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Dear Terrence,

It’s 28 March 2017 and it’s a good day. I shared my new blog to a few of my closest friends. I will be hanging out there more often now for myself. It won’t be about you anymore.

I also went to get my US visa and this interview at the consulate is one for the books.




anonymous asked:

how do i turn down a fuckboy while still being classy and not rude about it? love u pam xx

Simply tell him you aren’t interested 😊

anonymous asked:

How do u simply remove someone of your life when they are your "bestfriend" i feel like she only wants to see me sad, she always makes me feel so bad about some descisions i make in my life and always have somthing to say about me it feels like she is jealouse or idk she can be so mean somethimes and i dont want to be friends with her anymore but how do i tell her this? Much love Pam💞

Hey x just distance yourself from the people that don’t make you happy, if you can you can also tell her how you feel. Let her know that she is making you feel bad 😔… you honestly don’t need any reasons to stay friends with someone that makes you feel like shit x

Journal #19

Change is more difficult than you think, even sitting up straight more is difficult. I have been trying to be more confident and more like an adult. I have been watching the office, and when it comes to personality, I want to be like Pam and Jim. I love how they act, and I honestly want to be like them. Personally, I feel like everyone’s mom that has to talk to them about their life problems. My goal is to stop helping without asking. So, when someone asks for help, I help them, but if they don’t, I don’t help. This does not apply to someone dropping a book in public, and me stopping to help them, that’s different. That’s being polite. But when it comes to personal issues, I am not going to help without them asking.

My mom also said I need to get new friends. She does not like how my friends treat me and honestly, she really is right. My friends never call me pretty like they do each other, and they always talk about who is the most prettiest person out of the group. Personally, I find that to be very low, and a bit rude. I also think that the more they think that one of us is prettier then them, it’ll lead to fights and an ending friendship. I really don’t know how to word that best, haha, but I hope you know what I mean.

I believe this summer, none of them will ask me to hang out with them. Except Brooke. I think they will all go out and have fun on their own time with each other and pretend I am nonexisting. If this does happen, I promise I will not be their friends next school year. Because there’s no excuse for that. I know their excuse will be “I didn’t think you could come” or “We thought your mom was sick” but honestly those are not even excuses because they did not ASK. This has happened before, hell I even made plans on halloween and Emily bailed on me. She ditched me.

Stop, I need to get over this. I need to make new friends, that’s the point I am trying to make. Friends who put you down and make you feel bad are not real friends. Friends who don’t know you are not real friends. I have never really had real friends. I think that is why I am so paranoid like this. Or, I just expect those bad things to happen like they do. I am really not good at making friends but hopefully next school year that can change. Or over the summer when I get my license. I will be living a private life and I plan on being a different and better person! I am tired of being this hopeless teenage girl with hopeless dreams. I wanna be better!

I feel like my problem is that I am friends with people who repeat themselves. I feel like everyday I am the same person, because I am the same situations. This needs to stop and go into another direction. I feel like all my hopes and dreams are going to everyone else but me. I can be better than this…I know things don’t have to be like this. I get a three day weekend. Today I got my Rosemary spayed, but tomorrow and Sunday I will be making things different. I shut my phone off, and I am coming back Monday a brand new person.

I also need to get over Tyler because there’s no way he’ll ever like me. Recently he’s been acting like he’s angry at the world. He don’t talk much anymore, and he told that Austin Black kid to shut up. I hope he is okay, because he is not being the person I use to like. He is no longer confident, or happy, or even nice. He’s been the opposite.

Wish me luck!

Love always and forever


tigresswraith  asked:

So here's an ask for the ship thing. Just to try being a little outside the box, let's try a crossover ship. Pam x Regina. Vampire Queen? Good ship name? Or perhaps, Pink Queen? Pam wears so much freaking pink after all.

Vampire Queen is good! So, I almost ship the Evil Queen with Pam more than Mayor Mills Regina, but…Pam loves bureaucracy, and working for a more powerful leader…so, sure! Pam runs a bar (she loves running a bar, actually) until Regina points out she could use her love of money to help run Storybrooke. 

So they end up a badass power couple of Vampire Storybrooke, and it’s fantastic. Regina definitely has a thing for partially evil powerful women, so it could definitely work. Pam loves with absolute loyalty, like Regina does, and is already dead, so…that’s a help. 

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I'm laughing because Pam would ether love Taako's style, or hate it. She'd probably Approve of Merle flirting with plants and she'd give Magnus the biggest hugs because he misses Julia "do not worry tiny mini trash hulk jr, you will see her again one day! Then you can give eachother many many robo kisses"

“yes Merle your vine husband must bring you MUCH PRIDE! just like my aluminum husband back at home”
“wait, wait, /vine husband/?”