pamela landsbury

Spoiler reaction fic, Klaine, ~500 words, G, set during A Katy or a Gaga

Kurt can barely keep still waiting for Blaine to answer the Skype call after his first band meeting. When it finally connects he takes a moment to take Blaine in. He’s looking less stressed than yesterday, when he’d appeared on Skype in a costume Kurt would never unsee and informed him that Marley had ruined their Lady Gaga performance. 

He wants to ask about his day, find out how the Gagas did with their Katy performance (and god have those words been losing their meaning with the amount Blaine’s said or texted them to him this week - and Tina, too, asking weird questions about how to look after a tiger, before a few hours later adding “False alarm”). He knows he needs to make sure he’s not making things all about him, but he can’t help bursting out with, “Rachel agreed to join the band!”

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ALL 5.09 “Frenemies” AUDIO CLIPS

  1. Santana doubts her own future & feels guilty about being friends with Rachel.
  2. Artie and Tina ponder going to different colleges in the fall.
  3. Sue tells Artie & Tina that they are both tied for Valedictorian, but only a friendly competition will settle the tie.
  4. Kurt is concerned that Elliot is taking over the band they are in together; Pamela Landsbury.
  5. Will tells the glee club that they have two solos in nationals. Blaine will have one solo, but Artie & Tina will compete for the second spot.
  6. Auditions are being held for Rachel’s understudy. But Rachel is shocked when Santana shows up to audition.

As stupid as that the whole Rachel/Santana fued was, the one thing that gave me so many feels was just how adamant Kurt was that both Santana and Rachel were his friends and he wouldn’t choose between them.  And then in episode 101, he was still trying so hard to get them to make up and openly admitted to the entire auditorium that he loved Santana and wanted them to work it out. 

It just gave me so many kurtana friendship feelings, because look at how far they’ve come.  From someone who didn’t think twice about kicking Santana out of the apartment for embarrassing him at his school, to openly standing up for her and calling them a family.  Who stood up for Santana, when even Santana thought he would immediately take Rachel’s side and allow her to kick her out again.  Has anyone other than Brittany ever really stood up for Santana that way?  Didn’t immediately think the worse of her and her intentions and instead gave her the benefit of the doubt?  Think about how precious that would have been to Santana.  

And then I remember that Kurt saw Santana at her very weakest and most vulnerable in The Quarterback and he gave her Finn’s jacket, and told her she was kind.  And how he included Santana in his pact with Rachel to stick it out in NY for two years, all three of them, and didn’t want them to forget it.  He saw them as a Trio and said as much even after he kicked them out of Pamela Landsbury.

And I remember the Christmas episode and how Santana was trying so hard to be his wingman, and I just get a little pissed because of how many of those tiny moments we have missed between them.  I love how this friendship just snuck up on us.  They didn’t TELL us, they showed us with tiny moments and interactions and without the Pezberry hysterics and it was one of the best relationships on the show and we don’t have ANY of it now. 

I hope we get pezberry friendship next episode, but I also really hope we get some kurtana, because they were fantastic.