• Garfield’s safehouses are littered with candles to help with his anxiety
  • The Sirens crash at the Edward’s townhouses after heists, because Ed practically lives in Jon’s shitty apartment
  • Harley and Waylon watch cartoons together, and they’re threatening Cartoon Network for cancelling Adventure Time
  • Jervis is an anonymous author for children’s books and the occasional high fantasy novel, Ed is his editor
  • Joker watches a lot of anime, and he uses it as inspiration for some of his crimes
  • Waylon has a hoard of ugly Christmas sweaters that he wears year-round
  • Ed’s favorite Bats (besides Bruce) are the Batgirls (all fucking 3)

Good Morning, Gotham!

I’ve been reading the old Paul Dini Gotham City Sirens comics and they’re a hoot! It’s the girls living together in this abandoned pet hospital so it’s like, Catwoman’s cats and Harley’s dogs and Ivy’s plants all jumbled together in domestic chaos :-D

This basically confirms that: Warner Bros gave Gotham City Sirens to David Ayer and pitched a harley/joker movie, but Margot said no to both of them and started developing her own Birds of Prey movie instead.

the headcanon that ivy is a vegetarian isn’t valid she photosynthesizes and supplements with meat you fools you imbeciles Why would she eat plants when she kills a bitch for mowing some fucking grass she can hear their tiny screams and you think she would just “chomp chomp” on a salad? You simple bitch. You tepid fool.