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“The Final day of the Formation World Tour was nothing short of Epic. The Jay, X and Ja reunion.. Wow.
New artist like A Boogie & Young M. A. came through and blessed us. Not to mention Ma$e, DJ Mustard & Fetty Wop joined us for the 1st time as well and killed it. Thanks to The LOX too.
This pic may seem random but the people in it are certainly not. It happened right before we exited MetLife stadium at 1am or something still on a high from the show. The artist in this pic like T.I., Remy and August came to several shows, held us down and performed just for the love. As did all the others. You can’t buy that.
The We The Best Team including Justin from Roc is in here as well who held Khaled down. DJ Nasty kept it together on the turntables even though we never followed the show script. Lol. Ivan for capturing the historic moments. Terrel & Smokes kept Khaled fresh to death.
My brother, Jay, who we can’t thank enough for standing on the side of the stage for every show and coached Khaled & I through the performances. He also took a pic with EVERY guest artist that came through. Lol. Applaud him for that.
Steve Pamon, Melissa & Larry from Parkwood for making sure we were good!!!! Anyway, I’m not tryin to do any long dumb thank you speech. It’s important for me to point out and thank those who work hard and deserve it. They often aren’t acknowledged or applauded cause they’re behind the scenes.
Khaled, they said we couldn’t do it. We showed them better than we could tell them.
Kiko, I’m sick you not in this.
I feel like I just came off a Michael Jackson tour. Lol. Beyonce is 1 of the greatest to ever do it.. Ever!
Love you, B. Thanks!!!”

NIGHT 235 Solomon's return!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

it came out a day early I wasn’t prepared orz


I kinda change my mind a little for Arba although I still don’t really like her (no matter what her reasons are I dislike her for killing Sheba)

(after done translating I still hate Arba, end.)

I know there’s no exact GOOD and BAD at first place, this only depends who you want to believe, who you want to support.

Friendly reminder all manga reads from RIGHT UP to LEFT DOWN

italic and bracketed are my words or some translation add on?

Night 235: Solomon’s return

Solomon’s empty body reacting strangely (like White Rukh pera pera around) after Sheba’s death

and after Sheba’s last words, Ugo took the womb and run, all the other races following him and that person (which I cant remember the name but wait is that MOMO?!)

MOMO: “Sir Ugo what exactly is that?”

Ugo: “He is Aladdin… Sheba and Solomon entrusted to me. I will take their place to raise him!”

Random Magician: “Even though you said so, but if this keep going on we all will be killed by Arba(’s gang)!”
another random magician “…!!” (it’s like he didnt realize that at all lol)

Ugo: ……  what should we do…. Solomon… Solomon….!

then Rukhs

Ugo’s eyes: So…





Solomon: Everyone… I am sorry that I come late…!

Ugo: You finally come back…! Solomon…!

ugo: !? what?

Apparently they are the black djinns falling from the sky

Ugo: What are they doing? (what the hell do they want to do)

Solomon: Trying to destroy the world 

Ugo: EH?!

Solomon: Chiefs of other races (he turned around to call them to talk to them)

All races people (I didnt read the English trans I have no idea how to call them properly but you can get the idea right): 

King Solomon we are right here.

Ugo: Everyone…? (confused by their actions)

Solomon: Everyone….

(friendly reminder again right to left)


Because of my decision….

led this world become like this, I am very sorry

can you guys lend me your powers

lend it to me, a king who led the wrong way…… (question sentence)

(I tried, he is asking whether they could lend him their powers even though he had led them the wrong way)

Kind Solomon yo…

Ugo be like !!?

Amon: Indeed, we followed your guidance.

(I don’t his name big mustache): But we followed your commands because of our own will.

Pamon: This is also for the future of our people.

Agares: Until today we still didn’t forget what you said that day

Astaroth: Now, in order to protect our companions we wouldn’t mind to put our life on danger again (This one is really hard to translate, have a similar meaning of Sacrifice their life)

Zagan: Also in order to defend(protect) this world

others: In order to protect this world/ In order to defend this world (repeats)

So they are gonna fight, mostly other races people and some magicians

Solomon: This is the last war (or last fight)

Arba: Let the arrogant king and his men be destroyed(direct from chinese is disappear) with this world.

(Special font words meaning third person talking, maybe Aladdin.):

And so—— The chiefs of each races with the help of metal vessels and Solomon’s magic, became Household members, start a massive fight with Arba.

One after another, they defeated a lot of black djinns and ‘god vessel’ that summon by the Black God(Illah)

Arba: How can you guys to be allow to turn the table that easily (meaning nah I wont let you guys win this easily)

Random magician 1: Enemy are too strong! 
Random magician 2: Solomon’s djinn had been suppressed by the enemies! (meaning enemy winning you get the idea)

Ugo: No.. there’s no such thing, You guys look over there!

Ugo: There isn’t much black djinn left….

somone (either Ithnan or falan or who, too small to figure it out) : 

Black Rukh isn’t enough, if we know that Solomon will intervene this war we should spread more black rukh around the world.

Falan: hmm!

Falan: Is everything going to end here…….

(somehow Wahid save her) Falan: Wa..

Falan: Wahid… even you also want to leave me?

Wahid: You are right! I am sorry falan I really can’t just stand to see you die.

Solomon, I can’t understand what is justice anymore

But this last bit of fire of life, let me use it on my beloved wife and son

(then after a bunch of things he did)

Wahid: Ahh, I can finally go to see Tess!

Ugo: !!! NOOO! Don’t go Wahid! (edit: this is Ugo,I mislook it as Ithnan okay I think I wasn’t paying attention at this part orz)

(This part is a mess, which maybe the chinese translation have problem or what)

(third person(or maybe it;s Ugo)): 

And so—— 

Black God come to earth and suck every rukh from living creatures (the same thing happened in Aladdin’s flash back)

Leopard: This world had come to an end…

Ugo: No surely those who hid underground are still alive, we need to go protect them!

Solomon: Ugo, don’t forget, you are the strongest magician in this world.

Create a world for everyone.

Ugo (thoughts): This is the last words, that Solomon told me. (This is the last time he speak to him)

Solomon: You want to destroy everything… that against Black Illah’s will, Arba!

Arba: This is something you can’t understand right, Solomon!

Arba: Indeed, you gave everyone exactly fair love, but I can always hear “that” person’s voice. Why can’t you all hear him?

Only that “voice’ is my Leader.

Solomon: Don’t cling to your own desire! Don’t just listen and obey God’s voice! If this keep going on you can’t moving forward!

Arba: It’s impossible for both of us understanding each other, Solomon…

Arba: I hate you who look down upon god… from the heart. (meaning she hate him very very much.)

Solomon: Even until the end, you still won’t forgive me..! 

Arba: Even though become a Consciousness like existence, I will also destroy this fake world you create.

Ugo: So-…


■Everything is in the end of the light……!


done! this chapter is hard to translate! it’s not 100% correct because I am not a professional.

I tired, I hope you guys enjoy. After done translating I have no strength to discuss magi anymore.

Magi Alma Torran arc I am so done with you. Aladdin baby what will happen to you you are still so tiny.

I give up checking typo and grammar mistakes, please dont mind typo and grammar mistakes and enjoy _(:3

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