zodiacs in relationships
  • aries: outgoing, vibrant, animated, enthusiastic, emotionally colourful, intense, moody, short tempered, not fond of delayed gratification, impatient, independent, feel the world revolves around them
  • taurus: strong, quality provider, dependable, generous, listener, non-judgemental, must be rewarded with physical items or emotional care, lazy, acts independant but ultimately follows the leader
  • gemini: social, planner, superficial/fake/ditsy, goes with their gut instinct, witty, energetic
  • cancer: caring, loyal, eager to please, clingy
  • leo: ambitious, loyal, caring, strong, kind, sensitive, defensive/stubborn, confident
  • virgo: perfectionist, emotional, fussy, spots and solves problems, fixes problems
  • libra: intelligent, relaxed, easily amused, not easily hurt, diplomatic, thrive socially, lazy, unreliable, prefers to be in groups, co-dependent
  • scorpio: wise, empahtetic, loyal, jealous, possessive
  • sagittarius: individual, social, like to party, charming, interesting, entertaining, oblivious to feelings
  • capricorn: strong, hard-headed, concieted, dependable, knowledgeable
  • aquarius: independent, stubborn, sarcastic, cynical, inventive, witty, creative
  • pisces: artistic, imaginative, emotional, dependable, caring, dependent, self-pitying, lazy, over-sensitive
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  • Nathan: You're in a tribute band paying tribute to yourself? That's like jacking off to a picture of yourself online!
  • Murderface: Which I've done.
  • Toki: Of course I'm nots paying tributes to myself. In Thunderhorse, I'm Skwisgaar.
  • Skwisgaar: Dat's why my pants and shirts keeps disappearing! Dat's fucking weird dudes.
  • Toki: Well we're really good, we plays every Thursday nights.
  • [pause]
  • Murderface: Wait a minute...
  • Nathan: Thursday night? That's impossible, you have astronaut class on Thursday night.
  • Murderface: Astronaut class is a lie?! I've been telling everyone that you're gonna be an astronaut! Now you're making me look like an asshole!

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