pam tillis


Maybe it was Memphis


This is more or less what girl power looked like when I was a kid.

Did you really think last night would last forever
Did you really think that guy hung the moon
Right now you hate yourself ‘cause you knew better
But there’s no use crying over spilled perfume

There’s a big difference between lonely
And lonely for way too long
And I knew when he made his move
You weren’t feeling all that strong
So I bit my tongue 'cause I saw it coming
As you danced so close to him
It’s two steps forward and three steps back
When a heart is on the mend

—  Spilled Perfume - Pam Tillis

And she rolls, she’s a river
Where she goes, time will tell
Heaven knows, he can’t go with her
And she rolls, all by herself

“The River and the Highway,” Pam Tillis