Let me just gush about my new divination deck because I literally can’t contain myself any more.

This deck is by pamwishbow on Etsy and it’s 25 cards with a lovely unique design. The cards are a metallic copper colour on really nice high quality black card.

The deck’s theme is urban, so you have The Pigeon, The Free Newspaper etc. It’s also lovely because the cards have no set meanings, although it does have a little guidebook if you do want to go by it. I can’t wait to do some readings with it!

It also arrived in lovely packaging, which I’ll make a separate post about because I’ve already gone on for too long, and i got a cute little zine too!

Made this for the dude and me as sort of a anniversary thing. He introduced me to The Crane Wife album when we first met, and driving back and forth to his place it’s what I mostly listened to. Whenever I hear it it makes me think of him. Shh, don’t tell anyone I’m that mushy. 

I mean, I did totally just make him a blood covered crane for christ sake.

I have it for sale on etsy. I thought others might be interested.