Tallest Love and Jealousy

Just for the sake of this, let’s just pretend that they somehow managed to ressurect Miyuki by recreating her ‘body vessel’ and installing her old (now repaired) PAK.

I can definitely see Red falling for Miyuki. Now that he’s older (and far taller, just a bit shorter than Miyuki), he can definitely both look up to Miyuki like he used to and now have feelings for her.

Though… so does Purple, and both of them begin to fight for her. In the end, they force her to make a decision between them.

And… she denies them both… for Spork (who was also revived at the same time).

Just an interesting romance headcanon. Red x Purple had always taken my number one OTP spot because Tallest love is so great (Well… before Spleenk x Lard Nar), but I never really thought about throwing Miyuki and Spork into the mix.

Mainly because it seems we don’t know very much about them. Considering Operation Impending Doom 1 and 2 was Red and Purple’s idea, it leads me to believe that Miyuki was a lot more lenient and perhaps had pretty good ties with the other races (like Vort and the Vortians for example).

So maybe she was more lenient about romance, sexual relations, and breeding as well. Who knows. We can only speculate.