pan am spoilers

So I was watching Joy Ride, and...

I had heard that some people thought Peridot was hiding in this scene 

so I tried to get a closer look

oh hey that does kinda look like peridot but I gotta say

totally spitballing, but that looks a lot more like

a certain homeworld gem that already scoped out the crash scene


11x23 “Alpha and Omega”
“Dean, you gave me what I needed most.”

I loved this moment. And I loved that the ending made perfectly clear that Amara has never been evil, but hurt. And how couldn’t she not have felt that way? God said he had always tried to show his sister there could be something more than just them, but she never could understand why he would need anybody else than him. But through Dean she understood it. Understood there is something in humanity that should not be taken. And call me crazy, I think the talk between Chuck and Amara and how Amara felt that God creating other beings would mean he loved her less, but resolving this issue to me is the biggest mirror to how Amara was able to let that go, this kind of co-depdendency. And I find this pretty damn amazing tbh as the mark and the Darkness arc was tied to the Winchesters co-depdency too. So… if deities can learn from humanity, the better version of themselves, there is no reason why Sam and Dean wouldn’t be able to grow in a much more mature and healthy relationship either. To me Chuck and Amara as a parallel certainly left room for possibility here that makes me feel very optimistic.

It really frustrates me because I hate Peter Pan’s character and he’s just evil BUT ROBBIE KAY OKAY HE IS JUST ARGHHHHHHH

because he describes his own son like this

and abandoned him, but just LOOK AT HIS BEAUTIFUL EYEBROWS I DON’T EVEN

AND HE IS SUCH A GOOD ACTOR like when him and Henry switched bodies I just wanted them to stay that way (even though Jared Gilmore is amazing at being normal Henry tbh) SO I JUST

so I love Pan Am but...

…this week’s episode left me sort of meeeehhhhhh?

Kate’s plot was good? Every other of the main stewardesses got a plot that had to do with romance, which I don’t object to on principle, but they’re pushing ‘ships and love triangles I don’t liiiiiiike now. Like, the cool thing about Pan Am is that they didn’t push the Nice Guy ™ 'ships and now they’re doing it after all. Well done, television!

I don’t understand why it would be so hard to surprise everyone by NOT pushing Ted and Laura to hook up. Where instead they form a platonic bromance where Laura teaches Ted to be less of a douche and he realizes platonic friendship with a woman can be as rewarding as a romantic thing. I don’t understand why it has to be about Ted getting “better” about ladies so he can “win” Laura as a potential romantic partner–why is winning women as friends and respected colleagues never rewarding enough?

And no there has been no actual Ted/Laura hook-up yet but it looks like things are going that way and I WILL SCREAM. FUCK TED VANDERWAY AND HIS ENTIRE CHARACTER ARC.

That said, I’ll keep watching till the end of the season to give things a chance. After that I’m out of here.

And Kate/Bridget should still happen. Just saying.