pam and jenny

Would I rather be feared or loved? Um, easy. Both. I want people to be afraid of how much they love me.
—  definitely Crowley

All right, all right! It’s a pile of rubble, not the pyramids of Egypt! Get a shovel and start clearing it! Anyone would think there’d never been a war!


Morning Sister Julienne, Sister Mary Cynthia! Meanwhile I see Fred’s been pillaging the dressing up box.


Spoilers for 5.3

  • Patsy’s face when she was rushing home and up the stairs because she knew Delia was home.
  • Just those two together, they’re so cute.
  • Delia being at Nonnatus and it being shown that it’s going to be murder for them to try and stay a secret whilst all living together. Plus Delia being funny about it, she’s actually really funny this series I like her a lot.
  • Saying that, I’m pretty sure Nurse Crane and maybe even to some degree Sister Julienne, know about Patsy and Delia. I don’t think Trixie is too far off the mark either and it’s just a matter of time before Sister Monica Joan says something poetic about it to one of them. 
  • Patsy did more of this last episode but she says a lot of things which are clearly about how she has to hide her relationship/sexuality, she usually says it to someone like Nurse Crane or Trixie as well, someone who is sharp enough to catch on to what she really means.
  • I really like Nurse Crane being involved with all the other midwifes and giving them advice but also having a laugh with them. The scenes when they’re all at Nonnatus talking together are great. She was very good to Trixie about her AA meetings as well.
  • Again I really like Barbara and Tom together, I don’t think Trixie and Tom were right for each other at all.
  • Sister Winifred and Mrs Whitmore’s storyline was excellent, I guessed she was going to go for the coat hanger which was awful when she did. I notice that nobody seems to like her as a character but I quite like Sister Winifred, she can be awfully judgmental at times but she learned from her mistakes this time.
  • Is it bad that I don’t miss Sister Evangelina at all? She made things worse most of the time.
  • The symbolism of Sister Monica Joan planting the weeds with Patsy, I kid you not I’m going to learn how to gif as soon as my prelims are over.
  • Overall the best moment was when Barbara called Nurse Crane a brick. What a good word.

Atelier Pam & Jenny by l'escaut architectures

Using the same proportions and materials, the workshop flows in continuity with the main house while its partial burying hides the volume and preserves the leafy environment.