pam you know all my emotions

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Relationship status: single as always  
Favorite color: purple
Lipstick or Chapstick: lipstick
Last song I listened to: “my body” by young the giant
Last movie I watched: moonlight
Top three TV shows: uhhhhhhhhhhh dancing with the stars, haikyuu!!, and a tie between parks & rec and the office
Top three characters: miles edgeworth (ace attorney), ukai keishin (haikyuu!!), pam beasley (the office)
Top three ships: i really don’t ship much and i debated rarepairs but narumayo (phoenix and maya; ace attorney), viktuuri (viktor and yuuri; yuri!!! on ice), and kagesuga (kageyama and suga; haikyuu!!) are like the first three that came to mind (i really don’t actively ship much outside of canon tbh with a few exceptions but there aren’t many ships i don’t like)

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What she says: I’m fine.

What she means: Rhett and Link just hit eight million subscribers today, and GMM is growing so quickly they’ll probably hit 10,000,000 subs this year. And I’ve been thinking about when they hit 1,000,000 subs and how they said ‘thank you’ a million times and it makes me so emotional. Everyone at my school knows who they are now, and Tumblr promoted their Q&A today. They may win a flippin streamy award this year. Good Mythical Morning just keeps getting better and better. They’re putting out Saturday content now. The crew is totally awesome; Pam was on gmmore! I mean, what a time to be a Mythical Beast! And and and on top of all that Link Neal wears a Fitbit now, and all of this combined is making me so happily emotional.