Why don't you look like a Gypsy?.. and some more strange questions

Being a Tarot Reader comes with its stereotype images, but even in this day and age we seem to have hung on to those images. Here are just some partly valid and some strange questions I get asked.

Do you believe in Tarot? Does it really work?

I wouldn’t be involved in something that I didn’t believe in, otherwise that would mean I’m a fraud. It’s important to understand that most people in this profession have a passion and a strong belief in it. There is so much involved in providing a good sincere reading, that not having belief in it would not really work.

Have you studied Tarot?

Yes I have and it must be studied. There are 78 cards with independent meanings and altered meanings when in combination with each other. The symbols have history to them and are there to represent some in-depth meanings. You can study it formally, or you can let your intuition be your initial guide – but eventually, you do get drawn into studying and exploring the thousands of books and articles out there. There is no end, but knowing your basics is very important – strong foundations lead to more confident readings. I initially learnt through another Tarot Reader, then got into reading plenty of books and by keeping my own Daily Card Tarot Diary.

How can you charge for a Tarot Reading – isn’t it supposed to be sacred? Aren’t you using people’s problems to your advantage?

Whenever I come across a question like this, I find it unfair. A Tarot reader isn’t someone you call on in a real emergency – you would call the police, fire, or an ambulance, right? Yet all these professions get paid, then why not a Tarot reader who is doing their best to guide you in a fashion that helps you get the most out of your life. Tarot is sacred, but the Tarot reader has responsibilities too – this doesn’t take away from its sacredness.

Why don’t you look like a Tarot Reader? Shouldn’t there be a Gypsy like attire?

I feel it’s very important to be myself, so if that meant wearing Gypsy like attire then why not, but that isn’t me. I’m someone who wears the regular jeans and t shirt – that’s me.

(Image: Pamela Coleman Smith - in 1909 she started designing the very popular Rider-Waite Tarot cards. Most people new to Tarot start off learning on these cards.)

I thought I would be entering a dark mystical room! Why is it all so simple?

My room is white and clean. When someone comes for a reading, I don’t want to create a mysterious atmosphere, instead, I wish for them to feel light and comfortable. They should feel calm and relaxed in the space – this will allow them to open up for a good reading.

Are you Psychic?

I have a strong intuition but I feel the term Psychic is too extreme for me. I know I can connect with people’s problems well and understand situations to a degree where I feel I am receiving a lot of clarity on how to help them – but that comes all through the symbols of my cards and my instincts. We all have a gut feeling, we should all be more aware of it  and then try nurturing this natural gift of ours.

Do you have a black cat and a broom?

Hahhaha.. Being a Tarot Reader is one thing, and being a Witch is completely another. You will find some very good Wiccas who also do Tarot out there – I’m not one of them. Therefore, no black cat and no broom!

Hope this clears up a few things. Do let me know if you have any more questions for me, I would be happy to answer them.


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