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I would like to submit my friend Shay, a bi black trans scholar & organizer in Chicago. From his website “I’m Shay Akil McLean (, I’m a Pan Africanist (Nkrumah Toureist/scientific socialist) & anti-colonial community organizer (on & offline). I’m a Transman of African descent on stolen Indigenous land, writer, public intellectual, human skeletal biologist & sociologist.

I’m a sociologist & biological anthropologist studying STS/HASTS, bioethics, medical ethics, philosophy of biology, genomics, health, knowledge production and medicine. As a scholar I study how systemic inequity results in the differential distribution of health, illness, quality of life, and death. I’m currently working on my PhD in Sociology, specializing in STS/HASTS, genomics, & bioinformatics.

My academic work includes studying the impact of social, political, & economic inequality on human skeletal biology. My Master’s work looked at the impact of food insecurity, high poverty, & racial residential segregation on the dental health of poor Blacks in the 4th poorest city in the U.S..  It is through this work that I aim to construct community based grassroots interventions that change the marginalized’s relationships to knowledge and power to strategically gain equitable access to the very resources that heavily impact disease risk & life determinants while also resisting the ever present processes of settlement and displacement.”

He consistently provides invaluable knowledge on both on his website & his twitter so any donations at would go directly towards a black trans person.

African Affirmation

We are an African People

Robbed from our homeland

Robbed of our names

Our languages

Our cultures

Our religions

Our womanhood

Our manhood

Our sisterhood

Our brotherhood

Our motherhood

Our fatherhood

Our selfhood

Our nationhood

And our self-respect

But We Shall Rise!

Never Fall Again!

Up You Mighty Race!

You Can Accomplish What You Will

No Justice! No Peace!



Many people are oblivious to the role that Ethiopia played in the Pan-African movement in the late 19th and early/mid 20th centuries, even some Ethiopians today will deny any such role because of the deeply imbedded ethnocentrism that has plagued—and currently plagues—the nation since the deposing of Haile Selassie and makes every group only concerned for its own prosperity.

In the days of Menelik II Ethiopia received Blacks from the diasopa into its court, such as Benito Sylvain, the honorable pan-Africanist from Haiti whom Menelik and his wife Taytu honored greatly. Empress Taytu is recorded in history books as proclaiming when she examined Benito Sylvain in the royal court, “He is surely a man of our race!”

Benito Sylvain was granted the privilege of being the aid-de-camp to the emperor by Menelik, and therefore represented Menelik and Abyssinia at the first Pan-African conference in 1900.

After Menelik, the next emperor to take the relationship with the Blacks of the Diasopa even deeper was Haile Selassie I.

In 1937 the formation of the E.W.F. (Ethiopian World Federation) would be created by African-Americans, after a delegation of three Pan-Africanists from Harlem New York in 1936 visited Haile Selassie in London to discuss financial aid in support of Ethiopia against Italy. Haile Selassie would dispatch Melaku E. Bayen and empower him to inaugurate the E.W.F. in America with African-Americans.

The preamble of the Ethiopian World Federation stated:

“We the Black People of the World, in order to effect Unity, Solidarity, Liberty, Freedom and self-determination, to secure Justice and maintain the Integrity of Ethiopia, which is our divine heritage, do hereby establish and ordain this constitution for The Ethiopian World Federation, Incorporated”

In 1948, as a gift to Blacks in the Diasopa for their steadfast support for Ethiopia during the war with Italy, Haile Selassie appointed 500 acres of the area of Shashamane to be settled by Blacks from the West, this was the beginning of the repatriation process spearheaded by Ethiopia. After Haile Selassie was deposed in 1974 the land grants made to African Americans and other Blacks of the Diasopa were confiscated, all but a few.

The Honorable Emperor will forever be remembered as the representative for all Black People, as he himself testified according to J.A. Rogers:

“In one of his declarations Haile Selassie announced that he is the head, not only of Ethiopia, but of all people of African descent everywhere”

Blackistan is up to Their Viciously Callous Anti-Black Woman Antics Yet Again....................

I’m starting to strongly believe day by day that something is very terribly physiologically wrong with the Blackistan, something that White Supremacy racism while it made things worse is not SOLELY responsible for. I’ve posted articles from Khadija, videos by Breukelen Bleu and others discussing how historical evidence points to the fact that Black Men and Black People have been betraying Black Women (and other Black People, especially Black Women), BEFORE the white man stepped in Africa. Where are the “Pan-Africanist” Men and Women are to explain this historical betrayal? BLACK PEOPLE (especially many Black Men) have fucking lied to Black Women and other Black People!

Like Khadija says, “THIS IS AN ANCIENT BETRAYAL.” Remember that the next time Black Women ya’ll want to wear out a good pair of shoes and put yourselves in harm’s way marching and protesting.But ya don’t hear us though.

The lastest fuckery is that as Christelyn and dem calls em The He-man Black Woman haters Club paid a white man $15,000, $15,000! that they raise in ONE DAY, ONE DAY to bash Christelyn Karazin, to basically tell her that white, non-black men don’t think black women are worth a shit either. From what I understand Christelyn being so kind and so trusting invited this white man on her platform to speak thinking he was legit (she invited white men on her vidoes and hangouts to speak before). Christelyn Karazin cried about how Black Men or any man didn’t defend her against this vicious attack (like that was going to happen) and apologized for bringing the devil on her platform (although naively). CARL (a white man from the UK) and Angel Ramirez-Jordan and a few other men defended her against these vicious black and white devils.  However, Christelyn came back with a strong response below (I can’t find the original video in which she was apologizing and broke down crying, part of it is here in the video below).

The Black “Community” on youtube is having a field day ya’ll, saying that the white man “put her in her place” and she got her “nigga wake up call.” It’s always about keeping a Black “bitch” in her place if she thinks that she deserves a good man, and a good life. 

What’s saddest of all is that a lot of penis pandering Negro Mammies are rejoicing as well, causing another rift between black women. Many Black Women are now discussing the fact that many “sistas” can’t be trusted either (A lotta of undercover mammies joined subscibed Christelyn’s channel who really don’t like her). Black People HATE, HATE, HATE, HATE the image, likeness, and femininity, and womanhood of the original black woman. 

Breukelen Bleu (BB) stated at the end of  her latest of her 2 hour  audio, video lecture (below) how Black Women have a ancient history of betraying Black Women too, BLACK WOMEN HAVE CHOSEN THEIR SONS OVER THEIR DAUGHTERS & SISTERS FOR THOUSANDS OF YEARS! This is apart of the reason according to BB why the matriarchy fell in Africa. This had me seriously thinking about how Black Women need ro RE-EVALUATE the “sisterhood” and about who we let in our online circles (and offline too).

Black People are afraid that Black Women are divesting from this wretched, ratchet ass sick “community.” Like Bruekelen Bleu says, “Black People will burn this bitch, (the “community”) down before they let black women divest”.

Again ya’ll Something is TERRIBLY wrong with a “community” that treats its women and girls like subhumans then invite outsiders to do the same. 


❤️You are Beautiful just the way you are❤️
Please share with everyone who needs to hear this.
Tammie Beale
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People who consider Muammar Gaddafi a ‘pan-Africanist’ confuse me. Like Gaddafi didn’t call for division of Nigeria along sectarian lines or the suppressing of indigenous Amazigh people in Libya… I mean i can go on.

1. Marcus Mosiah Garvey Jnr was born on 17 August 1887 in St Ann’s Bay, Jamaica. His parents were Malcus Mosiah Garvey Snr, a stone mason and Sarah Jane Richards, a domestic worker. The Garvey’s had 11 children, nine of whom died in early childhood. Only Marcus Garvey and his eldest sister Indiana lived to adulthood.

2. Marcus Mosiah Garvey’s first wife was Amy Ashwood Garvey (1897-1969).They married in New York in 1919 but divorced in 1922. Amy Ashwood was a very active Pan-Africanist, social worker and activist for women’s rights.

3. Marcus Mosiah Garvey’s second wife was Amy Jacques Garvey (1895-1973).They married in New York in 1922 after his divorce. She was his personal secretary. Amy Jacques played key organisational roles in the UNIA and was instrumental in teaching people about Marcus Garvey after he died. She and Garvey had 2 sons Marcus Garvey Jnr and Julius Winston Garvey.

4. Garvey came to England in 1912. Marcus Garvey worked at the offices of the African Times and Orient Review journal under the leadership of Duse Mohammed Ali, the famous Black nationalist and journalist. The African Times and Orient Review was the first political journal produced by and for Black people ever published in Britain. It was produced during 1912-1913 and 1917-1918 on a monthly basis and was printed in Fleet Street in London.

5. Marcus Garvey returned to Jamaica from England in July 1914. With the help of an associate Enos J. Sloly and about four others, he created the Universal Negro Improvement Association and African Communities League and launched it on 1st August 1914 which is Emancipation Day in British-ruled Caribbean.

6. The first UNIA division was formed in New York in May 1917. Within a month, the organisation had 2 million members all over the United States. By 1920, the U.N.I.A. had 1,100 chapters in 40 countries around the world such as UK, Cuba, Panama, Costa Rica, Ghana. By 1926, the membership of the U.N.I.A. had grown to over 11 million members. Marcus Garvey built the largest Black organization in history.

7. In 1918, nine years after the failure of his first newspaper, The Watchman, Garvey and the UNIA created the Negro World. It quickly grew from being a weekly into a worldwide phenomenon with a peak circulation of 200, 000. It featured reports from UNIA chapter, poetry, literary excerpts, a women’s page and commentary on global events significant to Black people. It had sections in Spanish and French. Colonial authorities feared the Negro World and it was banned in many countries such as Belize, Trinidad, Guyana, Jamaica and several African countries.

8. Garvey and other Black activists were partly inspired by the Irish movement for independence from English rule and thus named the UNIA headquarters Liberty Hall after Liberty Hall in Dublin, Ireland which was the symbolic seat of the Irish Revolution. Located at 114 West 138th Street in New York City, the New York City Liberty Hall had a seating capacity of six thousand. It was dedicated on July 27, 1919. Garvey held nightly meetings at Liberty Hall that drew up to six thousand people at a time.

9. For the entire month of August 1920, Marcus Garvey’s U.N.I.A.-ACL organization held its first international convention in New York City. Most events were held at the New York Liberty Hall. It’s biggest events were held at New York City’s world-famous Madison Square Garden. An estimated 25,000 Black people attended the convention from all around the world. Delegations from 25 African countries were in attendances as well.

10. The convention adopted the Declaration of the Rights of the Negro Peoples of the World which was one of the earliest and most complete document advocating human rights and detailing the abuses against Black people worldwide. The document made demands such as:a. The freedom of Africa for the Negro people of the world. The condemnation of the term ‘nigger’ and stipulation that ‘Negro’ be spelled with a capital N. No taxation without representation. Equal treatment before the law. The condemnation of segregation and lynching.

11. Marcus Garvey launched the UNIA’s first major commercial venture, the Black Star Line Steamship Corporation in New York in 1919. The goals of the corporation were to establish an efficient mode of transportation, communication and trade among Black people worldwide and to enhance the stature, self-image and pride of these communities. The public invested in the corporation by purchasing stock shares at five dollars each.

12. The corporation purchased its first ship the SS Yarmouth in September 1919. It was later unofficially renamed the SS Frederick Douglass after the African American abolitionist. The Yarmouth proceeded to sail for three years between the U.S. and the West Indies as the first Black Star Line ship with an all-black crew and a black captain.

13. In 1920, Garvey established the Negro Factories Corporation and offered stock for African Americans to buy. He raised one million dollars for the project. He wanted to produce everything that a nation needed so that African Americans could completely rely on their own efforts. It generated income and provided jobs by its numerous enterprises, including a chain of grocery stores and restaurants, steam laundry, tailor shop, dress making shop, millinery store (clothing, fashion, hats, accessories, etc.), publishing house and doll factory.

14. In New York City alone, Garvey owned several buildings, owned a fleet of trucks and had over 1,000 Black people working in his businesses. Marcus Garvey’s U.N.I.A. also operated the Phyllis Wheatley Hotel (3-13 West 136th Street, New York, NY).

15. Garvey’s ultimate dream was for the independence of all African Countries and the creation of a United States of Africa. The UNIA embarked on a plan to repatriate some Blacks from the United States and other parts of the African Diaspora back to Africa. Liberia, a country established in 1822 by the American Colonisation Society was the intended geographical base of the UNIA’s African colonisation venture.

16. Garvey had enemies, including J. Edgar Hoover, and, ironically, W.E.B. Du Bois. Du Bois was an integrationist who did not support a separate Black state and repatriation. Du Bois was also opposed to Garvey’s association with the Ku Klux Klan, his criticism of “mulatto” leadership, and his belief in Black racial purity. DuBois along with other NAACP members organised the ‘Garvey Must Go’ campaign and collude with the US government to have him deported.

17. The FBI established a special counter-intelligence program called COINTELPRO, to neutralize political dissidents. Between the years 1956 and 1971, the FBI used the COINTELPRO program to investigate “radical” national political groups for intelligence that would lead to involvement of foreign enemies with these groups. According to FBI documents, one of the purposes of the COINTELPRO program was to “expose, disrupt, misdirect, discredit, or otherwise neutralize the activities of the Black nationalists”. They wanted to prevent the rise of a Black “messiah”

18. In 1919, Hoover hired the FBI’s first Black agent in order to infiltrate the UNIA. The agent James Wormley Jones was referred to as code number 800. One of Garvey close confidantes Herbert Boulin was a spy for the FBI known as agent P-138.

19. In 1923, when his steamship company went bankrupt, Garvey was convicted of mail fraud by using the United States mail to fraudulently collect money for investment in a ship that was never acquired. He went to jail for two years. His sentence was commuted by President Coolidge before Garvey was deported to Jamaica.

20. Garvey arrived in Kingston Jamaica on 10 December 1927. During this period, Garvey became a father when Amy Jacques Garvey gave birth to two sons.

21. In 1928, Garvey created the People’s Political Party (PPP) which was Jamaica first modern political party and the first to defend the interests of the Black majority. The party’s manifesto called for official representation in the British Parliament, a minimum wage, land reform, a Jamaican university, judicial reform, a government-run electrical system, public high schools and libraries and a National Opera House.

22. In an effort to rebuild the international influence of the UNIA, Marcus Garvey moved to London in March 1935. In London, Garvey continued to speak extensively, appearing frequently at Speaker’s Corner Hyde Park.

23. Garvey had a stroke in January 1940 which left him partially paralyzed. In May 1940, George Padmore wrote an article stating that Garvey had died which upset Garvey and he suffered a second fatal stroke or heart attack.

24. Garvey died on 10 June 1940 in London at age 53 without having set foot in Africa.

25. Marcus Garvey has inspired every major black movement of the 20th century, both in Africa and the Americas. Followers of Garvey’s ideology include Hon Elijah Muhammad , Minister Louis Farrakhan, Malcolm X and Martin Luther King Jr. Also leaders of African Independent states such as Presidents Nnamdi Azikiwe, Kwame Nkrumah, Jomo Kenyatta, Nelson Mandela, Patrice Lumumba and Julius Nyerere.


“Eskista ((Addis Ababa))”

Eskista (Eh-Skĭ-Tah) the name of the Ethiopian traditional dance &birthplace of the harlem shake ::: Here lies a pan africanist love story ::: sankofa in reverse ::: A day in an African Metropolis through a radical love warrior’s RedBlack&Green Black Nationalist politic ::: Punk Futurist Lovework Aesthetics ::: My gift to you :


Favorite Album Challenge !
The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill/The College Dropout/Get Lifted/Cherry Bomb/In My Own Words/Chapter II/Straight Outta Compton

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