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Chef Sau Del Rosario from Pampanga, Philippines deftly butchers a whole roast pig “lechon” in front of the gathered guests at tonight’s welcome dinner for the World Street Food Congress’ in Manila! Thank you everyone at the WSFC, Makansutra and Philippines Tourism Board for your hospitality this evening. What a meal!!

Oh di ba! Naka feature yun Pampanga sa KMJS about food sa Guagua na Patcu tho di ko pa natitikman yun eh 5 years ako naka stay sa Bacolor bakit?! Mekeni naka Pampanga! Basta Kapampangan manyaman! LIGLIGAN! SAND BOX! SIISIIIIIIIIGGG!!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA

PS: I’m not a kapampangan but I’m kapampangan at heart and stomach!

Sizzling Pork Sisig.  

Sisig is a Filipino dish from the province of Pampanga.  It is made of the head/face of the pig.. (I am told the cheeks of the pig? and even the ears).  To someone who has not tasted this, you might find this gross, strange or weird.  I was that way too during my younger years when I refused to try it.  But it’s actually very delicious.

My first encounter with sisig was during a night out.  We ate it with beer.  It goes really well with beer ;D But it also served as a viand and eaten with rice.

There are many variations of sisig.  From the soft chewy kinds (such as the one in the picture) and the crispy ones (somewhat like chopped up pork cracklings).  Some are served with liver and some are not (Personally, I don’t like the one with liver).  Some with an egg on top (again, like the picture) and others with mayonnaise.  There are also the Tuna and Bangus (milkfish) and Tofu versions.  

But for me, sisig is NOT sisig if it’s not pork! haha

Anyone want to try?!

**This sisig is from the clubhouse at CWC**


Our company had its annual team building over the weekend.  We normally go out of the country.  However this year, since they were cost cutting, we just had an out of town trip.  Imagine the disappointment of everyone! haha

To make up for this, HR decided to make the activity fun and exciting by adding an Amazing Race flavor to the event.  We were given clues and had to complete certain tasks before getting to the very secret venue.  

Of course, one of the tasks was to eat something exotic.  We did NOT see this coming!  

Top: Crickets!! – If only it wasn’t actual crickets, I would have eaten more than 1 hahaha it was actually very tasty

Bottom Left: Sizzling Balut (without the chick) – the one thing I did NOT eat. Besides, everyone reached for this first.. I on the other hand, am not a fan of egg yolk and this looked like one big yolk.. *goosebumps*

Bottom Right: Stuffed Frog legs – I ate 2 of these!! hahaha it was tough (the “thigh” at least).  The stuffing wasn’t too bad :)

All from Apag Marangle in the Petron Station, Lakeshore along the NLEX.