pamela poovey

Raymond Gillette was an optimistic and genuinely good-natured agent at ISIS, though he had a history of sarcastic behavior. After being paralyzed, Ray had shown hostility, preventing backup from being sent when a co-worker was being gunned down. Gillete wasn’t without his vices, casually spending funding to rent a slave and being prone to dishing out frequent insults. Pamela Poovey frequently came upon personal info ‘bout the other employees at ISIS that she exposed on her blog. Pam was an extremely tough person 'cause she grew up on a dairy farm and paid for college by participating in an underground fighting ring. She also had a high tolerance for drugs and alcohol, which she imbibed on frequent occasions. From mixed drinks to hard liquor, Poovey possessed a wicked capacity of putting them away. Cyril Figgis was awkward and lacked self-confidence. Even so, it had been implied that he was extremely well-endowed, with him going so far as to attempt to get his medical plan to cover a “penis ensmallment.” Figgis claimed to suffer from sexual addiction and avoided consuming alcohol 'cause it tended to exacerbate his condition. Cheryl Tunt was the prattling ISIS secretary but her lack of tech savvy was obvious when she attempted to turn on her computer by typing “O” and “N.” Depending on the day, Tunt was either friends or enemies with Poovey; the two were often seen talking together or quarreling. Tunt enjoyed extreme sexual fetishes, frequently demanding to be choked. Should someone snap and kill her, she would consider the event the “world’s gushiest orgasm.” Revealed to have come from a wealthy family, Tunt used to change her name frequently in order to acquiesce to whoever was in her presence. She had gone by the names Cristal, Carina, Carol, and Cherlene, her latest and current name. After having so many aliases, she usually replied that she didn’t know her own name when asked. Doctor Krieger performed activities that needed a medical degree but he wasn’t a legit doctor. Algernop knew how to speak three languages fluently but appeared to have no exposure to modern street vernacular, misunderstanding “tight” to mean “confining” rather than “satisfactory.” He was also a genetic clone of Adolf Hitler. Malory Archer was the ISIS CEO who governed workers with harsh criticism, raw commentary, and belligerent vilification with a drink in hand. Lana Kane had very strong hands, the source of constant ridicule. When she was pregnant, she confirmed Figgis wasn’t the father, much to his chagrin, revealing that the dad was a sperm donor. Despite her good looks, Kane was very insecure 'bout her appearance when it’s called into question. Sterling Malory Archer… In a nutshell, imagine Don Draper and James Bond had a son… Who was raised by Charlie Sheen. Archer was first and foremost completely focused on himself. Though he had numerous personality flaws like insensitivity, egotism, and a casual attitude towards murdering anyone who crossed him, he was also undeniably an intuitively good operative with a fairly high degree of bravery. Archer wasn’t devoid of a sensitive side, either, as seen when he believed he might die from breast cancer, demonstrating considerable regret at his treatment of his co-workers. His relation with his mother was strained, never sympathetic, and sometimes abusive. Who’s your favorite character?