Masterlist: Smut- Hijacked

Here are all of the fics we could find that contain smut when Peeta is hijacked/having a hijacked episode.  Because Peeta is hijacked in these stories, the smut may not be consensual. These fics can contain disturbing themes and is not for everyone.  Reader discretion is advised.

Please make sure to read the tags and summary before diving into the fic. Some stories may feature subject matter which is not to everyone’s tastes.

As with all masterlists, if you find a story that fits but is not on this list, let us know by sending us a message or fanmail with the story link. Please also let us know if you spot any inaccuracies. Thank you!


Not Afraid - thegirlonpeetamellark

Good Again - titania522

Peeta Mellark’s Sexual Frustrations - PeetasAndHerondales

Stockholm Syndrome - ohalaskayoung

The Boy and the Mutt - atetheredmind


Dandelion Wine - Famous Fremus

Lavender - midnighteverlark

Random Reality Shifts - wakebytheriver

When the Red X is on the Door - MADAM BETH


A Certain Darkness - 24tigers

Exposure Therapy - optimus pam

One Need In the Night - msdisdain

The Mockingjay and the Mutt -  Abagail_Snow

Completed: 8/5/16