So this lady right here is revealed to be Pam. There is a future episode called Pam I Am which I’m going to assume focuses on her. Now in one of the Itunes descriptions it mentions that Benson starts to develop a crush for someone and I’m assuming that its Pam.

I’m hoping Benson doesn’t get his heart broken again. He won’t be able to take it. :(

I have literally watched that ‘Pam I am’ clip like 20 times so far. TBH I can’t get tired of Benson 'flerting mood’, you know? Hahahah ♥♥♥ Oh boy, I know this might be stupid but it’s Sam Marin on the other side making his best charming voices hahaha. I mean, pay attention to that “maybe I will” hhahaha. I love you, Sam. ♥ ( sorry it’s silly)