from her fingers.

“It isna easy to find a place that sells hot wings at three in the morning.”

When she smiled at him, he sighed and wiped the sauce from her chin.

“You’re a good husband.”

His heart leapt, hearing her say that, though he chose to keep that feeling to himself. Instead, he stole a cheesy and slightly spicy kiss from her.

“Here,” she said, setting the nachos out. “Share with me.”

“I wouldna dream of taking a pregnant woman’s late night cravings,” he said with a chuckle.

“Well this pregnant woman is sharing them with you. You went out at three in the morning to get them for me.”

With a nod, he gave in and split the nachos with her. They weren’t bad, he thought. When she finished, he gathered up the wrappings and took them to the kitchen trash.

Despite how tired he was now, the look of satisfaction on her face was worth it. He slid back into bed beside her and held her close. Her breath smelled like all the things she’d just eaten, but he didn’t mind.


After she showered in the morning, she went out to breakfast. Jamie beamed at her and kissed her cheek.

“Morning, Sassenach. Sleep well?”

“Very. Thank you for going out last night.”

“Dinna fash. Glad I got ye what ye needed. Oh! And it’s Monday. Ready for yer weekly photo?”

She was a little surprised he wanted to take it right now. It was usually something he did after he got home in the evenings.

“Oh, um… Sure, I guess.”

Going to the same spot she always stood in, she tentatively lifted her shirt to expose her growing belly. It felt heavier somehow, like a lead weight had settled in her stomach.

“Look at ye! Finally looking verra pregnant. Christ, you’re the most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen!”

Verra pregnant.

Those words echoed through her mind all through her classes that day and through her short shift at the gardens. She’d known that she would get bigger, of course, she wasn’t stupid. But she wasn’t sure she liked how she was starting to look now.

She was nursing a mug of tea when Jamie came home.

“Sorry I’m home late,” he said, locking the door behind him.

“It’s alright. I just had some leftovers for dinner.”

“Are ye alright?”

She finished the tea and nodded.

“Yes, we’re both doing just fine.”

As she reached to put her mug in the sink, Jamie made a move to feel her stomach. It was something he’d done regularly since finding out about the baby. But with her newfound discomfort, she shied away from him, backing into the wall.

A hurt expression moved over his face before he stepped back. Unable to meet his eyes, she maneuvered around him to her desk to attempt studying while he ate his own leftovers for dinner. When they went to bed that night, she chose to wear a long night dress. It felt a little old fashioned, but the cut of it hid the new shapes of her body.

Jamie observed her new sleeping outfit with lifted brows, but he didn’t say anything. He only gathered her into his arms and held her as they went to sleep. She let him rest his hands on the bump, the deep-seated awful feeling she had at pulling away from him before tugging at her heart. She knew the coming days and months would bring more changes. All she could hope, for now, was that she’d grow to accept and embrace them.

comeherejimin  asked:

“I’m on a terrible date and you’re my waitor please help me” AU hmm 2seok!!!

Pairing: 2seok (Seokjin x Hoseok)
Prompt: “I’m on a terrible date and you’re my waitor please help me” AU
Rating: PG
Word Count: 2,826
A/N: I got carried away writing this evidently. Also, I’m sorry bc this is me indulging in my 2seok feels after BV. This is also the single parent AU no one ask for but yeah, you’re welcome. Enjoy! (P.S. Read til the end! I’ve got a mini surprise for all of you who love 2seok!)

Hoseok takes a deep breath and steels himself. It’s just a date, he can do this. Nevermind how all his past dates never worked out well. Meeting a friend’s friend should work out better than Tinder right? 

Hoseok nearly shrieks when the glass door before him is pulled open and he’s hit with a face full of cold air from inside the restaurant. Blinking a few times to calm down, Hoseok glances up, only to be met with a warm smile and wow, that’s a really handsome face

“I saw you pondering outside for a really long time,” the man starts, smile never falling a fraction. “If you’re waiting for someone, would you like to wait inside instead?“ 

“Uhhh,” Hoseok says unintelligibly. Oh god, get a grip Jung Hoseok. “I mean… y-yeah sure.” The man holds the door open and Hoseok slips past into the restaurant. 

“So, any reservation?” Hoseok finally notices the man’s name tag, pinned impeccably straight on the button-down long-sleeved shirt he is wearing. Kim Seokjin, it says. 

“Yeah, under… Kim Junhyuk,” Hoseok offers a small smile. “For two,” he adds. 

Seokjin nods, “This way please.” Hoseok follows a step behind as Seokjin leads him over to his table. As Hoseok sits, Seokjin arranges the napkin on his lap. “You look nervous,” Seokjin says conversationally. “First date?”

It’s not a question, and Hoseok wonders if it’s that obvious. “Friend’s friend,” Hoseok reveals, “I don’t really have a good track record with first dates.” As soon as that’s out of his mouth, Hoseok wants to slap himself. Why did he even have to say that? Now the cute waitor’s going to judge his sorry ass. Way to make excellent first impressions, Hoseok

“Red wine or white wine, which do you prefer?” Seokjin says. Hoseok glancs up in surprise at the question to find the waitor still smiling warmly.

“Uhh… white?” Was Seokjin trying to divert topics?

“Then,” Seokjin continues, “Order a glass of white wine if you think it’s going to go well. Otherwise, pick a red and I’ll see what I can do to save you." 

"Why…” Hoseok lets his question trail off, confused. Save him from a bad date? Hoseok’s pretty sure he can handle this himself. He has some dignity, thank you very much.

Seokjin catches on quickly. “Why am I helping?” At Hoseok’s nod, he shrugs lightly. “You’re cute." 

Seokjin winks. Hoseok promptly dies inside. He’s probably flushing all the way to his toes too and he ducks his head hoping the waitor doesn’t catch that. 

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Easy Balsamic Beef Pot Roast
I felt the chill of autumn as soon as I walked out the door this morning and comfort food immediately flooded my mind.  I’ve been with IP for over 7 years now, and now I’m total pro at making any recipe phase 1 friendly so comfort foods are no longer a restriction on IP anymore.

(This super easy and very delicious Phase 1 Beef Pot Roast can be made on the stove, in the slow cooker or in a pressure cooker.)

Original Recipe by: Mellissa Sevigny
Serves: Four- 8 oz servings (serve with cauliflower mash for a complete IP supper meal)

• One boneless chuck roast, approximately 3 lbs.
• 1 Tbsp IP salt
• 1 tsp black ground pepper
• 1 tsp garlic powder
• ¼ cup of IP balsamic vinaigrette dressing
• 2 cups water
• 1 tsp of onion powder
• ¼ tsp xanthan gum or 1 tsp of IP potato puree
• Fresh parsley, chopped to garnish
1. Season the Chuck roast with salt, pepper, garlic and onion powder on both sides.
2. In a large heavy bottomed pan sear both sides of the roast until browned. Deglaze the pan with the balsamic vinegar and cook for one minute.
3. Add the water to the pan. Bring to a boil.
4. Cover and simmer on low for 3 to 4 hours.
5. Carefully remove the meat from the pan to a large bowl. Break carefully into chunks and remove any large pieces of fat or other refuse.
6. Whisk the xanthan gum or potato puree into the broth and add the meat back to the pan.
7. Serve over Cauliflower Mash, garnished with lots of fresh chopped parsley.

To make in the Pressure Cooker:
1. Cut your chuck roast in half so you have two pieces. Season the roast with the salt, pepper, garlic and onion powder on all sides. Using the sauté feature on the instant pot, brown the roast pieces on both sides.
2. Add ¼ cup of balsamic vinegar and 1 cup water to the meat. Cover and seal, then using the manual button set the timer for 35 minutes. When the timer runs out, release the pressure by moving the lever to the “venting” setting. Once all the pressure is released uncover the pot.
3. Carefully remove the meat from the pan to a large bowl. Break carefully into chunks and remove any large pieces of fat or other refuse.
4. Use the sauté function to bring the remaining liquid to a boil in the pot, and simmer for 10 minutes to reduce.
5. Whisk in the xanthan gum or potato puree then add the meat back to the pan and stir gently.
6. Turn off the heat and serve hot over cauliflower mash, garnished with lots of fresh chopped parsley.


Gourmet Burgers 

These burgers were inspired by the amazing, organic bison burger I had last week at Yeah!Burger when I went home to Atlanta. The burger I had was an organic bison burger with goat cheese, fig jam, caramelized onions, and arugula on a whole wheat bun. These are beef burgers but with a delicious twist. 


1/3 lb ground chuck 

1/3 lb ground sirloin 

1/3 lb ground beef 

Burger seasoning: 1 tsp of each: black pepper, kosher salt, chili powder, granulated garlic, granulated onion, smoked paprika, and ½ tsp mustard powder. 

Small amount of olive oil 


Caramelized onions - recipe here: + 1 tbsp sugar 

Goat cheese 

Organic peach jam 

Buns of your choice - I chose French Brioche 


Heat a cast iron pan over medium heat. Also, preheat the oven to 400 degrees Fahrenheit 

In a large bowl, mix together the three ground meats and the seasoning blend.

Form patties – you should be able to form about 4-6 burgers. 

Once formed, place into pan and sear both sides to develop a nice crust. 

Finish in oven to your desired temperature. 

Toast your buns with butter and assemble! 

Be forewarned that these are incredible. 


Lemon Drops and Chocolate Chips


ao3 -  chapter 1   //  chapter 2  //   chapter 3

Tumblr -   chapter 1  //  chapter 2

Huge thanks to @diokomen and @strix for beta-ing this chapter for me. They helped so much with advice, suggestions, and punctuation. I feel this is the most polished of everything I’ve ever written and I am so thankful for them!  And as always @a92vm, who is always so supportive. This story is for you after all! ;) 

Saturday night was usually the day that Betty treated herself. To quote one of her favorite shows, “treat yo self.” It was something she didn’t have a problem doing. She didn’t have a lot of extra money for frivolous things, but it was usually something like a bottle of her favorite cherry wine and a bubble bath. Or maybe take out from a restaurant she really fancied, because she didn’t really have anyone to go out with. Occasionally, she would do some online shopping.

She was going to cook a meal for Jughead on Sunday, so today she was spending her night grocery shopping. Betty actually really loved going to the store, it must have went along with her love of cooking. Otherwise, she preferred online shopping for everything else.

Last week after she and Jughead exchanged phone numbers, they texted briefly the following days. Short, snippets of conversations. Jughead worked a varied schedule depending on the type of thing he was photographing. Whereas Betty was typically home after 5pm every day. They hadn’t really talked about much of importance; just about their days, weird things that happened to them, or Jughead’s woes of unpacking. Jughead was always asking Betty what she was cooking.

Most of the time she didn’t have such an eloquent response for him. She ate homemade, but most things were fairly simple. She did cook or bake for her blog at least once a day and he was always interested in that. One time, when she had told him she just bit into a crunchy peanut butter sandwich his response was a series of emoji’s that she had raised an eyebrow at. A shocked face, hands over mouth, a peanut and a slice of bread, a tongue, and raised hands.

Another text followed after, in which she almost choked on said peanut butter sandwich.

J: stop talking dirty to me

She couldn’t help the laughter that escaped her. If she had learned anything about Jughead so far it was that he loved food (literally any food) and also innuendos. She rolled her eyes, and sent him the corresponding emoji. He sent a winking face back at her.

He was cute, to be honest. He texted the exact same way as he spoke in person – smooth and confident. She wondered if he knew what he really sounded like, if it was a conscious effort or not.

So she had followed that up with a promise to make him something worth talking dirty over and it had kind of escalated from there. They were both free on Sunday from their obligations, so Betty was going to cook. Easy. Simple.

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*slams my entire body into a table in frustration because fists don’t serve proper impact*


squirrellygirlart  asked:

((you don't have to do all these, I am just insane XD) "You don't have to do ALL these, I'm just insane."

“You don’t have to do ALL these, I’m just insane.”

Marinette, Alya and Nino stopped dead in their tracks. They exchanged looks before proceeding with what they were doing. Adrien was sitting silently at the table in the Dupain-Cheng household while his 3 friends were working. Fifteen minutes later he found himself being almost drowned in food.

“Blanquette de Veau?” Marinette offered shoving a pot in his face.

“Entrée , first, Mari, you heathen.” Alya complained and then he had a bowl shoved in his face. “Soupe à L'oignon?”

Marinette pushed Alya aside. “Sole Meunière?” she extended a plate towards Adrien, but before he could reach to take it, Nino appeared in front of him.

“Hachis Parmentier, bro?”

“Fuck off, DJ, he needs Pan-seared Foie Gras !” Alya dragged Nino away by the collar.

“Shut up with your ‘my mother is a five stars chef’ bullshit, Alya.” Marinette appeared again before him. “ Bouillabaisse?”

Alya used her hip to nudge Marinette, as she also presented him with a plate. “ Cod Accras?”

Nino appeared, pushing both girls on either side and presenting Adrien two huge plates. “Tagine? Couscous?”

Marinette hissed and also placed a plate in front of him. “Boeuf Bourguignon?”

Alya appeared on Nino’s other side with a large bowl. “Tartiflette?”

What happened next will shock you. Adrien fainted.

“What happened?”

“I think we overwhelmed him with love and care.”

“And delicious food he was probably not allowed to eat.”



“That must be it.”

Who would have guessed that would happen when all Adrien did was ask for a snack?

More Farmer’s Market Solas, because I was asked for a part two, and also because I am weak and couldn’t resist.

Part one is here

Tagging @elfsplaining​, @elvhenaniwa​ and @ladylike-foxes​ because I think you might be interested in this. [I hope I’m not being too presumptuous!] 


Are you free this Friday?”

“Yes, I believe so.”

“Excellent. I would like to invite you over for dinner. Would you be comfortable with that?”

“Hmmm, I don’t know. Are you secretly a murderer?”

“No, but I cannot promise I will not be tempted to eat you. *laughs*”


“Neria? Are you there?”

“… yes. Sorry, I, ummm… I thought I heard someone at the door.”

“So, how about it? Dinner at seven, my place?”

“Works for me.”

“I’ll text you the address.”

“Perfect. See you on Friday, Solas.”

“Until Friday, Neria. I cannot wait.”

She smooths out the skirt of her dress nervously. He hadn’t told her what kind of meal it was going to be, so she erred on the side of caution and decided on a classic little black dress. The lack of sleeves shows off her lithe, tanned arms, and between the hem that hits her just above the knee and her high heels, her legs look like they were a million miles long.

Adjusting the bottle of wine in the gift basket one last time, she knocks on his door. He responds promptly, and she forgets the greeting on her lips when she sees him. He is wearing a grey shirt - the same color, she thinks idly, as the flecks in his blue eyes - with the collar loose, paired with crisply ironed black slacks.

He looks long, lean, and lethal.

He is luscious.

“Hello,” he says politely, an appreciative glint in his eye as he looks her over.

“Hey,” she replies, cheeks faintly pink under his gaze. “Here, this is for you,” she hands over the wicker basket, “my peach tree is overloaded. The wine’s an Antivan vintage, I hear it pairs well with everything.”

“Thank you, this was unnecessary,” he answers, swinging the door open wider to let her in.

“Oh, it was nothing,” she smiles.

“Would you like a drink first, or the grand tour?”

“A drink, please.” Something to keep her hands - and lips - occupied while she is in such close proximity to him.

“Of course. I happened to pick up a wonderful pear wine yesterday; would you care to try it?”

“That sounds wonderful.”

The wine glass is elegant, the stem covered in vines and leaves. The vintage itself is sweet and crisp, and she enjoys how smooth it feels as it travels down her throat.

“Come, I’ll show you around,” he holds a hand out to her. She places her hand in his, and he draws her closer, tucking her arm into his elbow. This close, she can smell the cedar of his cologne and the musk that is him and wholly him. It is intoxicating, and she debates the propriety of leaning in close and sniffing him out.

She resists.

His apartment is breathtakingly stunning; a penthouse condo with wall-to-wall windows offering a stunning view of the Frostbacks, fireplaces with elegant marble mantles, rugs of the softest bear hide she’s ever felt. The walls are covered in paintings, each one meticulously done and intricate in its details, and she is surprised to hear that they are his own work. The furniture is all clean, modern edges; simple, but she knows quality when she sees it.

He saves the bedroom for last, and she’s not quite sure how to breathe.

The bed is large, long enough to accommodate his height, and is meant to be the centerpiece of the room, but that isn’t what catches her eye. It is the nook tucked away by the window, with bookshelves adorning the walls, and a window seat at the base. It is something so beautifully indulgent, and it makes her want to curl up among the cushions and read. She tells him as such, and he chuckles. “Perhaps one day, hmmm?” he says, a twinkle in his eye.

“I’ll hold you to that,” she murmurs, taking a sip from her glass.

Dinner is a simple, but elegant affair. He’s clearly shopped at more than just her stall, the vegetables fresh and full of flavor. The filet mignon is pan seared with herb butter, and practically melts in her mouth. They converse about her work, and his - she is not unsurprised to hear that he is a well-known artist - and between the food, and the wine, and the intoxicating presence of a man who is all charm and wit and masculine essence, she is bedazzled.

“How do you feel about dessert?” he asks, once they are seated on the plush sofa in front of the fireplace, where a cheerful, crackling fire burns.

She laughs. “I believe you mentioned apples?”

“Ahh, yes,” his look is one of mock regret, “Unfortunately, a friend found your apples immensely appealing and claimed them for herself.”

“Oh?” Her heart sinks at herself’. Does he have a woman in his life already?

“Yes,” he says easily. “Mythal is my publicist and manager, and immensely fond of apples. She claimed yours are the best she has ever tasted, by the way.”

She turns pink. It is as though he has read her mind. “T-that’s… umm, tell her I’m flattered she thinks so.”

“I will,” he grins, wide and warm. “To make up for their absence, I hope strawberries will do. Sylaise had some left over from her wine-making, and I promise you these are very good indeed.”

“Well, if you say they’re good,” she laughs, “they must be. You do have excellent taste in fruit, after all.”

He places a bowl of the ripe, red fruit on the table, and another filled with whipped cream on the side. She swallows lightly as she sees the tips of his fingers stained red with their juice.

She wants to suck them clean, one digit at a time.

His eyes are knowing as they meet hers, as he reaches across and picks one up by its delicate stem. His fingers grip the fruit in a firm, yet gentle grip, enough force to keep it from falling back into the bowl, but not so much that he crushes it within his grip. A part of her is disappointed; she wants him to press the fruit between those long, elegant fingers, wants to see the ruby red liquid flow down his hand. She wants to run the tip of her tongue up from his wrist, and drink the juice from his palm.

She wants… she wants him.

“Go ahead, please. Try one.” He’s bitten into the fruit now, lips stained garnet, berry juice dripping from the corners of his mouth. There’s a tiny bit of whipped cream on his upper lip, and his tongue flicks out and cleans it in a fluid motion.

Her mind is in shambles.

Her gut is a long, single, tightly-wound coil of lust.

Hand shaking, she reaches out for the fruit, and bringing it to her lips, bites into it. The sweetness of it spreads immediately across her tongue, and it lingers even when she swallows. She can feel the stickiness of the juice around her mouth, and hopes she doesn’t look too messy.

She gazes up at him, meaning to compliment the fruit, but his pupils are wide now, dark and feral, and there’s something terribly primal about the way his eyes are fixed on her mouth. She bites down on her lower lip, and the soft growl he lets out has a small gush of wetness flood her underwear.

“Solas?” she asks, her voice little better than a mewl.

“You have a little something-” he leans in close to her, and for a second, their breaths mingle, the scent of strawberries ripe in the air. Then his mouth comes crashing down on hers, and he’s devouring her, and she can’t help but let him because he’s so good, and he tastes like berries and heaven, and she wants more

He pulls back slightly, his lips curled up into a wanton smirk. “Shall we continue this elsewhere?” he asks.

She mirrors his look, her eyes lighting up with mischief. “Lead the way.”

He Needs A Hero

A little Shrunkyclunks action for @getluckywithbucky! Sending you all the positive vibes, friend!

— —

“This tastes like crap,” Bucky says, wincing as he deposits his used spoon into the sink. “What the fuck is that?”

“I think it’s supposed to be broccoli cheddar soup,” Darcy says.

“We’re servin’ this to, like, important people, right?” Bucky asks.

Darcy nods. “I think there’s a senator in there,” she says.

Bucky groans. “This place is gonna go out of business and then I’m gonna default on my student loan, and all because Maurice decided to have a hissy fit and quit! Today of all days!”

“I still can’t believe that we hired someone named Maurice in the first place.”

“I think boss was just impressed that he was French.” Bucky sighs, flips the steaks he’s searing in preparation for service. “Doesn’t matter now, since we’re fucked.”

“Don’t say that, Bucko,” Darcy says, mock-punching Bucky’s arm. He rolls his eyes and nudges her away from the searing hot pans on his stove. “We could still find us a hero.”

“Uh, excuse me?” says a tentative voice from the other side of the kitchen. Bucky looks up to see…

Mother fucking Captain America.

“Oh my God,” Darcy says. “He heard me. Awesome.”

Bucky rolls his eyes. “Yeah? Need something?” he asks, because even if he is Captain America, he should not be in the kitchen of Bucky’s restaurant. A kitchen doing prep is a dangerous place even for American icons.

“Can I hide back here?” Captain America asks.

He looks at Bucky.

Bucky looks at him.

Darcy snickers, and Bucky elbows her side.

“Why?” Bucky asks after a pause that bordered on awkward.

He gives Bucky a shy smile. “The people out there are really boring,” he says.

“Can you chop vegetables?” Bucky asks, perking up.

“What?” Captain America asks.

“Can. You. Chop. Vegetables.” Bucky says, saying each syllable slowly and clear.

Captain America nods. “I sure can,” he says.

“Darcy, take him to get a hairnet and and an apron. Cap, welcome to mise en place.”

— —

“Didn’t they miss you?” Bucky asks at the end of — an admittedly terrible — service. He wipes his hands off on a clean towel; Steve’s just finished up with the dishes. Steve isn’t the best help he’s ever had in his years in the kitchen, but he’s been friendly and funny on a pretty shitty night. Even though he’s sure that the restaurant’s reputation is completely trashed, Bucky can’t bring himself to mind all that much.

Steve shrugs. “Don’t think so,” he says.

“Maybe they miss Captain America,” Bucky says.

“Yeah, well, I’m Steve.”

Bucky smiles. “You wanna grab a drink?” Bucky asks.

Steve looks up from the plate he’s putting away. “Really?” he asks.

“Sort of a tradition after a bad shift,” Bucky says, then adds, “or any shift, really.”

Steve chuckles. “You want me to ask everyone else if they wanna go?” he asks.

Most of the staff has taken off already, and it’s really just he and Steve left. “Nah,” Bucky says. “Let’s just go. Keeps you from havin’ to buy too many people a drink,” he says.

“Shouldn’t you buy one for me, since I did all this work for free?”

“And I’m the one who did you a favor by lettin’ you stay back here.”

“Maybe I could do you a favor some other way,” Steve says, face going red. His face didn’t go that red when he lifted the lid off of a pot of boiling potatoes and had a close encounter with a burst of steam. It’s pretty damn cute.

Bucky smirks. “Drink first,” Bucky says. “Then we’ll see.”

“Drink’s on me,” Steve says.

“Drink’s on you,” Bucky agrees before he hangs up his apron for the night and sets out with Steve.