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born in Rostov-on-Don, Russia at midnight
April 6th, 2051

This is a natal chart drawn up for the Monster Factory character The Final Pam from Fallout 4. It is for entertainment value only, really, but then… I’m not sure what harm this natal chart could do an actual person.

First things first: some parts of this birth date and place are assumed, as they have to be. We don’t have canon information on her birthplace or her age. It has been surmised that she would be about 26 years old at the beginning of the game, before the Great War, which takes place in 2077 according to the wiki. This puts her birth year at 2051.

Given her Russian accent, it seems logical that she was born in Russia. A friend of mine picked the birth city. Birth place and time affect not the placement of the planets themselves, but help determine the rising sign (ascendant) and the houses of the chart. The houses seem accurate, so I accept this birth place and time.

I started this work by assessing her main traits: she’s very active, super fast, very passionate, and is quite unconventional in the way she goes about the world of Fallout 4. In the span of three videos, she has more than one romantic partner and ventures back to her home at one point to save Metal Baby, who she carries with her for some time. She is possibly polyamorous, or appreciates a form of non-monogamy, and intensely loyal to her offspring, even if they are not human.

Canonically, she has stats of Strength: 10, Luck 10, Intelligence 4, with everything else at 1. Astrologically, we can look at these stats this way: Mars: 10, Jupiter: 10, Mercury/Uranus: 4, everything else at 1. Intellect here is seen either as the planet Mercury or Uranus (the ruler of Aquarius) given her unconventional sense of intelligence. Intellect is governed by air signs, the mind by Mercury, but Gemini does not seem like quite the energy we’re dealing with here for The Final Pam, so I decided it was Uranian/Aquarian energy she has.

With these planetary rulers in mind, it seems that The Final Pam’s sun, moon and rising would be some combination of Aries (ruled by Mars), Sagittarius (ruled by Jupiter) and Aquarius (ruled by Uranus–but also Saturn). The combination of these that fit The Final Pam best is Aries sun, Aquarius Moon and Sagittarius rising.

From that, I consulted an ephemeris for the year 2051 to find when a date when the sun will be in Aries and the moon in Aquarius (the moon changes signs every 2.5 days, so there is only a small window of birth dates available.) This gave me the possibility of April 6th or 7th. I chose April 6th, put in the birth place and my first trial time to get the correct rising sign and what do you know, midnight gave us Sagittarius rising. (Given how rising signs work, it is possible that you cannot be Sagittarius rising on April 7th, but don’t quote me on that because I didn’t check)

So… to the natal chart. Just what is the map of The Final Pam’s personality?

The Final Pam is who she is and there is no apologizing for it. She is Sagittarius rising, giving her a large and exuberant presence. When she enters the room, you know it. There is no ignoring The Final Pam. She dresses strangely and the only thing that could explain her make up and/or her face is the fact that her Aquarius moon makes her feel comfortable in the weird. She can never be normal, she will never fit in, and she thrives in this. Her clothing choices and hair styles are hers and hers alone. She is confident, headstrong and willful; she is Aries sun, the first sign, the child of the zodiac. The world of Fallout 4 is her playground, she cannot take things too seriously. She has a zest for exploration, for freedom and for learning, observing, seeing and destroying. Aries sun and Sagittarius rising give her endless energy, and her Aquarius moon means her mind is always running, always going–she is quite hard to keep up with, mentally and, given she has a cheat on for a super fast run speed, physically as well. The strong presence of Sagittarius and Aquarius here means she wants to break Fallout 4 entirely in a way that no one has broken the game before. She believes humanity should be free, and she will lead the way. Somehow.

The Final Pam believes in freedom romantically too. Her Venus is exalt in Pisces in the third house, ruled by Gemini. She is wistful and changeable and has a hard time committing herself to relationships. We know this to be true, as she has two partners at the beginning of the first video, Trash Hulk and Codsworth, her metal husband. This Venus is conjunct (very close to) Pluto as well, making her passions very intense–she is hot and cold, she follows her heart and acts on impulse. She falls in love at first sight, which is what we can only assume happened with Roachie, her sonsband (RIP Roachie 2015-2015) in the first video. It makes her very loyal as well, amidst her multiple partners. It’s true, you can be poly and incredibly loyal! Her sun is in the 4th house, ruled by Cancer, which gives her life a focus on the family, the home, on nurturing and caring for others. The Final Pam does, after all, have a great attachment to home and those she loves, as she returns to the wreckage of her home for Metal Baby, whom she carries with her for some time afterwards.

Amidst all this fire, revolution and action, The Final Pam has a quiet, elegant Libra Midheaven. She longs for harmony, balance, stability. She believes in teamwork but she has Saturn in Aquarius, which blocks her ability to work with others. The Final Pam is a leader because she is a cast-out, because she does not know how to regroup. Her Chiron, that wounded healer, in Sagittarius makes her unable to form a consistent philosophy to life, a clear spiritual path. Her Sun trines this Chiron, giving her a death wish. Again we see here that she does not fit in, the rules of normal humans cannot apply to her. She is fragmented and striving for wholeness. She is action without reason, without a clear cause, a reckless child rocketing through the world secretly yearning for peace, for home, to be settled with Metal Husband and whoever else strikes her eye, but, the question is, will she ever achieve it?

Been binge watching The Office..for a billionth time.
It’s actually my favorite show, more so than Supernatural, to be completely honest xD

So here’s my fav characters.
I like to think I’m a mix of Pam and Andy..
Gah, just everyone on this show is so great xD I really wish it was still o the air :c


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wormwoodandhoney  asked:

what is YOUR favorite lgbt disney cross over ship? do you consider yourself a writer? what is your favorite tv romance? dream role in a musical? what should disney remake as a live action next? i'll think of more don't worry.

You’re amazing.

My favorite LGBT Disney crossover ship… I love Aladdin/Hercules, but Flynn/Kristoff is riiiiight behind them. And Quasimodo/Milo, I think I’m the only person to ever put them together, but I think they’re perfect.

I do consider myself a writer even though I haven’t written anything in years at this point… but the OUAT reboot was a fair chunk of writing! I think I’ve always been better with coming up with characters and ideas and not always so great with the nitty gritty of the plots.

Pam/Jim is the only television ship that has ever mattered to me. I am so invested in the Halpert family and always will be.

The Baker in Into the Woods is my ultimate dream role. I love that show so much and want to play that role so badly. Someday I’ll be old enough for someone to reasonably cast me.

You KNOW I want that live action Peter Pan adaptation, but honestly I’d be thrilled to see some more action on The Little Mermaid and Aladdin movies. I need some casting! Tell me M'Onique is going to play Ursula already!

List 10 fave characters from 10 different fandoms.

Tagged by: @detectivewrong. Here are some other characters aside from the great Suyin Beifong that make me smile whenever they grace the screen, in no specific order.

1. Jack - Samurai Jack

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2. Ash - The Evil Dead franchise

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3. Sawyer the Cleaner - Black Lagoon

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4. Peridot - Steven Universe

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5. Shego - Kim Possible

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6. Tatsumaki, The Terrible Tornado - One Punch Man

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7. Sesshomaru - Inuyasha

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8. Sedusa - The Powerpuff Girls

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9. Pam Poovey - Archer

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10. Xena - Xena: Warrior Princess

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Time for my third ever… *drumroll please*…Tumblr Awards: Female Character Themed! In the best way I know how, I’m ringing in the new year with a tumblr awards, but at the same time, appreciating those bitchin’ ladies who made 2014 so great. And who are also some of my favorite characters.

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