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Nick x Jess
Rhaegar x Lyanna
Elektra x Matt
Wyatt x Lucy
Booth x Brennan
Roy x Thea
Jim x Pam
Rory x Logan
Sydney x Vaughn
Laurel x Frank
Cece x Schmidt
Nathan x Haley
Lucas x Peyton
Padme x Anakin
Edward x Bella
Rachel x Ross
Monica x Chandler
Justice League only (Batman x Wonder woman)
Batman cannon - Batman and Cat Woman
Robin x Starfire
Kurt x Jane
Jake x Amy
Elena x Stefan
All Disney couples

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Its been a week and im still not over how sad I feel that this show has ended.How little did I know when this image flashed across my screen it would be the beginning of the greatest love affair and journey of my life.Thank You for taking me to Rosewood.

Imagine meeting your son. (Part B)

A/N: Part 5B ❤️ You can read the related mini-series and the previous parts here: (Mini-series - Masterlist; Mini-series Spin-off: ‘Unexpected Reader’, ‘Little Ways Away’, ‘She Said Yes’, ‘Miss Graduate’, ‘Something Blue’, ‘Something New’ - Masterlist; ‘Baby Steps’: Part 1/Part 2/Part 3A/3B/Part 4A/4B/4C/4D/Part 5A)

“C-Chris, my w-water broke.”

Chris stared at you with his mouth agape. Everything he’d read, everything Dr. McCullough and your parents had told him in preparation for this very moment- all that information had sailed into the unknown, getting itself lost in the stormy seas of Chris’ thoughts and emotions. Your water broke, so that meant all those contractions you’d said were Braxton Hicks were actually the labor contractions. You were having a baby today- Jack was coming today- he was going to be a daddy today. He couldn’t believe it, it was finally happening- he was going to be a father.

“Okay-” Chris swallowed. “Okay, you’re going to breathe and we’re going to get through this.” He told you and you frantically nodded, taking short, sharp breaths. “Slower, sweetheart, and deeper too.” He advised and you nodded again, following his instructions. “You’re okay, just don’t freak out. Don’t freak out,” he repeated, but this time to himself and under his breath.

Chris’ mind couldn’t help but flit to his memories of the movie ‘Inside Out’. He was imagining his five emotions sitting up in his mental faculties freaking out; all the red alerts were flashing and all the sirens wailing as they screamed in absolute panic. It would’ve been easy for him to give the wheel over to Fear, to let Fear control him and bring forth a panic attack of his own. But he didn’t do that because he remembered what he promised he’d always do and that was to take care of you. He needed to be strong for you, to remain calm and reassuring. You were the one having the baby, not him. He had to get over whatever he was going through so he could help you through what you were. You were scared and it was his job to make sure you weren’t. He was your husband and the baby inside you was his son, it was time for him to step up and become what the two of you needed him to be.

“When was the last time you had a contraction, baby?”

“I don’t know,” you shook your head, tears filling your eyes. “I don’t- Oh my God, I don’t know.” Chris squeezed your hands, reminding you to stay calm and breathe. “Are we going to the hospital?” You asked and he nodded, gesturing for you to sit while he walked into the walk-in to grab the go-bag and something for you to change into so you didn’t have to sit in amniotic fluid. “Oh no,” you whimpered, starting to cry. “I don’t want to do this, Chris.”

“I know you’re scared, Y/N,” he called out as he searched your dresser for something clean and comfortable. He pulled a pair of your underwear from the top right drawer, then scrambled to find a pair of sweatpants in the bottom drawer. They looked like they were his, and they probably were considering he was the one who did the laundry- but he was in too much of a rush to bother finding yours. “But it’s going to be-”

“Contraction.” He heard you call and quickly rushed out to look at the clock; it was 6:42AM. “Oh my God,” you whimpered, grasping at the sheets as you tried to breathe through the pain. “It hurts,” you cried and Chris watched you with an aching heart. “I can’t do this, Chris,” you looked up at him once the pain subsided; it only lasted sixty seconds, but it felt like an hour for you. “I can’t have this baby, I can’t do it.”

“Hey, stop.” He descended to his knees in front of you, lowering the go-bag and the sweatpants on the floor beside him. “Do you remember when we were watching The Office and it was the episode where Pam was having Cece and she was freaking out? Do you remember what I said to you?” He quizzed and you nodded, chuckling as you sniffled. “And do you remember what you said in response?” He asked, biting back his smile.

“Fuck off, Chris,” you answered and he nodded, laughing.

You remembered that moment very clearly, which was understandable as it only happened a couple weeks ago. Chris had told you you were going to follow in Pam’s footsteps and have a complete breakdown, doing everything you could to postpone giving birth. The two of you knew he was probably right, but also, that you wouldn’t give him the satisfaction of being right hence why he said it in the first place. He wanted to have leverage, something he could use to pull you away from your breakdown. You hated being wrong, so if he had that to use against you- maybe you’d try and hold it together.

“So are you going to prove me right and freak out, or are you going to stay calm and keep that streak of being Mrs. Always Right?” He asked and you playfully slapped his arm, biting back your smile. “That’s what I thought,” he quipped then kissed the back of your hands before getting to his feet, scooping both go-bag and sweats up with him. “Okay, let’s get you to the hospital. We’ll call your mom on the way, and-” He glanced at the clock; 6:47AM. “I’ll call my mom when her plane lands. I’m really hoping she gets here before you start pushing, ‘cause I’m going to need her around for that.”

“Why,” you teased him, “are you going to freak out?”

“I’m already freaking out, but I’m staying calm for you.” He told you and you smiled, which quickly faltered when the ache in your lower back increased. “Here, get changed.” He passed you the sweats that you immediately knew weren’t yours. “I’m going to go fill Dodger’s food and water bowl before we go, I don’t know how long we’re going to be there and I don’t want to have to leave your side to come home.”

“These are your sweats,” you told him and he chuckled, wincing. “Oh, fuck it,” you staggered to your feet and slowly made your way to the ensuite, stopping when a contraction hit you. Chris glanced at the clock; your contractions were about five and a half minutes apart. You hunched over as much as your belly would allow, using the chaise in front of your bed for support. “Oh God, the pain is getting worst.” You breathed slowly as Chris walked over, rubbing your back soothingly. “I fucking hate you for getting me pregnant.” You bit out of agony and frustration, earning a soft chuckle from Chris; it was not the first time you’d cussed at him while pregnant.

“I’d say ‘never again’, but you already promised we would have two.” He reminded you and it was like your pain increased at the thought of having another baby. “I’m holding out for Charlotte, or Charles if we have another boy. I hope we don’t, ‘cause I really want a girl and I don’t think you want to have a third child. Can you imagine if we had a third child and-”

“Please stop talking,” you begged then squeezed your eyes shut, taking slow, deep breaths.

“Right, I’m sorry.” His hand ran up and down your back, which helped a little. “I know it hurts, but just think of how cute our baby is going to be,” he told you then kissed the back of your head. “You good?” He asked after a while when you straightened up; you nodded. “Okay, c’mon.” He walked you to the ensuite. “I’ll be back to help you downstairs.” He told you and you nodded again. “Hey,” he stopped you before you could close the door, a wide grin on his face that made you smile too. “We’re going to meet our son today,” he said.

“We’re going to meet our son today,” you confirmed with a nod.

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Part 5C

  • CeCe: *almost cuts Emily into pieces*
  • CeCe: *Parks her car in Pam's living room*
  • CeCe: *burns Caleb and Cyrus almost to death*
  • CeCe: *blows up Tobys house*
  • CeCe: *almost drowns Jenna for what reason again?*
  • CeCe: *almost kills her brother with an elevator*
  • CeCe: *makes innocent mommys lose their minds by kidnapping their daughters*
  • CeCe: *kills a cop bc he found out the truth*
  • CeCe: *tortures 4 teenage girls and ruins their lifes bc they didn't like her mean, lying sister at some point*
  • CeCe: Bah Mona that crazy ass bitch hit Hanna with a car!