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extravachance replied to your post: extravachance replied to your post: …

I know you are angry and extremely hurt for all the words that were directed at your person, it went too far… And even if doesn’t serve of much, I apologise. I take back what I said. You were trying your best.

❝ …It just proves things, doesn’t it? ❞

#BestGiftEver: Dogs

5 awesome gifts for your pet dog

It’s all about giving this season, so don’t forget to wrap up a special gift for your dog too! Shower your pet with gifts that are cute and stylish. From a cozy sweater and doggie bowl to a pet tote and fancy collar, wrap up the #BestGiftEver - something you know they’ll use and you’ll love. 

1. Shetland Dog Sweater by Free People

Dogs gets chilly too! Warm up your little pup with a cozy winter sweater.

Shetland Dog Sweater

2. Bone Dog Bowl by Henri Bendel

Say “Bone Apétit” and pamper your pet with a new dog bowl. Its cute bone shape and signature brown and white Henri Bendel stripes give your dog’s accessories a fashionable update. 

Henri Bendel Bone Dog Bowl

3. Wool Pet Tote by Tory Burch

Carry around your little four-legged friend in a practical and stylish Tory Burch tote. Made from soft wool felt, its side zippers open for easy breathability, visibility and comfort. 

Tory Burch Wool Pet Tote

4. Crystal Rivet Haircalf Dog Collar by Henri Bendel

Spoil your dog with a luxurious new collar made from leather, crystal rivets and leopard-printed haircalf. This pet accessory adds just the right amount of style to your pup.

Crystal Rivet Haircalf Dog Collar

5. Fireside Plaid Doggie Tee by Free People

‘Tis the season for everything plaid. Gift your pup this lightweight contrast tee so it’s easy for them to move around and not get too warm.

Fireside Plaid Doggie Tee

I’m just gonna leave these Yahaba headcanons here don’t mind me

-dog lover. He pampers his dog. He will snuggle with his dog when he goes to bed. He wakes up way earlier than needed just so he can walk his dog.

-this is how he found out about Kyoutani being a dog person. His dog got off the leash somehow and he was trying to catch her but then bam there is Kyoutani in a sweaty t-shirt. And kyoutani just beams at the dog and catches her for Yahaba.

-Yahaba is stunned. He’s never seen this side of Kyoutani. Why does his dog like him. Why is she betraying him-

-Yahaba loves volleyball yes but his second love is violin. He can play the violin pretty well. When he was younger he got first place in a competition and he’s still really proud of himself for it.

-tho he doesn’t have much time to play anymore since he’s passionate about volleyball, on the weekends he’ll sometimes pick it up and practice it.

-he’s not just a dog person!!! He loves reptiles! When he went to a pet store he begged his mom for a snake and she was like lmao no. But he made eye contact with the snake and promised that one day he would come back for it

-Yahaba is totally the type of person to wake up randomly at 4am and instead of going to sleep he goes out for a jog

-his crush on Kyoutani started the beginning of third year and Watari teases him every single chance he can get. And Yahaba is not subtle. He will go up to Kyoutani and compliment him. One time at lunch he even told kyoutani that he loves hanging out with him and that they should do it more often- with just the two of them. Kyoutani does not understand. He is oblivious. Watari can’t stop laughing.

-Everyone knows Yahaba is normally chill af but the moment you do something wrong and anger him…boy oh boy…run.

-Yahaba is really good friends with Kindaichi!! They actually go to cafés on weekends sometimes and talk about whatever. ( “I think I like Kunimi.” “Well no shit” “yahaba this is serious what do I do your my senpai your supposed to help me” “tell him” “okay then you tell kyoutani” “trust me I’ve tried” “…” “You’re not gonna do it are you?” “You’re not very helpful, yahaba-san” )

-Plz consider: Yahaba with a lip ring. One ear pierced.

-you might think Yahaba listens to j-pop and happy go lucky songs. Oh boy. You’re wrong. Yahaba listens to screamo. Watari and Kindaichi are horrified. Kyoutani is slightly concerned. ( “what the fuck yahaba” “why do u listen to this” “it portrays how I feel on the inside” “…fair enough. )

-Yahaba with a little seven year old sister. Please consider him playing dress up for her. He let’s her do his make up for practice (even if he looks like a clown he assures that she did a good job)

-he takes her shopping without their parent’s one day and she sees a dress she likes and is v disappointed that it’s not her size. She asks Yahaba to try it on. ( “what?” “Please nee-chan you would look so cool!” “..alright”) they find one that will fit him and he tries it on

-Kindaichi and Kunimi are out shopping. They stumble across Yahaba and his sister. Yahaba is in the dress. He is scared stiff. (Kunimi takes a picture and sends it to Watari and Kyoutani and Yahaba almost cries)

-They tell him that he actually looks really good. Like. He’s so hot. (Later on they all make a group chat and scream about it. Kyoutani got a nosebleed. Watari thinks it’s unfair) ((Yahaba gets the dress))

-Pansexual Yahaba is something I 100% support

-Yahaba is a secret memer. He is caught up with all the current memes. When Matsukawa and Hanamaki find out they get so excited and make him an honorary member of the Meme Team™ (they got him a t-shirt that says ‘Meme Team’) ((he never wears it)) (((Watari and Kyoutani found it folded neatly on his desk when they went over to his house like it was some sacred item)))

-He started dating Kyoutani near the end of their third year because he FINALLY got through Kyoutani’s thick skull that he likes him

-A month after dating Yahaba is in the locker room and he’s like “can I kiss you” and kyoutani flushes red and he’s like “yea”

-remember how he pushed Kyoutani against the wall during that match and was all like ‘don’t ruin the senpais chance ??’

-yeah that’s how their first kiss went. He didn’t mean to!! But he was so nervous and he’s never kissed anyone so he just grabbed Kyoutani and pushed him against the wall and kissed him (kyoutani did not mind AT ALL)

-When the whole team got together to hang out they went to karaoke and he refused to sing until Kindaichi was like 'u can’t be worse than Oikawa’ and Yahaba was like ok fine

-He was better than Oikawa. In fact he was better than everyone. They were all stunned into silence. Bc Yahaba can sing so GOOD (Hanamaki was like “I feel like an angel is leading me to heaven” “hanamaki-senpai you’re not going to heaven” “okay, rude yahaba, I just complimented you” )

-When he starts dating Kyoutani he ends up going on a LOT of double dates with Kunimi and Kindaichi

-As a prank Watari dyed Yahaba’s hair black in their second year of college. It went downhill fast bc Watari “did not know” it was permanent. He was stuck with black hair most of his second year. (Watari spent the rest of his second year fearing for his life)

-Bug Killer Yahaba

-Yahaba tried to seriously draw once. He drew a dog. It didn’t look like a dog. He didn’t know what it was. He never drew again.

-Yahaba is…such a big cuddler. He will grab the nearest blanket and curl up in Kyoutani’s lap whenever he feels like it. He will cling to Kyoutani in his sleep. (Kyoutani doesn’t mind at all)

I will stop there. But. Just. Yahaba Shigeru.

Every day we write a daily tip on animals:

Today:Prepare your dog for an ice snack on a hot summer day - freeze chicken soup in a pot with bones, dog snacks and toys he likes, let the ice thaw for a few minutes and pamper your dog.

what the boyfriends do when sads

- angeal would tend to his plants as a means of distraction, perhaps find a dog to pamper, and probably cook too much food, so there’s leftovers for days

- sephiroth would probably train and meditate, maybe read sun tzu’s the art of war; eat his weight in chocolate so he can ruefully be happy about going against hojo’s diet

- genesis reads loveless, lots of loveless; he’ll also stay in bed with sappy romance novels and lots of tissues; will probably go find cloud to hug and cuddle and rub his face in those blond spikes

- zack squats, gets frustrated kinda, and he tries to go through his day normally but he’ll be a lot more sensitive to things he usually can ignore

- cloud just mopes and avoids people, and will visit the chocobo stables; though he detests being compared to a chocobo, the act of a chocobo preening him makes him feel wanted, and they don’t judge

- at the end of the day, all the other boyfriends notice which one of them is sad, so cuddles and love everywhere and mindless movies where they can cuddle more and junk food, though angeal doesn’t really like that, so they have butter-less popcorn and celery sticks when it’s angeal yeah

The thing about Mushing Kennels

Obviously, I support mushing. Owning huskies, I know they have this built-in desire to run for miles, and mushing literally harnesses that drive. They were bred selectively to have this mindset and ability. If you’ve ever encountered a working dog, whether it’s a herding Border Collie or a retrieving Labrador, you realize there’s something in these dogs’ brains that tell them, “I have a job to do.” And, not surprisingly, they are most happy when they get to do it.

Mushing can get a bad reputation, from the extreme “activists” like PETA to every-day-folks who are just ill-informed.

The other day, Kevin Russ posted a photo on Instagram showing a sled dog mama and her litter. My immediate reaction was, “Aww, yay, sled dog pups!” I scrolled passed a few of the comments, and saw an uproar about how the dog was kept.

I don’t know anything about the musher who owns these dogs or the quality of the kennel. The only judgement I can make is based on this single photograph, and from what I see, it’s nothing out of the norm for a sled dog kennel. Take this photo for example. This is what a typical, large scale kennel may look like:

This isn’t the photo in question (you can navigate to Mr. Russ’s Instagram yourself and take a peak), but I’ll describe it for you:

People saw a mother dog chained to her dog house, in a fenced in, grassless yard. There were a few turned over bowls near the dog house, and in the distance I could see what was likely tumbleweeds of shed fur (dogs normally blow their coats when they whelp a litter). The kennel looked clean, and the puppies themselves were surprisingly pristine and happy-looking. I say “surprisingly” because puppies are usually covered in dirt from wrestling with each other. Source: I’ve raised three dogs form puppihood. 

I get it – people don’t like seeing a dog on a short chain, attached to a house. They want to see clean bowls side by side, filled with food and water (which they likely were, but after a tornado of puppies blows through, that doesn’t last). They want to see thick, lush grass beneath their paws. 

This just isn’t realistic. I only own three dogs and I can tell you, lush grass and nice aesthetics in your yard aren’t going to be a priority. I also know plenty of mushers who chain their dogs to their houses, while also having large dog-runs available for exercise.

There are plenty of good reasons to have a dog chained. If you have 20+ dogs, meal time would be absolute mayhem without a means of separating each dog. Or if a dog is in season and needs to be kept away from males. Or if you’ve got dogs that don’t get along unsupervised. It’s no different than a person who crates their dog at home (and if you try to argue that crates are cruel, you can take a look at my dog currently napping in his crate on his on accord).

People seem to forget that these dogs are living the life they were bred for. Yes, they may spend some time on a chain, but what about the hours they spend running along beautiful wilderness? A pampered house dog could only be so lucky to experience what these dogs do on a regular basis. These dogs aren’t suffering, your overfed couch potato is.

Again, I can’t speak on behalf of every single kennel. There are good guys and bad guys in everything. But that’s why you can’t make sweeping generalizations. Then the good gets lumped with the bad, and mushing gets labelled as inhumane. To me, it would be inhumane to outlaw what these dogs love. Take a look at my three wack-jobs prior to a run last season and see for yourself – they look pretty miserable, huh?: