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Ties that bind - Part 2: A place in The Clouds

Characters: (AU: first names are as in the show renaming a few last names to fit my story): Reader (Y/N Harvelle), Crowley McCloud (mentioned), Castiel Novak, Claire Stanford, Pamela Barnes (mentioned), Charlie Bradbury, Chuck Shurley (mentioned), Gabriel Benedict (mentioned), Meg Masters, Ben Braeden, Dean Winchester, Benny Lafitte, Bela Lafitte (mentioned), DJ Lafitte (OC-mentioned), Jimmy (OC), Oscar (OC)  

Pairing: Reader/Dean (eventually), Cas/Meg (eventually), Bela/Benny, 

Warnings: Mention of abuse, mention of rape, mention of incest, mention of phedofilia, (none of these are graphic or dweled on but they are part of the kid’s history!), language, violence, use of weapons (knife and gun)   

Wordcount: 4400ish

A/N: This is an AU and it is partly based on some of my real life experiences. It will revolve around some of the kids at the group home where Y/N works. Not all their faiths are happy ones but some are! I will use lots of characters from the show. It will have a lot of angst but it will also have smut and fluff like always!

I don’t know the american laws since I am danish so the law I speak of may not apply in the real America but this is my story and to make it believeable I have to write what I know. 

This chapter: Y/N Harvelle alongside Castiel Novak fights for the kids in their care and she continues to run into Detective Dean Winchester.  



1 week later – Y/N’s POV

McCloud’s were 5 buildings scattered around a small piece of land up on the hill just outside of town. It wasn’t further away than the kids could ride their bikes to school or to go shopping but it was out of the way enough for the social workers to keep some level of control over who was coming and going which was often important dealing with kids from abusive homes. Each of the houses was named after parts of a ship. Crowley’s idea and you had never gotten why just accepted it for a fact.

You walked from the parking lot passing the Deck and Beam. Those were the houses where the younger kids usually lived. There were exceptions when siblings were housed at The Clouds (that was the kid’s nickname for the home and all of the social workers had taken to it too). The kids that were housed in the Deck were babies and toddlers and they weren’t there for long. The kids in the Beam were around 4-10 years old and they only stayed at The Clouds for a year tops. It was one of the state rules. Kids that age had to be placed within a foster home or a permanent group home within a year. The Clouds was not a permanent home. It was a midway house for kids and teens. You accepted kids with a 3 hour notice. One social worker picked them up at hospitals or police stations while another made rooms ready for them. Your job was ever changing and that was how you liked it.

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