pamela desbarres

They all [The Hollies] basked in Dee Dee’s largesse except for cutie-pie Tony Hicks, who stayed in front of the TV. “He was a little ‘tsktsk’ about the whole thing while the rest of us had a good time.
Afterward, he frowned and said, ‘Well, what are you gonna do
with me?’ I got down on the floor in front of him and they all
gathered ’round to watch.” After hearing about Cynthia Plaster
Caster’s unique way with a dick, Dee Dee had been trying to
come up with her own sexy gimmick. She asked Terry to go
to the fridge and get some ice cubes. “I was gonna put them in
my mouth and give head with ’em. I wanted to be called the Ice
Princess, but it never took off …” Yikes, no wonder. Lucky for
Tony, there weren’t any available ice cubes, so Terry came back
with a carton of yogurt. “I poured out the yogurt and gave him
head. He came all over and I licked the yogurt off him. From
that minute on, he adored me. We had the best time; the whole band made a date with me every night that week, and we created
little games. One of ’em was ‘We’ll pull up in front of the
Whisky and you’ll be wearing just a trench coat, stockings, and
heels, and pretend you’re hitchhiking and don’t know us.’ They
would take turns having me flash ’em. I’d pretend I was Marilyn
Monroe and they’d be total strangers. The girls were so angry,”
Dee Dee says proudly. “They never could figure out what I’d
done and how I had ’em all
—  Excerpt from Pamela Desbarres’ book Let’s Spend the Night Together: Backstage Secrets of Rock Muses and Supergroupies,