palutena: no it's really not

WIP First Line

i was tagged by @flashofthefuse​ so, uh, here’s the first line of my “oh, sure, i’ll come back to this some day. any day now. it’s going to happen. for sure” wip, which has the working title with their tattered flags unfurled*:

“He watches as the plane carrying Phryne and her father towards England gets further and further away, until it is nothing more than a dot above the horizon.“

this has done the rounds by now, hasn’t it? if by some “i thought you’d already been invited to the party, that’s why i didn’t ask” oversight you haven’t been tagged until now, consider yourself tagged (and invited to the party obvs).

* it is, occasionally, referred to in a hissed whisper by @firesign23​ as “*coughs* razor *coughs*”

RULES: Name 10 characters you would smooch and 10 people to do more smooching. Open tag, you guys. You know me better than this by now.

I lifted this from @and-will-nice-hat because our new internet friendship apparently consists of trading memes back and forth, and I am down with that.

Now, in no particular order…

  1. Carth Onasi - Knights of the Old Republic
  2. Thor - Marvel MCU
  3. James Norrington - Pirates of the Caribbean
  4. Boromir - Lord of the Rings
  5. Martin Septim - Elder Scrolls IV Oblivion
  6. Steve Rogers - Marvel MCU
  7. Luke Skywalker - Star Wars
  8. Kaidan Alenko - Mass Effect
  9. Ned Stark - Game of Thrones
  10. Cassian Andor - Star Wars

Oh no. I could have so many more than 10. Oh no.

Additionally a solid 30% of my smooch list is Sean Bean, and I didn’t even include the green-jacketed deliciousness that is Richard Sharpe.

Then Sakura and Tornado-chan hugged and everyone felt better about themselves. 

Okay but consider: they couldn’t physically walk through this earlier, and now Sakura walks up to it and is just lmao you thought

And then she flies. 

Because Sakura. 

Have I mentioned how amazing Sakura is in every situation because here is exhibit 458 showcasing this exact thing. 

mako-beatz said to tecchen:

Dude you’re art is dope as hell! Do you think you could do Shulk and Palutena? Also, do you play Smash on 3DS?

thanks!! heres shulk and palutena ready 2 party at the beach…bc summer is near …. and yea i have smash 3ds but i only play it when im not home d: