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Each one of us tend to stress out on a daily basis. However, we know for a fact that stress causes acne on face, sleepless nights. Let’s not forget that it makes us gain weight much easier. Luckily, a pamper evening is here to help.

What is a pamper evening?

It’s the night ( mostly a Sunday night) where you treat yourself a bath alongside scent candles and foam and afterwards- or beforehand-  you just do the skincare stuff for yourself and change into cute pajamas and go to bed early to get a full night’s rest.

Step 1: Change into comfy clothes and wipe out your make-up

  • I personally use Clinique: take the day off makeup remover for lids, lashes & lips which you can get for $30 

Step 2: Apply a face mask

  • I either make a homemade mask or use Ren: Clarimatte Invisible Pores Detox Mask

Step 3: Prepare your bath

  1. Put your clothes on the radiator to feel warm afterwards.
  2. Adjust  water’s temperature to about 28ºC
  3. Let the water pour into the tub until mid-height
  4. While the water is pouring, pour your favorite bath foam into the tub(I personally use bath and body works : Stress relief with eucalyptus tea and I love it. It leaves my skin really soft and moisturised. And it indeed makes me relieve.)
  5. Light a few candles (I either use Lavender vanilla or sweater weather by Bath and Body Works)
  6. Put a glass of cold water (or any other beverage that you can choose)  to drink right next to your tub
  7. Get into the bath apply a hair mask ( I use toni and guy reconstruction hair mask and I love it. It really nourishes my hair and leaves it with feeling like silk.)
  8. Enjoy your bath while reading a book alongside relaxing music
  9. At the end of the bath rinse your hair and carefully put out each candle to make sure they will not cause fire.

Step 4: Comb your hair and blow- dry it.

Step 5: Prepare yourself a cup of tea.

Step 6: Manicure 

Fix your nails and apply your nail polish

  • During winter I usually prefer either french manicure or darker colors 
  • I use Essie Allure for my french manicure base and nails inc. chelsea bridge for base and top coat and “sole mate” is a dark red which look great on your nails in Fall.

Step 7: Do whatever you like or go to sleep.

As you can see, this is a very simple way of treating yourself. Every girl needs time to herself every once in a while and doing this once in a week/2 weeks helps A LOT. Tell me if you liked this post and what would you add or change in this routine?

Muchos Besos,

Bel Reine

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How did you attract romance in your life?

♡ Do romantic things/fun activities alone or with friends that you wish to do with a partner
♡ Pay attention to the love around you. It IS everywhere; in friends, family, nature, animals, strangers and most importantly in yourself
♡ Treat yourself and others the way you want your relationship to be like. So surprise someone, write cute notes, be a good listener, show up, compliment, share your secrets, pamper yourself etc. 
♡ Never ever ever EVER chase someone.. Pay attention to and work on your own life: Start taking action in the direction of your dream life and your dream partner WILL be manifested effortlessly. 
♡ It’s not necessary to plan your life out, but to have an idea of what you want to FEEL like every day you wake up will be the most powerful thing


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🧀for luke because he precious

Treat my muse

Send a symbol to give my muse a…

🧀- a cheesecake

Exhaled effort. Wriggled a bit - contemplated unbuttoning fabric, letting tightness free…of course he wouldn’t…

Breaths soon turned to chuckles. 


His smile exuded languid charm. 

“For you, dear~”

After all, much as he’d had already…one more couldn’t hurt, could it?

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What would Aizawa, Bakugou, Izuku, All Might (true form) and present mic do for dates?

Favourite date types!

Aizawa: He doesn’t like too much fuss, he hates being stuffed into suits and having to go anywhere too fancy. In all honesty dates don’t happen too often, especially with his work being so demanding but he tries his very best to take you out every so often. As opposed to a conventional date his preference is to go away with his partner for a day or two. Sometimes to the countryside, sometimes to a different city, but his utmost favourite is spa weekends where he gets to relax with them and feel like he’s pampered them. what a secret sofite

Bakugou: Yikes. He’s so bad at remembering to take his partner on dates it’s reasonable grounds for dumping him. Someone *coughkirishimacough* tends to remind him to not be neglectful to his partner. Baks is an all round good boyfriend but sometimes romance can slip his mind. His favourite thing to do is take them to the movies for a double feature. Something they like and something he’ll like. He always takes them out for food afterwards too.

Izuku: You either get five dates in one month or one really amazing one after it’s been a while. He has no internal schedule for these things. He can be rather impulsive with them. He’ll take his partner to random places that he thought they might like, depending on their interests, but he’ll also take them to huge tourist spots because he figures they’ve gotta be worth seeing. His personal favourite is taking them to things like seasonal carnivals or festivals.

All Might: Are you beach body ready? He is. He doesn’t care what he looks like because he likes the occasional day where he sprawls out on the sand and gets some sun on his body. He prefers more secluded or private beaches when its him and his partner. He’ll go swimming with them, find them shells and pretty rocks, and buy them ice cream all day. It makes him happy to see them happy. When it starts to get cold he’ll give them his hoodie and take them for a walk on the pier, maybe stop in the arcades and buy some junk food.

Present Mic: Concerts tho. Any type. Even if he doesn’t know who the artist is he likes discovering new music with his partner. Sometimes he’ll spend lots of money trying to make sure they have the best tickets for his or their favoruite bands. He doesn’t have to monitor his noise levels and he loves seeing his partner smile so wide. He’s really fun to dance with too and his phone is full of selfies of him and his partner, usually with his chin resting on their shoulder and his arm around their waist. Taking pictures is one of his favourite bits, it helps him remember every single place he takes them.

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Mod Flavia please oh please make an imagine of spotpass boys getting jealous for F!MU

This is an add on to the other jealousy one, but I don’t remember how exactly that was done so I just went pretty generic. If there was a specific scenario for it, you’re free to remind me! Adding the post number would be helpful so I know what to reference.

Yen’fay: Very indirectly jealous. You often end up thinking he’s upset with you rather than the truth - and he’s reluctant to admit it when you confront him about it. He stays very close to you and keeps very quiet, putting his usual meditation aside in favor of watching you…and anyone else whose eyes might stray.

Priam: He’s loud when he’s jealous, and makes sure to proclaim that you’re his to anyone who passes by. If there’s time, he’ll steal you away from everyone so that he can pamper you in secret and remind you of all the reasons you’re in love with him…and then some.

Walhart: It doesn’t befit a god to seem jealous, but he shows it in subtle ways. Whether that’s pulling you a bit closer when you’re in public together, or staring at you more than usual…and anyone who so much looks at you the wrong way will get a death glare that could kill a Risen.

“I still want Jimmy/Fiona to be endgame. Sure, Jimmy is kind of slimy & horrible at times, but I think Fiona is too? Even after everything they’ve been through, I still think they’re meant for each other. Fi was never as happy as she was with Jimmy - before or since. And yes, he was weak, pampered & secretive, but he would have taken a bullet for her. Jimmy was limited, trying his best and failing, but maybe now - after all he’s lived through - his best might be better?”


10 brands you should give up if you’re boycotting Israel

  1. Pampers: Proctor & Gamble, which produces Pampers, is one of the largest clients of an Israeli company that supplies diaper products, Avgol Nonwoven Industries. P&G accounts for nearly half of the company’s sales, according to the pro-boycott research group Who Profits. Avgol Nonwoven Industries runs a plant in the Barkan industrial complex, located near the West Bank settlement of Ariel.
  2. Victoria’s Secret: The popular lingerie company is one of the largest clients of Delta Galil, which operates a textile factory in the West Bank industrial zone of Barkan as well as a shop in the settlement of Maale Adumim. Palestinians have also criticized the company for establishing its headquarters on land expropriated from Palestinians in the Galilee.
  3. Volvo: BDS supporters have criticized the Swedish giant for supplying equipment used to bulldoze Palestinian homes and also for its 27 percent stake in Merkavim, whose buses are used to transport Palestinian prisoners to and from Israeli jails.
  4. Intel: Al-Awda, the Palestinian Right to Return Coalition, has called on Intel to close its plants in Kiryat Gat, site of the former Palestinian villages Iraq al-Manshiya and Faluja. Israeli historian Benny Morris has written that during the 1948-49 Israeli war of independence with Palestinians and their Arab allies, the villages’ residents were all expelled in line with Israel’s “strategic desire to achieve ‘Arab-clear’ frontiers.” Intel, whose processors can be found in about 80 percent of the world’s computers, has reportedly invested $2.7 billion to upgrade its Kiryat Gat plants where it is working on new chips that will make computers lighter and faster. That brings its total investments in Israel to about $10 billion, and it has also benefited from more than $1 billion in Israeli government grants.
  5. Sabra/Tribes: A Philadelphia-based BDS campaign drew attention to Israeli hummus makers Tribe and Sabra with a flash dance adaptation of a Lady Gaga song, which they dubbed “No Justice, No (Chick) Peas.” The critics pointed to Sabra parent company Strauss’s support of the Israeli military, and Tribe’s owner Osem’s support of the Jewish National Fund, which they criticized for displacing Bedouin with development projects in the Negev desert.
  6. Motorola: Electronics giant Motorola has been targeted by BDS supporters for providing surveillance equipment used around Israeli settlements, along the Israeli-built separation barrier, and along the Israel-Gaza border. In addition, the company signed a $100 million deal with Israel in January 2014 for encrypted smartphones for its soldiers and security personnel. 
  7. Hewlett-Packard: Hewlett-Packard, the maker of computers and printers better known as HP, has come under fire for its involvement in biometric technology at Israeli checkpoints and for Israeli identification cards. BDS supporters have also criticized them for using service providers based in Israeli settlements.
  8. Ahava: The Israeli cosmetics company, whose name means “love,” is a common target of BDS supporters. Ahava’s products use minerals from the Dead Sea, which borders occupied territory, and its manufacturing plant is located in an Israeli settlement in the West Bank that is also a shareholder in the company, giving the settlement a direct financial stake. Ahava exports to 45 countries, and derives about half its sales from such exports. 
  9. McDonalds: BDS supporters have targeted McDonald’s for its partnership with the Jewish United Fund, which, among other things, promotes visits to Kiryat Gat, built on top of a destroyed Palestinian village. Critics have also targeted McDonald’s for discriminating against Arab workers at its restaurants in Israel.
  10. SodaStream: The Israeli company, which runs a factory in the industrial park connected with the Israeli settlement of Maale Adumim, has become a lightning rod for BDS criticism since releasing an ad featuring Scarlett Johansson. Palestinian residents in the area and international activists issued a press release on Jan. 30 calling on Ms. Johansson to stop promoting SodaStream, saying that such companies “directly support Israel’s illegal occupation and colonization of Palestinian land by paying taxes to municipal settlement governments, employing local settlers, and providing the economic infrastructure for Israel’s settlement expansion.” Read the Monitor’s story about why Palestinian workers at SodaStream disagree.

А вы думали, косметика тестируется по другому?

Я честно думала что не все так страшно, и это еще не самые страшные картинки, но моя психика не выдержала бы. К слову большинство корейских брендов не тестирует на животных, не использует компоненты животного происхожния - хоть это радует. Давайте не будем поддерживать производителей, которые тестируют и мучают животных.

Всем нам попадала в глаза маленькая капля шампуня, и мы тщательно промывали глаза, чтобы смыть шампунь, потому что он очень жжет глаза. А представьте себе, каково бы Вам пришлось, если бы кто-нибудь влил Вам в глаз целую столовую ложку шампуня, и у Вас не было бы возможности смыть его ни водой, ни слезами. Именно это происходит с подопытными кроликами в тесте Драйза: животным наносят на глаз испытываемое вещество и ждут, пока не наступит повреждение роговицы. Часто тест заканчивается тем, что роговица мутнеет, глаз гибнет. Голова кролика прочно зафиксирована с помощью специального воротника и животное не может даже потереть лапой глаз, который разъедает нанесённый препарат. В детстве я плакала, когда падала на асфальт и обдирала колени. Но, по меньшей мере, никто не втирал мне в раны чистящие средства. А вот в тестах на раздражение кожи крысам, морским свинкам, кроликам, а иногда даже собакам, кошкам и обезьянам, сбривают шерсть, снимают кожу и втирают в рану испытуемое вещество. Что Вы чувствуете после того, как съедите слишком много тяжелой пищи? А представляете себе, что с Вами было бы, если бы в Ваш желудок через трубку ввели литр духов или средства для мытья посуды? Крысам и морским свинкам (физиология этих животных такова, что у них нет способности к рвоте) вводят огромное количество моющих средств, косметики или каких-либо еще субстанций и ждут, пока определенный процент животных не погибнет.


L’Oreal и принадлежащие ему:
Estee Lauder
Helena Rubinstein
Ralph Lauren
Giorgio Armani
La Roche-Posay
Jacques Dessange
Procter & Gamble Max Factor
Cover Girl
Always / Alldays
Old Spice
Johnson & Johnson
Johnson’s Baby (кстати, знаменитое детское масло почти на 100% состоит из минерального (технического) масла, создающего на покрытой им коже водоотталкивающую плёнку, всего лишь запирающую собственную влагу кожи, а вовсе не увлажняющую её. Впоследствии такая кожа может легко растрескиваться, и оказаться просто пересушенной.
Reach и т.д.
Clear VitABE
Cif и другие бренды.
Coty Adidas
Calvin Klein
DEL Laboratories
Sally Hansen
La Cross (маникюрные инструменты и т.д.)
Lady Speed Stick
Ajax и др.
Smith Kleine Beecham:
Aquafresh и др.
Schering-Plough (медикаменты и т.д.)
S.C. Johnson
Туалетный утёнок
Мистер Мускул
Байгон и другие марки.
Harpic и другие бренды.
Schick (средства для бритья)
Wilkinson Swоrd (средства для бритья)
BenGay и многое другое.
BIC Corporation – рассматривает введение моратория.
Бабушка Агафья,
Русское поле,
Красная линия
Блорусская косметика
Sensodyne (зубная паста выпускается в Великобританиикомпанией Glaxosmithkline, там практически все товары этичные, кроме этих)
Henkel и принадлежащие ему бренды (Schwarzkopf & Henkel , Fa и т.п.)
Bausch & Lomb