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pride psa

bringing this back because i always, always hear some snide shitweasel make a comment at my local Pride events:


  • do not
  • no seriously, don’t be that asshole
  • one or more of them could be trans
  • one or more of them could be bi
  • one or more of them could be pan
  • one or more of them could be ace
  • fuck’s sake they could gay or lesbian or straight why are you policing people’s relationships how do you know
  • they are there to support their friends/family/colleagues/community
August 14, 2017
  1. Virgo

  2. Taurus
     Bed cover

  3. Capricorn
     Tote bag

  4. Pisces
     Hair treatment

  5. Scorpio
     French bread

  6. Cancer
     Classical music

  7. Aquarius
     Tree shade

  8. Libra
     Frying pan

  9. Aries

  10. Gemini
     Business card

  11. Sagittarius
     Book store

  12. Leo
Minicat Highschool AU! Feat. Fem!Mini also Brohm and H2oVanoss as parents!

“ Hey everyone! What’s up,Muni Leddd here! Just a quick update video before summer vacation,Tyler and I– ” Quickly,the camera is pointed towards a blonde haired male who’s driving before panning back to the bespectacled girl. “–along with the rest of our family,will be heading off on a trip to Hawaii! Everyone’s joining,even Uncle Toonz,for a long deserved rest! So expect alot of aesthetic photos and what not. Anyways,see ya Ladds in the next video. Peace! ” The bespectacled girl hummed,cutting off her video there before uploading it onto Instagram and every other social media that she was active on.

“ You done,Mini? ” Her–Mini’s– attention was robbed by her blonde companion but she merely gave him a bright smile. “ Yeah,I’m done now,Tyler. Sorry if I bothered you. ” Tyler’s shrug answered his worried. “ I’m used to it thanks to Pop’s constant screaming. ”
Mini giggled, “ Yeah, he does that alot. ” Soon,small talk took over the conversation on the ride to school.

It was still a bit early so there weren’t many cars in the parking lot so Tyler took this opportunity to grab the nearest park ever to the entrance. A bit flashy,yeah but he doesn’t gives a shit.

Mini always made him leave the house at 7 every morning,just because she wants to give their parents more time for recording sessions. Or in Mini’s case,giving her old man a kiss on the cheek before leaving,seeing that he sometimes stream until 7 am. But after years of this routine,Tyler’s used to it and while they had an hour to spare,they’d always head to the library. Where Tyler sneaks in a nap and where Carla uses the hour to catch up on any of their parents’ videos. 

Tyler finds it a bit comical that both their parents are youtubers and in the same group of friends. 

Still,their school life was as weird as their family. Tyler was your run up the mill,ordinary jock but instead of spending his time with the ‘popular group’,he’d rather spend the time he had with Carla. Seeing that she is his girlfriend and his childhood friend. That and he didn’t really like to hang out with his other peers,they were rude to those who they think are ‘beneath’ them and the head cheerleader won’t stop fucking flirting with him. 

Like,take a hint,bitch. Granted,his peers also hated Mini because she was and he quotes,’ A nerdy bitch who thinks shes the center of your fucking world. ‘ 

Needless to say,Tyler was sentenced to detention and was suspended for punching another student. 

He made Mini skip with him,with Bryce’s permission,because he worried for the safety at school without him. That also owed him a punch to his stomach by his girlfriend who can take care of herself just fine.

Mini was a breath of fresh air in his life. She has been for the past 12 years now and continues to be. Tyler could confidently say that his girlfriend was an unpredictable force,even he wouldn’t know if she decided to wear high heels,a mini skirt and a leather jacket the next day if she wanted because she was always a surprise. Which was always funny when people asked what her hobbies were. She’d always say playing video games,reading and,oh, shooting a fucking sniper rifle on weekends. Man he loved this girl. He surely wasn’t turned on when Uncle Luke taught her how to shoot a fucking gun but well,he did taught them both.

Life was nice. He had a smashing hot girlfriend,who’s parents were Ohmwrecker and Bryce Mcquaid,not to mention Smii7y as her younger brother. Tyler was a football player,on his way to head into University with a scholarship on his back and with H2ODelirious and VanossGaming as parents,he’d surely be kicking for a long time. 

Even so. Waking up from his morning naps to his girlfriend’s beautiful face was the best start of his day. 

The love in her eyes was so radiant,so deep that Tyler thought for sure that he was drowning in them. 

Seeing her eyes light up at the mention of her favourite game,the blush on her cheeks as he takes off his letterman jacket to wrap it around her shoulder and the love in her eyes as she looks at him,it was all overwhelming and underwhelming at the same time. 

He’d never get sick of her beautiful eyes.

Her soft and sweet voice nor the laugh that follows.  Did he mention that he just loves her boobs aswell? Seriously,who the fuck gave him this piece of art?

Not a day goes by where he isn’t grateful for this beautiful angel that’s been placed infront of him. 

art by @immatureturd! Aaaahhh thank you for this bootiful art of Fem!Mini,bb <3  You should definitely go follow her


Gina spending ten full minutes talking about herself and how she always knew she’d get her own reality tv show and that she’s the world’s greatest and people that don’t already know that are going to find out

“Oh right you wanted me to talk about the bus accident. I was run over by a bus. But I am no mere mortal so here I sit, perfect as always. Also today we’re setting the bus on fire so there’s that.”

Jake gets so so excited about being on tv but when he sits down with the cameras for the first time he acts all cool and tells his best cop stories. but the camera crew actually arrived earlier than expected and caught Jake celebrating in the precinct

“Wooooooooooooo! Guys! We’re gonna be on tv! On tv! Amy do you think we’ll become famous? Oh my god, what if we became famous cops?!! We’d get to be in Die Hard 6! Which is gonna be better than Die Hard 5 because we’ll be in it!”

He’s whooping and cheering a lot and freaking out to Amy who listens patiently and holds his hands when he gets extra excited and the thing goes on for like, ten minutes probably

Amy doesn’t want Jake and her relationship to be featured on the show in case people think that they aren’t doing their jobs bc they’re too busy dating which could harm the image of the NYPD in the eyes of the public, so Jake and Amy keep their relationship under wraps when the cameras are around in the precinct

but then the cameras catch on and one day they’re following the suspicious detectives that keep flirting with each other in the precinct and Jake and Amy are holding hands on the way to the car and chatting

“Man this pretending not to date thing is so hard, Ames. I mean, I thought we were holding back a lot in the precinct already when there weren’t cameras before, but now that there’re actual cameras recording our every move I can’t do anything but act like how we used before we started dating. I hate not openly dating you. How the hell did I do it before?”

They discuss dinner plans then the camera pans and shows them driving off together in the same car

Terry talks about yoghurt and the importance of a healthy diet and exercise in one’s life. He talks about his wife and beautiful children and his section on the show is always very healthy and pure. He even paints once

Charles has a cooking segment where he teaches how to cook certain… exotic dishes. And also a children’s cooking segment where he teaches Nickolaj simple dishes that the kids at home too, can master

Captain Holt tries to talk about important cop stuff to improve the public’s perspective of the NYPD. But when he’s asked to discuss some of his hobbies he gets going about his antique globe collection and that’s all he discusses for the rest of his time on the show

Hitchcock and Scully are just eating all the time and the camera occasionally pans to their newest meal and gross eating habits

Rosa almost never appears on the show. Its been reported that she’s punched about five cameras already that tried filming her, until she ran out of money to pay for the damages. She now tries to avoid the cameras.

The longest footage the camera crew gets of Rosa is when she’s visiting Gina at the hospital. She has a very tender look on her face as she makes sure Gina’s okay and does simple little things to help her out. The camera only stops filming when Rosa’s grabbed by Gina’s hands and they start kissing

They name the show “Linetti, Set, Go”

anonymous asked:

Arizonan anon again. I've also fried an egg on the sidewalk, I think it was about 117 degrees and my sister an I left a pan out on our drive way for a couple hours and then made scrambled eggs. I could probably do it again this Monday or Tuesday when we are supposed to be 120 degrees 🔥😀🔥

Oh my gosh I went to Arizona on a mission trip back when I was in high school and I have never been that miserably hot in my life. I would be happy never to return again. They say “it’s a dry heat” as though the fiery pits of hell are any cooler just because there’s no humidity.

Emma avoided the first curse as she was sent to the LWM with a young boy who would abandon her.

Emma avoided Pan/Regina’s curse by driving over the town line with Henry, leaving behind her family and friends.

Emma got caught up in Hook’s dark curse, with the knowledge that she had wiped his memories and she had to find a way to remove the darkness from both of them.

Emma got caught up in the Black Curse with all of her family and friends 100% behind her, holding onto her new husband tight and confident in their ability to face whatever came next.

Oh, how far our ‘ugly duckling’ has come.


Call it another DnD dump, but… well actually that’s what it is.

Just a couple of Dives things I’ve drawn, including:
- Mia and Kit from Module 1 getting KO’d by a half-dragon
- a handsome Starbody NPC named Lewis from Module 2 with the best line I have ever heard
- and a 40 frame animation that took 8 hours of Mia as a kid

might as well share amirite