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“I am P.A.M.A. Greetings.”

My tribute to Episode 7 that I finished just in time for the release of Episode 8! Actually, I finished it last night sometime around 12 am but I didn’t want to take photos that late at night. Once day, you guys, one day I’ll have access to a good scanner or camera and get good quality photos of my paintings.

Winsor & Newton Galeria Acrylics and Liquitex Acrylics on canvas.

11″ x 14″

“You will only fail.”- Lukas/PAMA


Oh my gosh I can’t believe I finally did it! :D
I’ve always wanted to make a comic type thing and I was just practicing and it turned into thiiisssss….

The girl is female Jesse and the boy is Lukas, Harper is in the first box but you can only see part of her hood and goggles.

What he’s saying, just in case it’s hard to read my handwriting:
“Why keep trying Jesse? You will only fail. Just as you failed to save Reuben. Just as you have failed to lead your friends back home. You will fail to defeat me. And Axel, Olivia, and everyone in your home world will soon be made useful.”
The next line that I didn’t include is:
“Drawing it out like this won’t hurt me, but it might hurt your friend.” (My favorite line made by PAMA while it’s controlling Lukas X3)

If you don’t know what in the world is happening, it’s a scene in episode 7 of Minecraft Story Mode. Lukas is being mind controlled by PAMA who’s an extremely intelligent thinking machine that was designed to automate things and make everything more efficient, that went out of hand and got kinda its own idea of being efficient and useful. This is the scene at the very end of the episode right before you’re forced to fight Lukas, where PAMA is trying to get your guard down before the fight starts. Your trying to get past Lukas to rip out the redstone heart, which is what’s powering PAMA.

Also once PAMA has chipped someone, all of their memories, thoughts and knowledge is accessible to PAMA, so that’s how it knew about Reuben and everything else Jesse had done wrong before.

(BTW this happen if you chose Petra when you get the choice to either unchip Petra or unchip Lukas. If you choose Lukas, then the battle at the end is slightly different because Petra is the one you’re fighting. I personally hate the battle with Petra compared to the battle with Lukas.)
This is my favorite scene in episode 7 :3

Oh yeah and I finally drew the female Jesse!! :D
I had once before but I didn’t like that drawing at all xP

And just so everybody knows, this is NOT a shipping drawing!!
I don’t ship any MCSM ships except maybe Harpvor! (Harper and Ivor XD)
I 100% don’t ship Lukas with anyone.

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