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Some of the actresses of colour suggested for Poison Ivy should Pamela Isley be featured in future DCEU installments, following the recent trend of racebending comic book characters in live adaptations. Chromatic people can play sympathetic, complex, queer characters and considering the history of scientific testing on the bodies of women of colour, Poison Ivy being a queer woman of colour seeking revenge on the white men who exploited her would make for a compelling interpretation.

Dascha Polanco
Julie Vu
Marisa Quinn
Deepika Padukone
Jurnee Smollett-Bell
Ashley Callingbull-Burnham
Laverne Cox
Emeraude Toubia
Kylie Bunbury

Les harpistes aka Les Mademoiselles d'Orléans. Jean-Antoine-Théodore Giroust (French, 1753-1817). Oil on canvas.

The girl, age 14, playing the harp is Louise Marie Adélaide Eugènie d'Orléans, the daughter of the Duc d'Orléans. She wears the Phrygian hat, a symbol of the French revolution. The harp teacher is Madame de Genlis, celbrated harpist, writer, educator and governess. Turning the pages is la belle Pamela, Madame de Genlis’ adopted (or possibly actual) daughter.

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Practicing the National Anthem before the big game.