pam and jenny


Spoilers for 5.3

  • Patsy’s face when she was rushing home and up the stairs because she knew Delia was home.
  • Just those two together, they’re so cute.
  • Delia being at Nonnatus and it being shown that it’s going to be murder for them to try and stay a secret whilst all living together. Plus Delia being funny about it, she’s actually really funny this series I like her a lot.
  • Saying that, I’m pretty sure Nurse Crane and maybe even to some degree Sister Julienne, know about Patsy and Delia. I don’t think Trixie is too far off the mark either and it’s just a matter of time before Sister Monica Joan says something poetic about it to one of them. 
  • Patsy did more of this last episode but she says a lot of things which are clearly about how she has to hide her relationship/sexuality, she usually says it to someone like Nurse Crane or Trixie as well, someone who is sharp enough to catch on to what she really means.
  • I really like Nurse Crane being involved with all the other midwifes and giving them advice but also having a laugh with them. The scenes when they’re all at Nonnatus talking together are great. She was very good to Trixie about her AA meetings as well.
  • Again I really like Barbara and Tom together, I don’t think Trixie and Tom were right for each other at all.
  • Sister Winifred and Mrs Whitmore’s storyline was excellent, I guessed she was going to go for the coat hanger which was awful when she did. I notice that nobody seems to like her as a character but I quite like Sister Winifred, she can be awfully judgmental at times but she learned from her mistakes this time.
  • Is it bad that I don’t miss Sister Evangelina at all? She made things worse most of the time.
  • The symbolism of Sister Monica Joan planting the weeds with Patsy, I kid you not I’m going to learn how to gif as soon as my prelims are over.
  • Overall the best moment was when Barbara called Nurse Crane a brick. What a good word.