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I feel like a lot of the critics of Israel have gotten really unhinged lately. I was against the Gaza invasion last year, and I REALLY don't like netanyahu, but the backlash brought out the worst in a lot of the opposition and their rhetoric got downright vitriolic. So much so that it may have solidified my neutrality on the whole Israel-Palestinian conflict.

I went to a very liberal college around the turn of the millennium and I was in school when the Camp David talks collapsed and the Second Intifada occurred. Maybe it’s because people still thought that a two-state solution was probably going to happen in the near future, but there was an ability for people with opposing views to have conversations with one another and agree to disagree. 

I’m pretty sure that kind of discourse changed with Cast Lead and has only intensified over time. At this point there’s a certain orthodoxy that not only refuses to accept a two-state solution, but won’t accept any Jewish presence in the area at all. Meanwhile, the word “Zionism” has been rendered toxic by people who, generally speaking, don’t know what it is and how it has been used for over a century by anti-semites. The Holocaust gets mocked, minimized and used as a rhetorical bludgeon against its victims and their descendants, and anti-semites use “anti-zionism” to spread their poison because of genuine ignorance of so many goyische Israel critics who don’t understand what anti-semitism is for fear that, were they to actually learn about it, they would discover that they were, in fact, anti-semites. “Anti-zionist does not mean anti-semitic” is an easy and convenient cover that has the unfortunate side effect of being true in a literal sense, but it is generally used to mean “anti-zionists can’t be anti-semitic” which is hogwash of the first order.

So now you get people from countries that have exiled their native Jewish populations citing Zionism as the cause and then demonize the freshly exiled Jews for going to the only country that will take them in. You have people holding protests outside of synagogues and Kosher Groceries in the name of Palestine. What they are doing isn’t helping Palestinians. It is making Jewish life impossible. It is collectively blaming diaspora Jews for the actions of an Israeli government they can’t vote for and might not support. 

I’ve seen a post circulating of a man standing outside of a Holocaust Museum holding a sign that reads “Never Again means the Palestinians, too!” As if the two situations as comparable and as if telling Jews that our right to memory and to protection from anti-semitism hinges upon us moving to Israel and becoming citizens there so we can vote someone in who will destroy the country for him. This is Jew abuse. It is not protest. Here’s a thought, go protest outside the Israeli Embassy. It would be Islamophobic as hell to find a Mosque and protest against ISIS outside of it. Yet leftists think this kind of behavior is not only acceptable, but laudable when applied to Jews.

And then you have David Palumbo-Liu posting in Salon that “bds isn’t anti-semitism” because church groups say so. As if the religion that has done more to harm Jews than any other somehow has the legitimate authority to determine what is and isn’t anti-semitism. You get Roger Waters claiming that he isn’t singling out Israel while singling out Israel, making and defending Nazi comparisons, flying judensau over his concerts, and harassing artists who perform there. You essentially have an entire body of people on the left who are OK with Jews feeling isolated and threatened so long as they don’t say “kill the Jews.” 

There’s a point where non-palestinian goyim actually have to start paying real attention to what we feel like. Because it’s damn dehumanizing to constantly have my rights as a human being reduced to my opinion on their faulty definitions of zionism. These people need to recognize that they have to account for the power and history of anti-semitism in their activism instead of looking for the laziest possible opportunities to pass the buck on it.

This has been a disorganized rant.