pan roasted pork chops


House of Gold 

Daryl stared at the bucket of flowers in front of him and all he could do was scowl. He wasn’t supposed to be doing this. He had had absolutely no plans on doing this. When they had gone through this day last year, they had just been sleeping together and sneaking around and he had been so busy telling himself that there was nothing else between them, he had done everything he could to ignore the basic instincts inside of himself and pretend that there were no signs between them to read.

She had come over on the fourteenth and she had gone to some grocery store with her friend from college, Sasha, that he had never heard of before. Whole Foods or something like that in Atlanta and she had then come to his house and made them a dinner of pan-seared pork chops and roasted Brussels sprouts. He had asked her what the occasion was but she had just smiled and shrugged and said that she was in a cooking mood. And after they had washed the dishes together, he had guided her into the bedroom and they had had sex a couple of times. That was what he told himself it was. Sex. Just sex. And he had gotten pretty damn good at making it good for her. At least, he liked to think he did. He could sure as hell make her scream and he was taking that as a pretty good indicator.

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